Community Involvement

Our Air Care Team has an average of 20 years of experience. Even under stressful flight circumstances, excellent clinical care and safety are the standards for our Air Care Team. The Air Care Team is recognized for its role in public and regulatory advocacy for the improvement of trauma care at the local and national levels. They have memberships and active participation in such organizations as the Association of Air Medical Services, Air and Surface Nurses Transport Association, and the International.

Flight Paramedics Association is an important aspect of our mission. The Air Care Team presents "EMS Nite Out" every two months for emergency department and EMS personnel in Central Florida where 50-120 professionals attend. Discussion topics are usually trauma related and last two hours.

Some of the recent topics were:

  • Snake Bites and Envenomations
  • Aircraft Down — Immediate Post-incident Response by EMS
  • Confirming Your Suspicions, Radiology for Emergency Medical Providers
  • Anatomy of a Traffic Homicide
  • Advanced Trauma Life Support for the Injured Astronaut

The Air Care Team participates and leads team tours for schools, churches and civic groups, field training with EMS providers, community events and injury prevention programs. Our flight observation program provides the opportunity for our partners in the EMS community, emergency departments, and EMS\nursing\medical students to fly with our team. We recognize the importance of educating our colleagues on the role and impact of medical air transport in Central Florida.