Orlando Health Remote Patient Monitoring for Heart Failure

Advanced tools empower you to manage your heart condition

About Orlando Health Remote Patient Monitoring

Orlando Health Remote Patient Monitoring allows our heart failure patients to interact with a clinician every day from the comfort of your own home. Using a cellular connected device, you easily share your data across a secure, HIPAA-compliant network, allowing your heart failure care team to monitor your heart function and check for potential problems.

This 90-day program is available to heart failure patients and aims to reduce hospital readmissions by giving you the knowledge and tools needed to keep your heart healthier.


How Remote Patient Monitoring Works

Any Orlando Health provider can refer you to Remote Patient Monitoring. You may be referred to this program if you:

  • Have been newly diagnosed with heart failure. Your Orlando Health cardiologist or primary care provider may recommend you enroll in the Remote Patient Monitoring program. The program will help you learn to self-manage your heart condition as you get back to living. With remote monitoring, the Orlando Health team can closely oversee your heart health, reducing your risk of hospital readmission due to heart failure.
  • Have chronic, uncontrolled heart failure. If your Orlando Health cardiologist or primary care provider thinks additional education and support will help you to self-manage your heart failure at home, they may recommend this program.

Once your provider refers you to the program, the Remote Patient Monitoring team will contact you to obtain your consent. We will then enroll you in the program and send the program kit directly to your home.

Remote Patient Monitoring Kit

The easy-to-use remote monitoring kit includes:

  • A cellular connected device that will transmit your vital signs to your care team
  • Digital blood pressure monitor
  • Pulse Oximeter
  • Weight scale

When the kit arrives at your home, you will open it up and call the number provided to get set up. The setup process generally only takes a few minutes. The cellular device connects to cellular data (like your wireless phone), so you don’t even need internet in your home to enroll in the program.

Once received, one of our nurses will call to train you on the Remote Monitoring software and ensure you feel comfortable using the tablet and monitoring tools.

Daily Monitoring

Each day, you will receive a link to our patient portal via a text message that is sent to your smart phone. Once you access the patient portal, you will answer a few questions related to your health or watch an educational video. After you have taken your vital signs (blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen level and weight) they will transmit to your care team via the cellular connected device.

Once our team receives your data, one of our heart failure nurses will carefully review it — tracking the measurements against your previous data as well as benchmarks for those with heart failure. If our nurse notices a potential problem — such as a 2 lb. weight gain in 24 hours or an unusual heart rhythm — they will call you to discuss the issue. There may be a simple lifestyle modification you can make to get you back on track, such as reducing salt in your diet. When needed, the nurse can also escalate the issue to your provider so you can quickly visit the office or even the Emergency Department.

At the end of the 90-day program, you simply box up and mail back the kit. You are discharged from the program knowing how to successfully self-manage heart failure in your daily life.