Inpatient Nutritional Services

The Orlando Health Clinical Nutrition Department provides nutrition assessment, intervention and education to meet the needs of the inpatient population. Our clinical dietitians work closely with the medical team to develop nutrition care plans that treat acute problems and address long term needs as patients prepare for discharge. Dietitians utilize evidence-based guidelines to create standards of care and keep up-to-date on current literature and nutrition information.

The inpatient clinical nutrition team has specialty certifications and provides support for areas such as Pediatrics, Oncology, Diabetes, Renal and Nutrition Support (tube feedings and IV nutrition). Our nutrition experts see patients in the intensive care units to provide nutrition assessment and monitoring for patients requiring tube feedings. Dietitians work closely with a multidisciplinary team to ensure adequate nutrition support for critically ill patients in adult, pediatric and neonatal areas.

Cultural and Spiritual Food Preferences

At Orlando Health we provide nutritional services to meet the needs of our culturally diverse patients and their families. Learn more about Cultural and Spiritual Food Preferences.