Best Practices

At Orlando Health, we take pride in practicing the highest degree of patient safety and clinical excellence. Listed below are just some of the practices we employ to ensure our patients receive the best care possible.

Double-Check Identification – Clinicians will ask the patient’s name and check the identification bracelet before administering care.

Medication Verification Process – Before giving medicine, the nurse will ask the patient for their name and date of birth. The medical team will also make sure the patient knows the name and possible side e¬ffects before taking a new medication.

Surgery and Procedure Checks – Orlando Health follows the World Health Organization’s surgical safety checklist, which incorporates a pre-procedure verification, site marking and team time-out immediately before a surgical procedure.

Handwashing Campaigns – All Orlando Health facilities conduct corporate-wide hand hygiene campaigns that engage team members, as this is one of the best infection prevention practices.

Infection Prevention – An extra step is taken at Orlando Health to ensure your room cleanliness and safety. The Xenex germ-fighting robot is brought in and turned on after a hospital room is cleaned to ensure all bacteria and germs are eliminated. Its UV light kills germs, which helps keep healthcare associated infection rates low and patients safe. Recent studies show the robot has resulted in nearly a 30 percent facility-wide decrease in infection rates.