Providing Support When You Need It Most

We understand that starting a new school year during the COVID-19 pandemic is hard. While some things will be different, many are still unknown, creating additional stress for parents, teachers and kids. Know that you’re not alone. Take it one day at a time and give yourself grace – the whole family is adjusting to a new way of learning and it takes time. It is also important to remember that we’re here to help. Regardless of your need – from pediatrics to primary care to behavioral health – we have physicians ready and available to support you and your family. 

Managing Stress and Anxiety

Everyone experiences stress. Whether it’s short-term anxiety from a busy day or long-term concerns over finances, the more stress you have, the more it affects your health and well-being. During uncertain times like these, it can be difficult adjusting to a new school year, distance learning and keeping your family safe. Even kids can experience heightened anxiety or feelings of loneliness and isolation from missing friends and family. Learning how to manage these stressors is essential to staying healthy, both mentally and physically.

COVID-19 Testing for Kids

If you suspect your child has symptoms or has been exposed to COVID-19, request an appointment today. Orlando Health Physician Associates provides convenient COVID-19 testing to patients ages 6 months to 18-years-old. Your child will need to first see an Orlando Health Physician Associates provider in person at one of our offices or through a virtual-visit appointment to determine if a COVID-19 test is necessary.

The testing site is open Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm and is located at:

Orlando Health Physician Associates
8500 Commodity Circle
Orlando, FL 32819