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Lower Extremity Reconstruction

Our limb salvage program works jointly with our surgical oncology, pediatric surgery, and orthopedic teams to save the legs and feet of patients who have experienced a trauma or cancer that otherwise would have necessitated amputation. We offer a safe, complex rebuilding of the damaged limb that is not available anywhere else in Central Florida.

Reasons for Lower Extremity Reconstruction

With improved medical technology, it’s been proven that the combination of treating malignant tumors with chemotherapy and then reconstruction improves outcomes and cures more patients without amputation.

Candidates for Lower Extremity Reconstruction

Candidates for lower extremity reconstruction must have a type of tumor that surgeons believe they can remove without risk of spread of the tumor and without having to remove and vital portions of the leg.

Lower Extremity Reconstruction Treatment

Reconstruction can include:

  • Reconnecting or replacing major blood vessels
  • Transplanting muscles from other sites on the body
  • Grafting nerves
  • Replacing large segments of bone

At Orlando Health, we specialize in the microsurgical techniques, which combined with local flaps and skin grafts, can maximize function and aesthetic appearance in adult and pediatric patients.