Advanced Rehabilitation Institute Locations

Continuum of Care

Orlando Health is committed to ensuring care for our patients across the healthcare continuum. The Institute offers short-term comprehensive care consisting of specialized therapies and nursing to help recently hospitalized individuals transition safely to their community and home environment.

After discharge, the team will recommend outpatient services to support progress toward individual goals. Our CARF-accredited Outpatient Centers consist of multidisciplinary teams taking a collaborative approach by providing top notch, evidence-based, and individualized delivery of patient care.

Advanced Rehabilitation Institute Locations

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A few facility features include:

  • All private patient rooms.
  • Dedicated therapy space, including three therapy gyms, quiet areas for patients with brain injuries/strokes, bariatric access and an expansive outdoor space for additional therapeutic activity.
  • Simulated apartment for activities of daily living, plus an additional training suite with four different home bathing designs.
  • Therapy Gym with state-of-the-art rehabilitative equipment including body-weight-supported gait systems, robotics for training in arm/hand coordination and walking, and communication assistance technology.
  • Specialty programs including Disorders of Consciousness, adolescent rehabilitation, community outreach initiatives and research in the fields of stroke, brain injury and spinal cord injury will continue to expand in this new setting.