It has not been unusual to find family members of the patients at Dr. P. Phillips Hospital sleeping in the waiting areas, hallways or patient rooms throughout the hospital because they are afraid to leave the premises when a loved one is critically ill. Other family members remain at the hospital because they cannot afford an extended stay in a nearby hotel. Dr. P. Phillips Hospital is committed to helping these family members. This is why the Cynthia C. & William E. Perry Pavilion is so important. The pavilion serves the needs of hundreds of families each year.

Home Is Where the Heart Is...

If you are like most, this classic phrase invokes images of warmth and familiarity, of comfort and security.

“Thank you so much for bringing ‘home’ to the hospital. This is an experience my family will never forget.” — Guest from New York

A Home for All to Share

Designed and built as a “home-away-from-home” for families of patients from outside the Orlando area, the Perry Pavilion can help restore a sense of calm during troubled times of illness or injury. The heart-warming, healing stories that have emerged from the opening of the Perry Pavilion in September of 2004 are as comforting as the pavilion itself.

Meeting the Needs of Visitors

In addition to domestic visitors from outside Central Florida, Orlando Health meets the needs of almost 6,000 international visitors every year. A large number of visitors begin their hospital experience at Dr. P. Phillips Hospital — most through the Emergency Department, where more than 80,000 patients a year are treated.

The last thing you need to worry about when a loved one is ill is finding a place to stay. The two-story hospitality pavilion is designed to comfortably accommodate families with overnight lodging. Thanks to many generous individuals such as Cynthia and William Perry, local hoteliers and lodging associations who funded this project, the pavilion is available within the walls of Dr. P. Phillips Hospital. The pavilion offers many amenities to its guests, including:

  • Twelve guest rooms with either one queen-size bed or two twin-size beds
  • Full bath, TV with DVD/VCR, telephone, hair dryer and Internet access in each guest room
  • Family Gathering Room where a continental breakfast is offered
  • Children’s Play Area
  • Community Resource Library which includes Internet access
  • Laundry facilities on each floor
  • Discounted meals in hospital cafeteria
  • Parking adjacent to the hospital

Welcome Home

Referrals to the Perry Pavilion are based upon the severity of the patient's condition, traveling distance and availability. Orlando Health physicians and team members can refer a family to the pavilion. The manager will make the final determination.

Guest Fees

A per-night donation helps us cover operating costs and ensures that these worthwhile services will always be available to families in need. However, any contribution is welcomed to help continue our effort.

“Thank you to the staff for making our situation so much easier to handle. Your kindness and generosity through the ministry of Perry Pavilion has touched us more than words can express.” — Guest from Australia

A Gift from the Heart

Absolutely everything involved in the construction of the Perry Pavilion is being funded through donations from employees, local businesses, civic groups and community members. Our dedicated staff alone contributed over $120,000 toward the construction of this much needed facility. Although a majority of the construction costs have been made, there is still a significant need to complete the capital project as well as provide for the pavilion's day-to-day operations. Truly, the Perry Pavilion is a gift from the hearts of many.

A gift to the Perry Pavilion will help make an incredible difference in the lives of others. The Perry Pavilion is only able to remain in operation through the generosity of tax-deductible donations. While guests do pay a nominal donation to stay at the Perry Pavilion, donations play a vital role in funding the daily expenses of this home away from home. This is why your financial support is so important. Each tax deductible gift to the Perry Pavilion counts - no matter the size. Your generous gift touches people's lives in many meaningful ways.

Orlando Health Hospitality Homes

More than 10 years ago, physicians and staff identified the critical need for overnight hospitality accommodations. Shortly thereafter, Hubbard House was built and became the first hospitality home on the Orlando Health campus. Located near ORMC, Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children Women, and Orlando Health Cancer Institute, Hubbard House is a 21-guest room Victorian Home. The second hospitality home, the Cynthia C. & William E. Perry Pavilion was built in 2004. The Perry Pavilion is a 12-guest room facility that is attached to Dr. P. Phillips Hospital. These facilities provide lodging in a caring and supportive environment for families who are far from home and whose loved ones are receiving medical care within an Orlando Health hospital.

Before these hospitality homes were built, it was not unusual to find family members of our patients sleeping in the waiting areas, hallways, or patient rooms because they were afraid to move too far from a loved one who was critically ill. Other family members remained because they could not afford an extended stay in a nearby hotel. Orlando Health wanted to help. Our motivation was simple. We wanted to ensure that during prolonged hospital stays, our patients did not feel the loneliness of not having family members nearby and wanted to make it possible for family members to be with loved ones during serious medical situations. This is why the Hubbard House and Cynthia C. & William E. Perry Pavilion were built — to improve patient care and to meet the hospitality needs of hundreds of families each year.

These facilities offer many amenities of home while providing easy access to key hospital areas. Creating a warm and inviting environment for families has been a longtime commitment for Cindy and Bill Perry and many other supporters, who have helped lead this hospitality initiative.

Partners for a Healthier Tomorrow

The Orlando Health Foundation serves as a bridge between members of the community who are committed to giving and those who need to receive. We continue to need charitable partners to support the families served by the Perry Pavilion. To give your time, talent or treasure, call the Foundation at (321) 841-5194 or send your contribution to Orlando Health Foundation, 1414 Kuhl Ave., Orlando, Fla., 32806-2093

About Orlando Health

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About the Perry Family

Cindy and Bill Perry's commitment to hospitality developed from a lonely hospital experience they endured when their first son was born. Cindy and Bill were traveling away from their home when Cindy went into labor prematurely and didn't have time to drive home. During the days that followed, Cindy's mother and father drove several hours to reach Cindy for a visit, but were allowed to stay for only one hour at a time. With nowhere to go, they were forced to turn immediately around for the long ride home. As difficult as it was for Cindy's parents, it was even more difficult for Cindy.

Cindy and Bill's experience fueled their passion to care for the needs of other patients and family members who are away from home. Today, their determination and desire to see the Cynthia C. & William E. Perry Pavilion become a reality is stronger than ever.


Traveling west on I-4, toward Tampa

Take exit 74A, Sand Lake Road, immediately following the Universal exit. The intersection of the exit ramp with Sand Lake Road has two left turn lanes and two right turn lanes. Get in the left-most right turn lane and turn right onto Sand Lake Road. Immediately after turning onto Sand Lake Road make a left onto Turkey Lake Road, which is the next signal. Follow Turkey Lake Road, parallel to I-4, for approximately 1.5 miles. Dr. P. Phillips Hospital is on the right.

Traveling east on I-4, toward Orlando

There are two possible exits from this direction.Take Exit 71, SeaWorld. Turn left at the end of the exit ramp and go under I-4, then turn right on Turkey Lake Road. Follow Turkey Lake Road, parallel to I-4, for approximately 1.5 miles. Dr. P. Phillips Hospital is on the left.

Take Exit 74A, Sand Lake Road. At the end of the exit ramp, turn left onto Sand Lake Road. Go under I-4 and through the first traffic signal, staying in the left-through lane. Immediately following this intersection is the signal for Turkey Lake Road. Turn left onto Turkey Lake Road. Follow Turkey Lake Road, parallel to I-4, for approximately 1.5 miles. Dr. P. Phillips Hospital is on the right.

Cynthia C. & William E. Perry Pavilion
Dr. P. Phillips Hospital
9400 Turkey Lake Road ~ Orlando, FL 32819
Phone: (321) 842-8844 Fax: (321) 842-8871

If you would like more information about the Perry Pavilion, please call the manager at (321) 842-8844.