Patient Information

What can I expect at my appointment?

Our multi-disciplinary team consists of a geriatric physician, geriatric nurse practitioner, licensed clinical social worker, audiologist, physical therapist, dietician, psychopharmacologist and neuropsychologist. The components of the assessment are coordinated to make the process as convenient as possible for the patient and caregiver.

On the first visit, comprehensive medical and psychosocial assessments are completed. Brain imaging (MRI or CT) and lab tests are often completed the day of the first appointment. At a subsequent appointment hearing, balance and/or dietary assessments are completed. At the time of this visit you will meet with the physician and social worker for review of all the results, including recommendations from the psychopharmacologist about medications which could be affecting memory. Neuropsychological testing, if requested, is scheduled on a separate day. A personalized plan of care will be created with you and your caregiver. You will be provided with information about the diagnosis as well as community resources at that time. A complete report will be sent to your primary care physician, detailing the results and the recommended plan of care. Your primary care physician will then coordinate your continuing care.

How do I Prepare for my visit?

Prior to your first appointment, you will be sent a packet of information to be completed. Please complete this thoroughly prior to your appointment and return it to us according to the instructions or bring the completed forms to your appointment. Bring all your medication bottles, including any supplements. Please wear/bring your glasses and hearing aids as well. If you have completed an MRI or CT of the brain or laboratory tests within the past six months, please bring the scans and/or reports to your first appointment. In order to provide a thorough assessment, we request that a family member or care partner accompany you to the appointment. Please arrive fifteen or twenty minutes prior to your scheduled appointment.

How Do I Schedule an Appointment?

Please call us at (321) 841-9700 to schedule an appointment. A physician referral is not required, although this is needed with some insurance plans. Medicare and other insurance policies usually cover the costs associated with the assessment and we will bill your insurance. We do accept patients without insurance and can provide an estimate of costs for the assessment.

Our Location

Our office is conveniently located at 21 W. Columbia St. in Orlando, with free parking just outside the entrance.

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