Family Fitness

Tips for You and Your Family

  • Eat Meals Together
  • Opt for whole grain foods rather than processed foods
  • Get rid of soda and other heavily sweetened beverages. Drink more water instead. 
  • Be aware of the different types of fats. Understanding the variances between unhealthy (saturated) fats and healthy (unsaturated) fats is important. Try to cut saturated fats out of your family’s diet completely, and consume healthy monosaturated and polysaturated fats in moderation. 
  • Make mealtime enjoyable for everyone and avoid making it a time to lecture your kids. This is a great time to bond as a family and get to know one another better. 
  • Don’t use foods as a reward or punishment. 
  • Grocery shop with your kids. Include your children when grocery shopping to provide them with healthy options to choose from. 
  • Be a role model. Your children watch and model what you do. Make healthy eating and physical activity part of your family’s life. 
  • Find ways to engage your children. Here are a few examples:
    • Walk the dog or head to the park
    • Play outdoor activities with your children such as tag, tossing a ball, swimming, jump roping, and hoola-hooping.
    • Cook healthy meals together
    • Grow a family garden
    • Go on a walking scavenger hunt throughout your neighborhood
    • Celebrate special occasions with something active
    • Help with yard work
    • Involve the entire family with household chores
    • Spend time together with a family park day, bike day, or swim day
  • Stay connected as a family at your local YMCA