Viewing My Info

Q. How far back will my medical records go?
A. All of your problems, allergies, medications and immunizations are available in the portal. Results and documents after January 1, 2010 are available. Health Central Hospital will only have clinical information for visits after October 24th, 2017.

Q. Why don't I see all of my information from my visits at Health Central Hospital?
A. Health Central Hospital changed their clinical system and portal on October 24th, 2017. Prior to that, Health Central used the RelayHealth portal. If you created a RelayHealth portal, you can log in to to view your previous information.

Q. Why don’t I see any of my Health Central results for cardiology or endoscopy?
A. Cardiology and endoscopy test results do not currently cross to the Orlando Health Patient Portal. Contact your provider for the results or Health Central HIM to obtain a copy of the results.

Q: Where can I see my records?
A: Clinical details can be found under the "My Health" tab. Specific data can be found under the appropriate subcategory (lab work would be under "Results," for example).

Q. Will I see all of my documents and results?
A. You will receive a wide range of documents and results including the Clinical Summary, which is a comprehensive view of your visit. However, you will not be able to see every document or result. Some sensitive results are excluded, including results related to the following categories:

  • Sexually transmitted disease
  • Drug and alcohol testing
  • Inpatient Lab results and Pathology

To obtain these results they should reach out to the Health Information Department at (321) 841-5167.

Q. When will I receive my results in the portal?
A. Results will be posted to your portal as soon as they are available. Please remember that some results take longer to process than others, so depending on the test/procedure, results could take as long as two weeks.

Q. How will I know if something has been added to my portal?
A. You can be notified when there is new clinical information by email, text message, or both. To set your preference, go to "My Account"→"Preferences"→"Notification Preferences." A green checkmark will indicate new updates.

Q. How do I email a single result?
A. At this time, you are only able to email all results.