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Shiv Bolan, Lokesh P Padhye, Catherine N Mulligan, Emilio Ritore Alonso, Roger Saint-Fort, Tahereh Jasemizad, Chensi Wang, Tao Zhang, Jörg Rinklebe, Hailong Wang, Kadambot H M Siddique, M B Kirkham, Nanthi Bolan Surfactant-enhanced mobilization of persistent organic pollutants: Potential for soil and sediment remediation and unintended consequences This review aims to provide an overview of the sources and reactions of persistent organic pollutants (POPs) and surfactants in soil and sediments, the surfactant-enhanced solubilisation of POPs, and the unintended consequences of surfactant-induced remediation of soil and sediments contaminated wit... 10/20/2022
Ethan E Hyland, Patrick Q Kelly, Alexander M McKillop, Balu D Dherange, Mark D Levin Unified Access to Pyrimidines and Quinazolines Enabled by N-N Cleaving Carbon Atom Insertion Given the ubiquity of heterocycles in biologically active molecules, transformations with the capacity to modify such molecular skeletons with modularity remain highly desirable. Ring expansions that enable interconversion of privileged heterocyclic motifs are especially interesting in this regard. ... 10/14/2022
Dennis Cerrato-Izaguirre, Yolanda I Chirino, Diddier Prada, Ericka Marel Quezada-Maldonado, Luis A Herrera, Angélica Hernández-Guerrero, Juan Octavio Alonso-Larraga, Roberto Herrera-Goepfert, Luis F Oñate-Ocaña, David Cantú-de-León, Abelardo Meneses-García, Patricia Basurto-Lozada, Carla Daniela Robles-Espinoza, Javier Camacho, Claudia M García-Cuellar, Yesennia Sánchez-Pérez Somatic Mutational Landscape in Mexican Patients: <em>CDH1</em> Mutations and chr20q13.33 Amplifications Are Associated with Diffuse-Type Gastric Adenocarcinoma The Hispanic population, compared with other ethnic groups, presents a more aggressive gastric cancer phenotype with higher frequency of diffuse-type gastric adenocarcinoma (GA); this could be related to the mutational landscape of GA in these patients. Using whole-exome sequencing, we sought to pre... 10/14/2022
Cristian Arriaga-Canon, Laura Contreras-Espinosa, Rosa Rebollar-Vega, Rogelio Montiel-Manríquez, Alberto Cedro-Tanda, José Antonio García-Gordillo, Rosa María Álvarez-Gómez, Francisco Jiménez-Trejo, Clementina Castro-Hernández, Luis A Herrera Transcriptomics and RNA-Based Therapeutics as Potential Approaches to Manage SARS-CoV-2 Infection SARS-CoV-2 is a coronavirus family member that appeared in China in December 2019 and caused the disease called COVID-19, which was declared a pandemic in 2020 by the World Health Organization. In recent months, great efforts have been made in the field of basic and clinical research to understand t... 10/14/2022
Rachel Smith, Daniel Felipe Barrantes Murillo, Kelly Chenoweth, Subarna Barua, Patrick John Kelly, Lindsay Starkey, Byron Blagburn, Theresa Wood, Chengming Wang Nationwide molecular survey of Dirofilaria immitis and Dirofilaria repens in companion dogs and cats, United States of America CONCLUSIONS: To our knowledge, this is the first nationwide molecular survey of Dirofilaria spp. in dogs and cats in the USA, and the largest molecular survey of canine and feline dirofilariosis worldwide. Further studies are warranted to combine PCR with standard heartworm diagnostics to better und... 10/13/2022
Jana Štundlová, Monika Hospodářská, Karolína Lukšíková, Anna Voleníková, Tomáš Pavlica, Marie Altmanová, Annekatrin Richter, Martin Reichard, Martina Dalíková, Šárka Pelikánová, Anatolie Marta, Sergey A Simanovsky, Matyáš Hiřman, Marek Jankásek, Tomáš Dvořák, Joerg Bohlen, Petr Ráb, Christoph Englert, Petr Nguyen, Alexandr Sember Sex chromosome differentiation via changes in the Y chromosome repeat landscape in African annual killifishes Nothobranchius furzeri and N. kadleci Homomorphic sex chromosomes and their turnover are common in teleosts. We investigated the evolution of nascent sex chromosomes in several populations of two sister species of African annual killifishes, Nothobranchius furzeri and N. kadleci, focusing on their under-studied repetitive landscape. We ... 10/8/2022
