About Amputation

There is no reason you can’t live a full, active life after an amputation. At the Orlando Health Advanced Rehabilitation Institute, we offer specialized amputee care that will maximize your independence. Our team of dedicated professionals will meet your medical and rehabilitation needs following your surgery and after you have been discharged home.

Causes and Symptoms

Amputations commonly occur as part of a treatment for some other condition. The most common reason is to treat a wound that will not heal, often because of restricted blood flow to a limb. Amputation also may be needed to keep an infection from spreading and to manage pain.


Among other causes:

Outcomes Data

Outcomes data for current year:

  • Length of stay

    Length of stay for amputee patient: 10.9 days, compared to the national average of 12 days

  • Change in Mobility score

    Change in Mobility score: stands at 34.1, as compared to the national average of 28.5

  • Mobility scores

    76.5% of our patients met or exceeded expected targets in mobility scores compared to nation 68.6%

  • Functional Efficiency

    76.47% of patients met or exceeded expected targets in Functional Efficiency, compare to nation 67.21%

Commitment to Excellence

The Orlando Health Advanced Rehabilitation Institute has earned national recognition for our inpatient rehabilitation program and treatment of brain injuries, strokes and spinal cord injuries.