Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) Rehabilitation

As Central Florida’s only Level One Trauma Center, Orlando Regional Medical Center cares for patients with traumatic spinal cord injuries. We specialize in providing individualized therapy that addresses independence at all levels of care, designed to maximize your capabilities such as mobility, dressing, bathing, transfers, eating and swallowing, and communication.

Our therapists are experienced working with conditions such as paraplegia, tetraplegia, central cord syndrome, cauda equina syndrome, spinal tumors as well as other spinal cord related diagnoses. In addition to being a CARF Certified Spinal Cord Center of Excellence since 2005, we are a BSCIP Designated Facility.

We assist with custom wheelchair and shower chair evaluations, home assessments to ensure safety when it’s time to go home, recreational therapy and community integration and ongoing life care needs through our Spinal Cord Injury Clinic, Discharge to Excellence Program and support groups.