Amanda L Nash, Samantha M Thomas, Suniti N Nimbkar, Tina J Hieken, Kandice K Ludwig, Lisa K Jacobs, Megan E Miller, Kristalyn K Gallagher, Jasmine Wong, Heather B Neuman, Jennifer Tseng, Taryn E Hassinger, Tari A King, E Shelley Hwang, James W Jakub, Laura H Rosenberger Racial-ethnic variations in phyllodes tumors among a multicenter United States cohort CONCLUSIONS: Differences in age, tumor size, and subtype were small. Therefore, the workup of young women with breast masses and the treatment of women with PT should not differ according to race-ethnicity. These conclusions are supported by our finding that there were no differences in recurrence-f... 10/7/2022
Aviv Goldbart, Moran Lavie, Ronit Lubetzky, Giora Pillar, Daniel Landau, Yechiel Schlesinger, Ronen Spiegel, Inbal Golan-Tripto, Amit Nahum, David Greenberg, Asher Tal Inhaled Nitric Oxide for the Treatment of Acute Bronchiolitis: A Multicenter Randomized Controlled Trial to Evaluate Dose Response CONCLUSION: Treatment with high dose intermittent iNO at 150 ppm showed reduced time to clinical improvement when compared to 85 ppm or control treatment of hospitalized infants with acute bronchiolitis. The 150 ppm iNO dose is well-tolerated, with significant benefit compared to both standard thera... 9/28/2022
Evgenia Gurevich, Yael Borovitz, Shelli Levi, Sharon Perlman, Daniel Landau Idiopathic infantile hypercalcemia in children with chronic kidney disease due to kidney hypodysplasia CONCLUSIONS: Transient IIH was observed in infants with KHD, in association with hypophosphatemia, resembling SLC34A1 and SLC34A3 pathogenic variants' metabolic profile. A higher resolution version of the Graphical abstract is available as Supplementary information. 9/26/2022
Patrick Q Kelly, Alexander S Filatov, Mark D Levin A Synthetic Cycle for Heteroarene Synthesis by Nitride Insertion Recent interest in skeletal editing necessitates the continued development of reagent classes with the ability to transfer single atoms. Terminal transition metal nitrides hold immense promise for single-atom transfer, though their use in organic synthesis has so far been limited. Here we demonstrat... 9/23/2022
Omar A Zeidan, Ethan Pepmiller, Twyla Willoughby, Zhiqiu Li, James Burkavage, Brian Harper, Michael Fraser, Katie Moffatt, Sanford L Meeks, Naren Ramakrishna Operational Performance of a Compact Proton Therapy System: A 5-Year Experience CONCLUSION: Our data show that this compact system is versatile, robust, and capable of delivering complex treatments like a large full-gantry system. Utilization data show that a fraction of all subcomponents range of angular motion has been used. Compilation of beam-specific metrics, such as range... 9/5/2022
Marianna V Papageorge, Susanna W L de Geus, Alison P Woods, Sing Chau Ng, Samuel Lee, David McAneny, Jennifer F Tseng, Kelly M Kenzik, Teviah E Sachs Surveillance Patterns for Hepatocellular Carcinoma among Screening-Eligible Patients in the Medicare Population CONCLUSIONS: A large proportion of screening-eligible patients do not undergo routine surveillance, which is associated with late-stage diagnosis and higher risk of mortality. These findings demonstrate the impact of timely and consistent healthcare access and can guide interventions for promoting s... 9/4/2022
