Howard Phillips Center Volunteer FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

How old do I have to be to volunteer? 
Because of the nature of our services, you must be 18 years or older.

Will volunteering help me secure a paid job at The Howard Phillips Center or a hospital at Orlando Regional Healthcare? While you will gain great experience in a healthcare/social service setting, volunteering is not a means for securing employment.

Can I begin volunteering tomorrow? 
Due to the sensitivity and intensity of issues encountered here, we have an extensive screening process that includes:

  • Criminal Background Check
  • TB Test
  • Drug/Alcohol Urinalysis
  • Verification of two references
After the above have been completed, we will schedule your interview and get you assigned to a location to begin volunteering.

I want to work with abused children (or children with developmental delays, children with HIV/AIDS, etc.). Can I be placed in an area with clients?
Because of our need for extreme client confidentiality, volunteers do not work directly with our clients. However, our volunteers are a critical part of the services we provide and therefore they indirectly work with all of our clients.

Do my hours carry over to another Orlando Regional Healthcare facility? 

Can I volunteer in more than one area? 
We ask that you stay in your assigned service area for at least 12 weeks, unless you are completely unhappy.

Can I volunteer more than one day per week? 
We would be delighted to have your help more than one day a week. However, to ensure that your volunteer service fits well into your schedule, we will start with just one day each week until you've been with us for six months.

What if I am going on vacation or otherwise need to take time from my volunteering schedule?
We ask that you notify us in advance so an alternate can be assigned.

Do I have to wear a uniform? 
We do ask you to adhere to our dress code. We don't allow denim, sleeveless shirts, or shorts. You will be given more information on the dress code at the Volunteer Orientation.

Can my spouse volunteer with me at the same time? 

Can I serve my court ordered community service hours at the hospital? 
We do not accept applications from those attempting to complete court ordered community service hours.

I need to finish my community service hours for school and I only have 20 hours left. Can I volunteer? 
Yes, if the following applies:

  • Currently enrolled in high school (or equivalent) and maintain a "B" average or above.
  • Willing to complete a screening process that includes a Criminal Background Check, Drug/Alcohol Urinalysis, and Tuberculosis Skin Test (PPD).
  • Willing to commit to completing the required 40 hours within the program.
  • Have reliable transportation to and from the Howard Phillips Center

Can I come in whenever I have the time to volunteer? 

Due to scheduling of staff and other volunteers a regular schedule is required.

I want to volunteer. What do I do now? 
Please print, complete and mail the application to:

Arnold Palmer Medical Center
c/o Volunteer Services
92 West Miller Street
Orlando, FL  32806