Paying My Bills Through the Portal

Q. How do I make a payment?
A. To access the online payment tool through your Patient Portal:

For Health Central Hospital payments, go to "My Account/Billing" and select Health Central Hospital as the "Billing Group"

For Physician Associates payments, go to "My Account/Billing" and select Physician Associates as the "Billing Group"

Q: How do I make a payment for a family member?
A. Through the Patient Portal, go to "My Account/Billing" and select the "Billing Group" for the area you want to pay.

Q. Why does my account not have a balance?
A. You will only have a balance displayed if there is a balance due. If your insurance has not paid or the account balance is zero, it will not be displayed.

Q. Why is the balance on my account wrong?
A. If you recently made a payment, please allow 48 hours for your balance to be updated. If you have additional concerns regarding the balance of your account, please contact us.

Q. Why can't I see balances or make payment arrangements online for my family member?
A. Currently balances and payment arrangements are only available to the patient that logged in to the portal. If your family member has their own portal, then they could log in to see balances and set up payment arrangements.