Active Women

You have a full life to lead, but sometimes health problems can slow you down. No matter what the challenge, we want to be your partner in finding a solution. From nutritional counseling for weight loss to physical training to boost heart health, our team of women’s health professionals is ready to help you optimize your health. If you’re experiencing sleep issues, our specialists can assist you in getting the rest you need and deserve with the latest treatment strategies.

Featured Services

Bone and Joint Health

Whether you have osteoporosis, arthritis or just want to ensure your bones are in tip-top shape, our imaging, treatment and rehabilitation services offer complete care for all your needs.

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Weight Loss for Women

Personalized treatment plans may include nutritional counseling, medication, exercise therapy, medication or weight-loss surgery to help you manage your weight and related health conditions.

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Our doctors are trained in providing the most advanced care for our menopausal patients.

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Orlando Health Orthopedic Institute Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Group

Orthopedic traumatology as well as orthopedic surgery, including sports medicine, arthroscopic surgery, joint replacement and hip resurfacing.

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Sleep Medicine

Rest easy knowing that our pulmonary and sleep medicine specialists can help you pinpoint the cause of your sleep issues and provide relief through the latest diagnostic tools and treatments.

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Sports Medicine

Stay on top of your game and performing at your best with specialized exercise and nutritional programs. If you’re experiencing bladder control issues, our physical therapy program can help.

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