Adnan S Hussaini, Daniel D Swanson, Peter L Nguy, Kristen S Pan, Luis F de Castro, Alison M Boyce, Michael T Collins, Timothy R DeKlotz Malignant Sarcomatous Degeneration of Craniofacial Fibrous Dysplasia BACKGROUND: Fibrous dysplasia (FD) is an uncommon bone disease characterized by the replacement of normal bone architecture with abnormal fibro-osseous connective tissue. Here, we discuss 2 cases of craniofacial FD, with malignant sarcomatous degeneration - a rare and morbid complication of the dise... 9/2/2022
Andy Y Wang, Wenya Linda Bi, Patrick D Kelly, Paul Klimo, Ron I Riesenburger Arnold Max Meirowsky: champion of the American mobile neurosurgical unit during the Korean War Dr. Arnold Max Meirowsky (1910-1984) was enormously influential to military neurosurgery during the Korean War, introducing to the American military the concept of the mobile neurosurgical unit. After implementation of the neurosurgical detachment, meningocerebral infections saw a decrease from 41% ... 9/2/2022
Patrick E Kelly, Charles J Gerardo Delayed Recognition of Severe Systemic Envenomation after Copperhead Bite: A Case Report CONCLUSION: Although rare, copperhead envenomation can cause severe systemic toxicity. Envenomation should be promptly treated with antivenom. 9/1/2022
Jennifer Isautier, Angela C Webster, Kelly Lambert, Heather L Shepherd, Kirsten McCaffery, Kamal Sud, Jinman Kim, Na Liu, Nicole De La Mata, Shahreen Raihana, Patrick J Kelly, Danielle M Muscat, SUCCESS Study Group Evaluation of the SUCCESS Health Literacy App for Australian Adults With Chronic Kidney Disease: Protocol for a Pragmatic Randomized Controlled Trial CONCLUSIONS: Enhancing health literacy skills for patients undergoing hemodialysis is an important endeavor, given the association between poor health literacy and poor health outcomes, especially among culturally diverse groups. The findings from this trial will be published in peer-reviewed journa... 8/31/2022
Tereza Hendrychova, Michal Svoboda, Josef Maly, Jiri Vlcek, Eva Zimcikova, Tomas Dvorak, Jaromir Zatloukal, Eva Volakova, Marek Plutinsky, Kristian Brat, Patrice Popelkova, Michal Kopecky, Barbora Novotna, Vladimir Koblizek Self-Reported Overall Adherence and Correct Inhalation Technique Discordance in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Population Background: Adherence to inhaled medication constitutes a major problem in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) globally. However, large studies evaluating adherence in its entirety and capturing a large variety of potentially associated factors are still lacking. Objective: To... 8/29/2022
Michael Geylis, Tara Coreanu, Victor Novack, Daniel Landau Risk factors for childhood chronic kidney disease: a population-based study CONCLUSIONS: CKD is more prevalent among children in southern Israel than previously reported, even after excluding those with aborted-CKD. Prenatal conditions increase the risk to develop CKD in childhood. Graphical abstract A higher resolution version of the Graphical abstract is available as Supp... 8/26/2022
Victor M Del Castillo Falconi, Karla Torres-Arciga, Genaro Matus-Ortega, José Díaz-Chávez, Luis A Herrera DNA Methyltransferases: From Evolution to Clinical Applications DNA methylation is an epigenetic mark that living beings have used in different environments. The MTases family catalyzes DNA methylation. This process is conserved from archaea to eukaryotes, from fertilization to every stage of development, and from the early stages of cancer to metastasis. The fa... 8/26/2022
