Care When You Need It

With so much going on around us, it becomes hard to maintain some of our routines. Our health is important, but many men place it on the backburner until a more serious health issue surfaces. This is the wrong approach to good health. Believe it or not, men are likely to live five years less than women. Plus, men are 100 percent less likely to go see a doctor when needed.

Our specialists offer help to men of all ages and backgrounds. We want you to live a stronger, healthier, longer life. With a healthy lifestyle and regular health screenings, you can reduce your risk for heart disease, certain cancers and other illnesses. Our men’s health specialists can tell you how to take care of yourself and recommend the health screenings you need based on your age, personal risk factors and family medical history.

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ChooseHealth Magazine Summer 2019

Introducing THE magazine for Men

Introducing Choose Health, the info-packed magazine written just for men! In this issue, we share information and advice, including demystifying nutrition myths, how certain fruit may improve your sex life, hints for better sleep, how to strengthen your immune system and a new way to repair an enlarged prostate.

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