Corporate Integrity Department

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What is it?
Orlando Health is committed to conducting business in full compliance with all federal, state, and local laws, statutes, regulations or rules. The Corporate Compliance Program aids in detecting and preventing deviations from expected behavior, whether intentional or not.

How does it work?
Under the guidance of the Corporate Compliance and Audit Officer, the department receives and evaluates information that is disseminated to various skilled individuals to investigate and report findings. Working with appropriate staff, action plans are developed, executed and monitored to ensure that desired outcomes are attained. The department has team members who are skilled in auditing, billing, coding, the charge master system, information systems, operations, administration and legal functions.

Who is responsible for it?
Compliance is every team member's responsibility. The Corporate Integrity Department serves as the "central nervous system" of the compliance program. Questions, complaints, concerns and suggestions come to the department from numerous sources, such as team members, patients, clients, physicians, visitors and community members. The department is a resource for information and coordination of compliance, which affects every facility, site, department and individual within the organization.

What does it provide?
The Corporate Integrity Department does not replace other activities within the organization (e.g., risk management or safety management) but serves to ensure compliance through coordination with existing functions.

The compliance program provides many benefits to Orlando Health, including:

  • Assurance to the Board of Directors that the organization is addressing any potential liabilities related to errors or improper conduct;
  • A structure to educate team members and disseminate legal and policy changes quickly;
  • Ongoing auditing, monitoring and communication processes to reduce the likelihood of violations and errors;
  • Protecting the privacy of patient health information;
  • Safeguarding all corporate information and assets; and
  • A toll-free, confidential hotline where anyone can raise compliance concerns.

What is the Compliance Hotline?
Orlando Health's Compliance Hotline is a simple, risk-free way for you to report your concerns.This Hotline connects you to an outside vendor who forwards the information you provide to us. You do not have to give your name or any other identifying information. All matters reported to the Hotline will be investigated thoroughly and in a timely manner.

Compliance Hotline reports can be made via telephone or by writing to:

Corporate Integrity
Orlando Health
1414 Kuhl Avenue, MP 29 ~ Orlando, FL 32806




Other Contact Information:

David Huddleson
Vice President, Corporate Integrity
Corporate Compliance and Audit Officer

A. Mark Weber
Corporate Director, Internal Audit

Steve Stallard
Corporate Director, Compliance & Information Security
Corporate Information Security Officer
Corporate Privacy Officer