At Orlando Health, we take patient safety seriously and our hospitals are consistently recognized for excellence in quality and safety. At any time, if something doesn’t feel right, don’t hesitate to ask. We encourage you to be actively involved in your safety by asking questions, listening to and following directions, and notifying your care team of any problems.

We Check IDs

We use a double-check identification process, so your nurses will ask your name and check your identification bracelet regularly, even if they are familiar with you. You also have the right to know who is providing your care. Hospital policy requires that every team member wear a photo identification badge. If the badge is not visible, ask who they are and what their role is in your care.

Reducing Your Fall Risk

To reduce your risk of following, observe the following:

  • Use your call light or room phone when you need immediate help.
  • Ask your nurse for help getting out of bed.
  • Wear the hospital-provided, non-skid socks when getting out of bed.

Medication Safety

The hospital will provide you with all of your medications while you are here. As an added safety measure, your nurse will ask your name and date of birth before giving you medicine. If the medication you are given does not look like what you are used to taking or is being given at a different time than usual, verify that it is the correct medication for you. Whenever you are given a new medication, you should be told its purpose and any likely side effects. Tell your nurse right away if you have any reactions to a new medication.

To learn more about the Common Medication Side Effects, click here.

Preventing Infection

Washing hands is one of the best and easiest ways to prevent infection. For easy access for our healthcare team and our visitors, handwashing and hand-sanitizing stations are conveniently located throughout our facilities.

Personal Items and Valuables

Your comfort is important, but we ask that you leave your treasured possessions and clothing at home. Valuables such as jewelry, cash, credit cards, cell phones and tablets should be given to family members or friends for safe keeping. We cannot be responsible for damaged or lost items.


Orlando Health is a tobacco-free facility. Tobacco products (cigarettes, cigars, chewing tobacco, e-cigarettes and pipes) are not permitted in our facilities or on our grounds for anyone, including patients, visitors and employees. Please speak with your doctor or nurse if you have any concerns so that a staff member can provide you with assistance.


Orlando Health is committed to making our facilities safe places to receive care. We have a  zero-tolerance policy for any act of violence. The possession of any weapon at or in any Orlando Health facility also is prohibited, except for active-duty law enforcement. Any visitors or patients in possession of a weapon must have it immediately removed from the facility or surrender it to Security for safekeeping.