Rachel B Cutting, Angela C Webster, Nicholas B Cross, Heather Dunckley, Ben Beaglehole, Ian Dittmer, John Irvine, Curtis Walker, Merryn Jones, Melanie Wyld, Patrick J Kelly, Kate Wyburn, Nicole L De La Mata AcceSS and Equity in Transplantation (ASSET) New Zealand: Protocol for population-wide data linkage platform to investigate equity in access to kidney failure health services in New Zealand CONCLUSION: The AcceSS and Equity in Transplantation (ASSET) linked data platform will provide opportunity for population-based health services research to examine equity in health care delivery and health outcomes in New Zealand. It also offers potential to inform future service planning by identif... 8/25/2022
Patrick J Kelly, Jack N Twomey-Kozak, Daniel E Goltz, John R Wickman, Jay M Levin, Zoe Hinton, Tally E Lassiter, Christopher S Klifto, Oke A Anakwenze Perioperative Pain Control Represents the Primary Concern for Patients Considering Outpatient Shoulder Arthroplasty: A Survey-Based Study CONCLUSION: Expanding OP TSA crucially depends on awareness and education. Perceived ability to control pain is an important concern. Patients may benefit from preoperative counseling, including emphasizing a comprehensive postoperative pain management strategy. 8/23/2022
Swetha Duraiswamy, Sabrina E Sanchez, David R Flum, Michael K Paasche-Orlow, Kelly M Kenzik, Jennifer F Tseng, Frederick Thurston Drake Caveat emptor: The accuracy of claims data in appendicitis research CONCLUSION: International Classification of Disease, ninth/tenth revision codes do not accurately identify surgeon-described complicated appendicitis. Nearly one-third of the cases of complicated appendicitis were coded as uncomplicated. Such misclassification negatively impacts reimbursement for co... 8/19/2022
Charles A Gusho, David King, Cecilia G Ethun, Kenneth Cardona, J Harrison Howard, Thuy B Tran, George Poultsides, Jennifer Tseng, Kevin K Roggin, Ryan C Fields, Darren R Cullinan, Konstantinos Chouliaras, Konstantinos Votanopoulos, Valerie P Grignol, Meena Bedi Extraskeletal myxoid chondrosarcoma: Clinicopathological features and outcomes from the United States sarcoma collaborative database CONCLUSIONS: Long-term survival with EMC is probable, however there exists a high incidence of locoregional recurrence. While chemotherapy and radiation were associated with a worse RFS, these findings were likely confounded by recurrent disease as significance was lost in the primary EMC-only subse... 8/13/2022
Sk Masum Billah, Camille Raynes-Greenow, Nazia Binte Ali, Farhana Karim, Sharif Uddin Lotus, Rashidul Azad, Mayang Sari, Piyali Mustaphi, Md Maniruzzaman, Shah Mohammad Mustafizur Rahman, Michael John Dibley, Patrick John Kelly, Shams El Arifeen Iron and Folic Acid Supplementation in Pregnancy: Findings from the Baseline Assessment of a Maternal Nutrition Service Programme in Bangladesh Effective coverage of antenatal iron and folic acid (IFA) supplementation is important to prevent adverse maternal and newborn health outcomes. We interviewed 2572 women from two rural districts in Bangladesh who had a live birth in the preceding six months. We analysed the number of IFA tablets rec... 8/12/2022
Marco A Andonegui-Elguera, Rodrigo E Cáceres-Gutiérrez, Alejandro López-Saavedra, Fernanda Cisneros-Soberanis, Montserrat Justo-Garrido, José Díaz-Chávez, Luis A Herrera The Roles of Histone Post-Translational Modifications in the Formation and Function of a Mitotic Chromosome During mitosis, many cellular structures are organized to segregate the replicated genome to the daughter cells. Chromatin is condensed to shape a mitotic chromosome. A multiprotein complex known as kinetochore is organized on a specific region of each chromosome, the centromere, which is defined by... 8/12/2022
