About the Advanced Heart Failure Program

Heart failure occurs when the heart chambers weaken, and the heart cannot pump blood effectively. When this happens, your body doesn’t receive the oxygen and nutrients it needs to function at its best. Heart failure is a serious condition – but fortunately, with the proper treatment, many people with heart failure continue to live full and healthy lives.

The experts at the Heart Failure Clinic at Orlando Health Heart & Vascular Institute develop comprehensive care plans to fit your unique medical needs. We focus on monitoring your heart health and determining the most effective treatment options for you.

Using the latest diagnostic and treatment technologies, such as cardiac MRI, genetic testing and remote patient monitoring, we develop a personalized treatment plan designed to improve your heart’s function. We also offer our House calls program for patients who cannot visit our Heart Failure Clinic in person.

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Meet the Advanced Heart Failure Team

Our care team has experts from multiple medical disciplines, including advanced heart failure specialists, cardiologists, advanced practice providers, nurses, social workers and pharmacists.

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