Emergency Preparedness and Trauma Prevention

Emergency Preparedness Team

Emergency preparedness is the driving force behind disaster management and our Emergency Preparedness team is dedicated to planning and training Orlando Health team members for the disasters of tomorrow.

Our Emergency Preparedness Team:

  • Maintains a comprehensive emergency management plan that includes continuous training and education to detail the avenues we use to mitigate disasters and adverse effects
  • Prepares for, responds to and expediently recovers from any incident that could potentially impact Orlando Health operations and the people we care for within our facilities

Trauma Injury Prevention and Community Outreach

The majority of injuries in adults and children can be prevented. Simple precautions can be taken to avoid injury to you and others. Seat belts, for example, are an easy way to prevent serious injury to yourself and your passengers. 

We urge you to review safety tips when it comes to pedestrians, defensive driving, water safety, lightning, alcohol, gun safety, boating safety, poison control and protection, and preventing burns and falls. Opening your eyes and ears to the world around you, educating yourself on preventative measures, and following the law are the first steps in preventing traumas and can save your life or the life of a loved one.

Trauma Prevention Program

Our Level One Trauma Center is committed to providing education on trauma prevention to our community. The trauma prevention program focuses on community interventions and education through our exceptional relationships with EMS, law enforcement and community prevention partners such as MADD, county traffic safety teams, SafeKids, and the Red (EMS), White (healthcare providers) and Blue (law enforcement) team.

Community Benefit