Spinal Column Reconstruction

When you are treated by our team of specialists at the Orlando Health Neuroscience Institute Spine Care Center, a spine center of excellence, you can be certain you are getting expert, compassionate care. Our fellowship-trained surgeons perform more spinal surgeries than any other group in Central Florida, and our center is the region’s only Joint Commission-certified spine surgery program.

Spinal fusion is surgery that permanently connects two or more vertebrae in your spine to reduce pain, improve stability or correct a deformity. We offer the most advanced minimally invasive techniques available, with an emphasis on rapid recovery and minimal discomfort so that you can enjoy your best quality of life.

We have the largest practice in Central Florida for scoliosis patients, with most managed through nonsurgical care plans. When surgery is considered the best option, the Orlando Health Neuroscience Institute Spine Center of Excellence has the expertise needed for one of the most difficult spinal surgeries.


For some patients with chronic or degenerative back problems, spinal fusion can be a solution. Your doctor may suggest it as an option for a variety of conditions, including:


Before spinal fusion is recommended, your team will definitively diagnose the cause of your back pain. There are, for example, some conditions – including piriformis syndrome and muscle strains – that can mimic the symptoms of degenerative disc disease.

Your evaluation will start with a physical exam and thorough exploration of your medical history and back pain symptoms. Other diagnostic options include:


In spinal fusion, your surgeon will make an incision to gain access to your spine. Then a bone graft – either from your own body or a bone bank – is used to fuse vertebrae together permanently. While it heals, the bone graft is held in place with metal plates, rods or screws.

Spinal fusion has been around for decades. Our multidisciplinary specialists are trained in the latest minimally invasive procedures and the most advanced surgical techniques to improve patient outcomes. Among them:

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