Sarah Bauerle Bass, Deborah Swavely, Shaneisha Allen, Patrick J Kelly, Ariel Hoadley, Yaara Zisman-Ilani, Maryyam Durrani, Jesse Brajuha, Amy Iwamaye, Daniel J Rubin Understanding Type 2 Diabetes Self-Management in Racial/Ethnic Minorities: Application of the Extended Parallel Processing Model and Sensemaking Theory in a Qualitative Study CONCLUSIONS: EPPM and sensemaking theory are effective frameworks for understanding how perceived health threat and self-efficacy may impede T2DM self-care. A greater focus on these constructs is needed to improve care among low-income minority patients, especially those with low threat and self-eff... 8/11/2022
Karen M J Waller, Nicole L De La Mata, Kate R Wyburn, James A Hedley, Brenda M Rosales, Patrick J Kelly, Vidiya Ramachandran, Karan K Shah, Rachael L Morton, William D Rawlinson, Angela C Webster Notifiable Infectious Diseases Among Organ Transplant Recipients: A Data-Linked Cohort Study, 2000-2015 CONCLUSIONS: There is potential to avoid preventable infections among transplant recipients with improved vaccination programs, health education, and pretransplant donor and recipient screening. 8/8/2022
Kevin J Contrera, Andrew T Huang, Jared A Shenson, Chad Tang, Dianna Roberts, Jeffrey N Myers, Randal S Weber, Stephen Y Lai, Michelle Williams, Maria El-Hallal, Denny Jacob, Mark Zafereo Primary and recurrent regional metastases for lateralized oral cavity squamous cell carcinoma CONCLUSIONS: For lateralized OCSCC, elective neck dissection of level IIB or the contralateral neck may rarely be needed, but additional surgical or radiation treatment of levels IV and V may be considered based on patient risk factors, including T category 3-4 or LVI. For upper alveolar/hard palate... 8/6/2022
Dolores Adriana Ayón-Núñez, Jacquelynne Cervantes-Torres, Carlos Cabello-Gutiérrez, Sergio Rosales-Mendoza, Diana Rios-Valencia, Leonor Huerta, Raúl J Bobes, Julio César Carrero, René Segura-Velázquez, Nora Alma Fierro, Marisela Hernández, Joaquín Zúñiga-Ramos, Gerardo Gamba, Graciela Cárdenas, Emmanuel Frías-Jiménez, Luis Alonso Herrera, Gladis Fragoso, Edda Sciutto, Francisco Suárez-Güemes, Juan Pedro Laclette An RBD-Based Diagnostic Method Useful for the Surveillance of Protective Immunity against SARS-CoV-2 in the Population After more than two years, the COVID-19 pandemic is still ongoing and evolving all over the world; human herd immunity against SARS-CoV-2 increases either by infection or by unprecedented mass vaccination. A substantial change in population immunity is expected to contribute to the control of transm... 7/27/2022
Paige Teller, Toan T Nguyen, Jennifer Tseng, Lisa Allen, Cindy B Matsen, Emily Bellavance, David Kaufman, Tina Hieken, Steven Nagel, Caitlin Patten, Laura Pomerenke, Sarah E Tevis, Terry Sarantou Innovation in Breast Surgery: Practical and Ethical Considerations The adoption of innovation is essential to the evolution of patient care. Breast surgical oncology advances through incorporating new techniques, devices, and procedures. Historical changes in practice standards from radical to modified radical mastectomy or axillary node dissection to sentinel node... 7/19/2022
Nazim Bhimani, Geoffrey Ym Wong, Charles Molloy, Mbathio Dieng, Patrick J Kelly, Thomas J Hugh Lifetime direct healthcare costs of treating colorectal cancer: a systematic review Colorectal cancer is a global public health issue and imposes a significant economic burden on populations and healthcare systems. This paper systematically reviews the literature to estimate the direct costs of colorectal cancer incurred during different phases of treatment (initial, continuing and... 7/17/2022
Marianna V Papageorge, Alison P Woods, Susanna W L de Geus, Sing Chau Ng, David McAneny, Jennifer F Tseng, Kelly M Kenzik, Teviah E Sachs The Persistence of Poverty and its Impact on Cancer Diagnosis, Treatment and Survival CONCLUSIONS: The duration of poverty has a direct impact on cancer-specific outcomes, with the greatest effect seen in persistent poverty and resolution of disparities when a county is no longer in poverty. Policy focused on directing resources to communities in persistent poverty may represent a po... 7/7/2022
