Welcome to the Charles Lewis Pavilion

In the mid-90’s Orlando Health recognized the growing need for a dedicated cancer facility. Recognizing the incredible work as well as the tremendous needs of the Orlando Health Cancer Institute, Joe Lewis and his daughter, Vivienne, saw an opportunity to help defeat cancer and at the same time establish a lasting memorial to Joe’s father, Charles Lewis. The new facility was named the Charles Lewis Pavilion, in honor of Joe’s father.

Today, Orlando Health Cancer Institute is part of a fully integrated statewide cancer treatment and research system. Not only is it one of the largest clinical and basic cancer research centers in the world, it is one of the premier providers of cancer care in Florida. In addition to the Charles Lewis Pavilion, where the Cancer Institute is housed, the Charles Lewis Institute exists to support this groundbreaking organization as we continue to move forward, making new inroads into understanding, treating, and defeating cancer.

Programs, Services and Departments Supported at the Charles Lewis Pavilion


The Cancer Institute is committed to providing the best educational programs available in oncology to physicians, clinicians, staff and to all patients and their families. By providing the latest information available on medical advances and research related to cancer through innovative technologies, caregivers and patients alike are well-equipped to wage war against the enemy: cancer.

For patients and their families, our website provides convenient access to the latest cancer information. Finally, the Cancer Institute educational specialists reach out to the community about cancer prevention, early detection and other programs available through the center.

Research and Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are an important aspect of the care we provide at Orlando Health Cancer Institute. Currently, we manage clinical trials that are testing new ways to detect and treat cancer, reduce the side effects of drugs and improve patients’ comfort and quality of life.

Our clinical research department develops and oversees all biotechnological, basic and translational research activities of the Cancer Institute. Today, cancer research is making significant strides toward understanding this terrible disease, and as a result, promising new treatments for cancer are being developed.

Besides research studies involving new chemotherapies, we also offer trials of new methods of giving chemotherapy that have been tested and previously approved. Trials also may include different methods of radiation therapy, new surgery options and ways to combat symptoms related either to treatment or cancer.


As the Cancer Center seeks to fulfill its mission of "Inspiring hope through extraordinary care.”, technology has emerged as a vital link to defeating cancer. We offer patients the highest-quality care and access to the broadest possible array of treatment alternatives.

From proton therapy to robotic assisted surgery, delivering the most advanced technology available is a cornerstone of care at the Cancer Institute.

Integrative Medicine

The Integrative Medicine Department at Orlando Health engages patients and their families to become active participants in improving physical, emotional and social health. Through personalized, research-based interventions and education we are able to help people cope with the stress, side-effects and dramatic changes that cancer causes in their lives. We believe that the best cutting-edge medical treatment is essential for our patients and families, but so is taking care of their emotional, psychological and spiritual needs.

An integral part of Integrative Medicine is the Integrative Medicine program, an international non-profit founded in 1982. An affiliate of the Cancer Center, the CSC offers any patient in Central Florida the chance to gather with other patients going through similar experiences in a setting that helps them escape their everyday lives through activities like art, music, meditation and yoga.