All referrals for a neuropsychological evaluation or for psychotherapy treatment must come from your physician. Once we have received the referral and any medical records, our front office is happy to help you set up an appointment.

You will receive a packet of information in the mail with details about your appointment and a history form that we ask you fill out before arriving for your appointment. It is important to bring anything you may need in order to do your best during the testing day, which may include your glasses or hearing aids if you use them, and take any regular medications as prescribed. Try to get a good night’s sleep, and eat breakfast before coming to your appointment.

Keep in mind that the neuropsychological evaluation process will take at least three hours, but may take all day; please plan accordingly. You will have a break for lunch and can take additional short breaks as needed during the day. We will do our best to make you comfortable while you are with us. 

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