Other Services

What Other Services and Referrals are offered?

The Center for Aging clinical team maintains a standard practice of talking with patients and caregivers about driving habits and driving safety. This sometimes opens the door to difficult discussions about a very sensitive subject. If further assessment of driving skills is warranted, patients are referred for a driving evaluation.

The Center for Aging team remains available to provide consultation, caregiver education, support and counseling in response to the changing needs of the patient and caregiver. Referrals are made to our community partners whenever additional services would be beneficial. We work closely with our community partners to assure smooth access to their services.

Professional and community education are offered throughout the year on memory loss, dementia, brain health and related issues.

The Center for Aging participates in the Florida Silver Alert program and provides follow-up to families of cognitively impaired drivers who became lost while driving. Education and Silver Alert follow-up are offered in Orange, Seminole, Lake, Polk, Sumter and Hernando Counties.