Breast Reconstruction

After breast cancer surgery, many patients choose breast reconstruction. The Plastic and Reconstructive team specializes in all aspects of breast reconstructive surgery, including reconstruction for cancer, secondary reconstruction, acquired and congenital breast deformities. We offer numerous treatment alternatives that will best fit each patient’s personal needs and wishes. We are proud to be the only practice in Central Florida offering the Deep Inferior Epigastric Perforator (DIEP) free flap procedure. This complex microsurgical reconstructive option is muscle sparing, by using excess skin and tissue from the abdomen to sculpt new, natural breasts. Our high flap success rate is due in part to the team approach, which allows for efficiency in performing this highly technical procedure.

Lymphedema Treatment - VLNT

Our surgeons also offer leading-edge lymphedema treatment with documented outcomes. This revolutionary treatment is called Vascularized Lymph Node Transfer (VLNT). VLNT is a microsurgical procedure that transfers healthy lymph nodes to areas affected by lymphedema. There are many causes of lymphedema including, cancer treatments, trauma, infections, congenital and unknown origin. We have the ability to improve and frequently eliminate symptoms such as swelling, heaviness, pain and infections in limbs or central areas of the body. Previously, patients affected by this debilitating disease only had treatments centered on symptom maintenance with conservative measures. Now, with this revolutionary procedure, your patients may see results in as early as four weeks. Our lymphedema center is a comprehensive program centered on proper therapy and education combined with surgery to achieve positive outcomes. Maximum results are achieved within two years.

Dermatologic Malignancy Treatment

With the high incidence of cutaneous malignancies in Florida, we deploy a multidisciplinary approach to the care and treatment of these cancers. Our surgical team offers advanced surgical treatment for all aspects of soft tissue malignancies, including skin cancers, melanoma, sarcomas and radiation wounds.

Head and Neck Cancer Reconstructive Surgery

Patients requiring surgical treatment for head and neck cancers often require complex reconstruction to restore the basic functionality of breathing, eating, swallowing and/or speaking. Our highly skilled surgical team strives to preserve, recover and restore the function and appearance for your patient’s improved quality of life.

Limb Salvage Surgery

Our limb salvage program works jointly with our surgical oncology, pediatric surgery, and orthopedic teams. It is the goal of our program to offer complex reconstruction to preserve the body after cancer is removed or severe trauma is sustained to a patient’s limbs. The microsurgical flap technique is combined with local flaps and skin grafts to maximize function and aesthetic appearance in adult and pediatric patients. Many times, these procedures provide a viable alternative to amputation. This unique approach is not available anywhere else in Central Florida.

Aesthetic Surgery and Rejuvenation

Plastic and Reconstructive team provides a full complement of plastic/aesthetic procedures and BOTOX. Our team specializes in septo-rhinoplasty and breast surgery.