María M Pérez, Francisco Carrillo-Perez, Maria Tejada-Casado, Javier Ruiz-López, Cristina Benavides-Reyes, Luis Javier Herrera CIEDE2000 lightness, chroma and hue human gingiva thresholds CONCLUSIONS: Statistically differences in perceptual limit were found among hue, lightness and chroma for human gingiva. Thus, the observers seem to show lower sensitivity for changes in hue (ΔH^(')) than in chroma (ΔC^(')) and in lightness (ΔL^(')) in the gingiva color space. 7/6/2022
Amanda Cox, Ana Martini, Heba Ghozlan, Rebecca Moroose, Xiang Zhu, Eunkyung Lee, Amr S Khaled, Louis Barr, Carlos Alemany, Na'im Fanaian, Elizabeth Griffith, Ryan Sause, S A Litherland, Annette R Khaled Chaperonin containing TCP1 as a marker for identification of circulating tumor cells in blood Herein we report the use of Chaperonin-Containing TCP-1 (CCT or TRiC) as a marker to detect circulating tumor cells (CTCs) that are shed from tumors during oncogenesis. Most detection methods used in liquid biopsy approaches for enumeration of CTCs from blood, employ epithelial markers like cytokera... 6/24/2022
Francisco Garcia-Cardenas, Fernando Peñaloza, Jennifer Bertin-Montoya, Rafael Valdéz-Vázquez, Alba Franco, Ricardo Cortés, Emmanuel Frias-Jimenez, Alberto Cedro-Tanda, Alfredo Mendoza-Vargas, Juan Pablo Reyes-Grajeda, Alfredo Hidalgo-Miranda, Luis A Herrera Analytical Performances of the COVISTIX<sup>TM</sup> Antigen Rapid Test for SARS-CoV-2 Detection in an Unselected Population (All-Comers) The performance and validity of the COVISTIX^(TM) rapid antigen test for the detection of SARS-CoV-2 were evaluated in an unselected population. Additionally, we assessed the influence of the Omicron SARS-CoV-2 variant in the performance of this antigen rapid test. Swab samples were collected at two... 6/24/2022
Ji-Hang Yin, Patrick John Kelly, Chengming Wang Flies as Vectors and Potential Sentinels for Bacterial Pathogens and Antimicrobial Resistance: A Review The unique biology of flies and their omnipresence in the environment of people and animals makes them ideal candidates to be important vectors of antimicrobial resistance genes. Consequently, there has been increasing research on the bacteria and antimicrobial resistance genes that are carried by f... 6/23/2022
Luis Herrera, Juan Escalon, Matthew Johnston, Alexis Sanchez, Renata Sanchez, Ivan Mogollon Development of a robot-assisted thoracic surgery (RATS) program. Lessons learned after 2500 cases Robotic surgery provides significant advantages in terms of an optimal three-dimensional and magnified view of the surgical field, superior maneuverability of surgical instruments, removal of surgeon's tremor and excellent ergonomics. Nonetheless, the adoption of this technology in thoracic surgery ... 6/22/2022
Susanna Wl de Geus, Marianna V Papageorge, Alison P Woods, Spencer Wilson, Sing Chau Ng, Andrea Merrill, Michael Cassidy, David McAneny, Jennifer F Tseng, Teviah E Sachs A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats: Impact of Combined Volume of Complex Cancer Operations on Surgical Outcomes in a Low-Volume Setting CONCLUSION: Patients who underwent complex operations at MVH had similar postoperative outcomes to those at HVH. MVH provide a model for the centralization of complex cancer surgery for patients who do not receive their care at HVH. 6/15/2022
Patrick H Kelly, Alexandra V Yingling, Anwar Ahmed, Ivy Hurwitz, Marcelo Ramalho-Ortigao Defining the mechanisms of action and mosquito larva midgut response to a yeast-encapsulated orange oil larvicide CONCLUSION: Our results strongly suggest that the robust larvicidal activity of YEOO is due to a generalized broad-acting mechanism combining epithelial damage and apoptosis, with concomitant expression of multiple innate response genes involved in epithelial regeneration and detoxification. YEOO's ... 6/1/2022
