Care Coordination at the Orlando Health Cancer Institute

We understand cancer care can be overwhelming and difficult to navigate, especially when there are multiple treatments or locations to consider. We want to make this time in our patients' lives easier and less stressful, which is why we have developed the following services.

Nurse Navigators

Our certified nurse navigators guide you through the cancer care process. Nurse navigators improve communication between patients, families, physicians and other care team members.  We:

  • Help you and your family understand your diagnosis and treatment
  • Provide emotional support and information on what to expect
  • Coordinate with the patient’s physician and other care providers to streamline care
  • Coordinate appointments and tests to avoid treatment delays
  • Help you and your family access support systems and services

Patient Resource Guide

We provide you with a set of personalized Patient Resource Appointment, Treatment and Survivorship Guides at each pivotal point of your care. Through these informative guides, we help you navigate the diagnosis, treatment and survivorship processes, while giving you a sense of empowerment, control and comfort at a crucial time.

Navigate Your Health