Stroke Care at Orlando Health Dr. P. Phillips Hospital

Strokes happen suddenly – and mere seconds can make a huge difference in the outcome for a person with stroke symptoms. Orlando Health Horizon West Hospital stands ready to provide the stroke-specialized care that you or a loved one needs.

About Stroke Care 

Quick diagnosis and initiation of treatment can result in better outcomes and less long-term impact for people suffering from a stroke. Our team offers:

Our team of specially trained doctors, nurses, therapists and other clinicians provide comprehensive care for patients who have undergone a stroke. We work closely with other specialty providers across Orlando Health, and coordinate your care with those providers who may need to be involved in your treatment plan.

Our Services

Our stroke team is here for you – from the moment you begin experiencing stroke symptoms, through immediate treatment and beyond, to help you regain your health. In the emergency department, our team is trained to provide rapid response, including minimally invasive, clot-busting technology. Our interventional neuroradiology team can diagnose and provide prompt, minimally invasive treatment options for severe, life-threatening conditions. 

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