Sharon H Giordano, Maria Alice B Franzoi, Sarah Temin, Carey K Anders, Sarat Chandarlapaty, Jennie R Crews, Jeffrey J Kirshner, Ian E Krop, Nancy U Lin, Aki Morikawa, Debra A Patt, Jane Perlmutter, Naren Ramakrishna, Nancy E Davidson Systemic Therapy for Advanced Human Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor 2-Positive Breast Cancer: ASCO Guideline Update PURPOSE: To update evidence-based guideline recommendations to practicing oncologists and others on systemic therapy for patients with human epidermal growth factor receptor 2 (HER2)-positive advanced breast cancer. 5/31/2022
Naren Ramakrishna, Carey K Anders, Nancy U Lin, Aki Morikawa, Sarah Temin, Sarat Chandarlapaty, Jennie R Crews, Nancy E Davidson, Maria Alice B Franzoi, Jeffrey J Kirshner, Ian E Krop, Debra A Patt, Jane Perlmutter, Sharon H Giordano Management of Advanced Human Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor 2-Positive Breast Cancer and Brain Metastases: ASCO Guideline Update PURPOSE: To provide updated evidence- and consensus-based guideline recommendations to practicing oncologists and others on the management of brain metastases for patients with human epidermal growth factor receptor 2 (HER2)-positive advanced breast cancer up to 2021. 5/31/2022
Macarena I de la Fuente, Howard Colman, Mark Rosenthal, Brian A Van Tine, Danijela Levacic, Tobias Walbert, Hui K Gan, Maria Vieito, Mohammed M Milhem, Kathryn Lipford, Sanjeev Forsyth, Sylvie M Guichard, Yelena Mikhailov, Alexander Sedkov, Julie Brevard, Patrick F Kelly, Hesham Mohamed, Varun Monga Olutasidenib (FT-2102) in patients with relapsed or refractory IDH1-mutant glioma: a multicenter, open-label, phase 1b/2 trial CONCLUSIONS: Olutasidenib 150 mg BID was well tolerated in patients with relapsed/refractory gliomas harboring an IDH1 R132X mutation and demonstrated preliminary evidence of clinical activity in this heavily pretreated population. 5/31/2022
Tracy S Wang, Eugene S Kim, Quan-Yang Duh, Ankush Gosain, Lillian S Kao, Anai N Kothari, Susan Tsai, Jennifer F Tseng, Allan Tsung, Kasper S Wang, Steven D Wexner Proceedings From the Advances in Surgery Channel Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Series: Lessons Learned From Asian Academic Surgeons In this series of talks and the accompanying panel session, leaders from the Society of Asian Academic Surgeons discuss issues faced by Asian Americans and the importance of the role of mentors and allyship in professional development in the advancement of Asian Americans in leadership roles. Barrie... 5/19/2022
Rodrigo González-Barrios, Nicolás Alcaraz, Michel Montalvo-Casimiro, Alejandra Cervera, Cristian Arriaga-Canon, Paulina Munguia-Garza, Diego Hinojosa-Ugarte, Nora Sobrevilla-Moreno, Karla Torres-Arciga, Julia Mendoza-Perez, José Diaz-Chavez, Carlo Cesar Cortes-González, Clementina Castro-Hernández, Jorge Martínez-Cedillo, Ana Scavuzzo, Delia Pérez-Montiel, Miguel A Jiménez-Ríos, Luis A Herrera Genomic Profile in a Non-Seminoma Testicular Germ-Cell Tumor Cohort Reveals a Potential Biomarker of Sensitivity to Platinum-Based Therapy Despite having a favorable response to platinum-based chemotherapies, ~15% of Testicular Germ-Cell Tumor (TGCT) patients are platinum-resistant. Mortality rates among Latin American countries have remained constant over time, which makes the study of this population of particular interest. To gain i... 5/14/2022
