Orlando Health Cancer Institute – Osceola

We know that the numerous office visits required for effective cancer treatment can be stressful and tiring. Having your care team close to home can reduce that burden. That’s why the Orlando Health Cancer Institute offers convenient locations throughout Central Florida.

Located in the Orlando Health Medical Pavilion – Osceola in Kissimmee, Florida, the Orlando Health Cancer Institute – Osceola location brings the advanced, specialized cancer care we’re known for closer to you. Here, you can schedule a second opinion or see your physicians for consultations and follow-up appointments closer to your home and support network. By removing the stress of commuting, we hope to give you the opportunity to focus on the things that matter even more now than ever – your health and happiness.

Services Provided

The distinguished physicians at the Orlando Health Cancer Institute – Osceola deliver comprehensive, personalized cancer care. Medical oncology and surgical oncology appointments and consultations are available at this location.

Highlighted services at the Osceola location include:

  • Thoracic cancer surgery consultations (including lung cancer and esophageal cancer surgery)
  • Head and neck cancer surgery consultations (including thyroid cancer, endocrine cancer, throat cancer and oral cancer surgery)
  • Medical oncology appointments and consultations
  • Gynecological oncology appointments and consultations

Preparing for Your First Appointment at Orlando Health Cancer Institute – Osceola

Orlando Health Cancer Institute’s guiding purpose is to provide advanced, specialized care that’s conveniently accessible and personalized to our patients’ needs. Our team will work closely with you to gather your previous tests and films and organize your paperwork and appointments. From your first phone call with us, you can expect us to take the time to support you in every way we can as you begin and go through your cancer treatment.

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