Orlando Health Heart and Vascular Institute 6th Annual Virtual Symposium

Join us virtually for the sixth annual Orlando Health Heart & Vascular Institute educational symposium.

This year’s symposium will provide a focused update on topics of importance to primary care practitioners. The topics will range from primary prevention strategies to post cardiovascular hospitalization management. Sessions will focus on cardiovascular topics needed to practice high quality, evidence-based medicine. The symposium will be ideal for Family Practice and Internal Medicine Physicians as well as advanced practice providers who want to advance their knowledge and management of cardiovascular diseases.

To access CME courses for the ‘OHHVI Reaching New Heights in Cardiovascular Care 6th Annual Virtual Symposium’, please visit the links below.

CV Effects of Vaping By: Dr. Swathy Kolli
Primary Care Guide to Hypertension By: Dr. Deven Patel
Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease in Women By: Dr. Sushma Koneru
Heart Failure By: Dr. Shahid Qamar
Update on Hypertension By: Dr. Jorge Uribe
Interesting Cases From A Fellow Perspective By: Dr. Jennifer Kinaga & Dr. Rizcallah Deek
Carotid Stenosis By: Dr. Edgar Guzman
Cardiac Computed Tomography By: Dr. Allan Chen
Post-Operative Care of the Cardiac Surgery Patient for Internists By: Dr. Steven Hoff
Primary and Secondary Prevention By: Dr. Dustin Hill
Varicose Veins By: Dr. Mohit Gupta
­Antiplatelet  By: Dr. Joel Garcia Fernandez
Aortic Stenosis By: Dr. Deepak Vivek
Atrial Fibrillation By: Dr. Luis Garcia

PAMA Conference

To access CME conferences for the Orlando Health Heart and Vascular Institute in collaboration with the Pan-American Medical Association of Central Florida, please visit the links below.

First Record of the Red Imported Fire Ant By: Dr. Santiago Martinez
Abdominal Wall Reconstruction & New Techniques By: Dr. Carlos Ortiz
Dementia Prevention By: Dr. Arnaldo Isla
Patient Care in the Era of Customer Service By: Dr. Juan Arnoletti
BPH When do I need Treatment By: Dr. Jose Silva
Surgical Treatment for GERD By: Dr. Juan Escalon
Basics of Cervical & Lumbar Spine Disease By: Dr. Virgilio Matheus
­Venous Insufficiency in 2020 By: Dr. Lina M Vargas
Screening for Cardiovascular Disease By: Dr Jennifer Kinaga
Pulmonary Nodule: Current Management By: Dr. Luis Herrera
Updates in Cardiac Amyloidosis By: Dr. Rizcallah Deek
Diverticular Disease and Abdominal Pain By: Dr. William Mayoral
Updates and Reviews on Cholesterol Guidelines By: Dr. Dustin Hill
Testing Modalities for SARS COV-2 By: Dr. Patricia Couto
Genetic Risk Assessment By: Dr. Carlos Alemany
Peripheral Vascular Disease  By: Dr. Joel Garcia Fernandez
Pituitary Adenomas By: Dr. Hunaldo Villalobos