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Skin Cancer Reconstruction

With the high incidence of skin cancers in Florida, we deploy a multidisciplinary approach to the care and treatment of these cancers. Our team offers advanced surgical treatment for all aspects of soft tissue malignancies, including skin cancers, melanomas, sarcomas, and radiation wounds.

Reasons for Skin Cancer Reconstruction

The techniques used in treating skin cancers can save lives, but they may cause a cosmetic or functional impairment. Reconstructive techniques — ranging from a simple closure to a complex transfer of tissue flaps from elsewhere on the body — can repair damaged tissue, rebuild body parts, and enhance a patient’s appearance and function.

Candidates for Skin Cancer Reconstruction

Patients who undergo aggressive treatments to remove skin cancer and are left with deformities will see the most benefit from reconstruction.

Skin Cancer Reconstruction Treatment

Removing skin cancer often requires surgery, which can result in scarring. When skin cancer is caught in the later stages, more aggressive surgery may be required and this, in turn, may lead to large defects or deformities. Flap surgery, in which a surgeon removes a portion of tissue from another part of the body and transplants it to the affected area, is a common type of reconstruction performed for major defects of the head and neck.