Mirza Zain Baig, Syed S Razi, Kojo Agyabeng-Dadzie, Stephanie Stroever, Zaid Muslim, Joanna Weber, Luis J Herrera, Faiz Y Bhora Robotic-assisted thoracoscopic surgery demonstrates a lower rate of conversion to thoracotomy than video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery for complex lobectomies CONCLUSIONS: Our analysis of the National Cancer Database suggests that robotic lobectomy for complex lung resections achieves similar perioperative outcomes and R0 resections as VATS lobectomy with the exception of a lower rate of conversion to thoracotomy. 5/11/2022
Manuel Jibaja, Estefania Roldan-Vasquez, Jordi Rello, Hua Shen, Nelson Maldonado, Michelle Grunauer, Ana María Díaz, Fernanda García, Vanessa Ramírez, Hernán Sánchez, José Luis Barberán, Juan Pablo Paredes, Mónica Cevallos, Francisco Montenegro, Soraya Puertas, Killen Briones, Marlon Martínez, Jorge Vélez-Páez, Mario Montalvo-Villagómez, Luis Herrera, Santiago Garrido, Ivan Sisa Effect of High Altitude on the Survival of COVID-19 Patients in Intensive Care Unit: A Cohort Study Purpose: The effect of high altitude ( ≥ 1500 m) and its potential association with mortality by COVID-19 remains controversial. We assessed the effect of high altitude on the survival/discharge of COVID-19 patients requiring intensive care unit (ICU) admission for mechanical ventilation compared ... 5/9/2022
Brenda M Rosales, Nicole De La Mata, Claire M Vajdic, Patrick J Kelly, Kate Wyburn, Angela C Webster Cancer Mortality in People Receiving Dialysis for Kidney Failure: An Australian and New Zealand Cohort Study, 1980-2013 CONCLUSIONS: People on dialysis experience excess all-site and site-specific cancer mortality compared with the general population. Mortality differs by modality type, age, and sex. Understanding the role of kidney failure and other morbidities in the treatment of cancer is important for shared deci... 5/2/2022
Zaid Muslim, Stephanie Stroever, Kostantinos Poulikidis, Joanna F Weber, Cliff P Connery, Luis J Herrera, Faiz Y Bhora Conversion to Thoracotomy in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer: Risk Factors and Perioperative Outcomes Objective: We aimed to identify predictors of conversion to thoracotomy and test the hypothesis that conversion is associated with inferior perioperative outcomes in non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC). Methods: We queried the National Cancer Database for patients with stage I to III NSCLC undergoing... 5/2/2022
Francisco Carrillo-Perez, Juan Carlos Morales, Daniel Castillo-Secilla, Olivier Gevaert, Ignacio Rojas, Luis Javier Herrera Machine-Learning-Based Late Fusion on Multi-Omics and Multi-Scale Data for Non-Small-Cell Lung Cancer Diagnosis Differentiation between the various non-small-cell lung cancer subtypes is crucial for providing an effective treatment to the patient. For this purpose, machine learning techniques have been used in recent years over the available biological data from patients. However, in most cases this problem h... 4/23/2022
Sergio Ortiz, Fernando Rojas, Olga Valenzuela, Luis Javier Herrera, Ignacio Rojas Determination of the Severity and Percentage of COVID-19 Infection through a Hierarchical Deep Learning System The coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) has caused millions of deaths and one of the greatest health crises of all time. In this disease, one of the most important aspects is the early detection of the infection to avoid the spread. In addition to this, it is essential to know how the disease progre... 4/23/2022
Alexis Sanchez, Luis Herrera, Andre Teixeira, Ivan Mogollon, Cristina Inchausti, Desrene Gibson, Mary Stuart, Matthew Crespo Robotic surgery: financial impact of surgical trays optimization in bariatric and thoracic surgery The incorporation of new technologies in the surgical field, such as the robotic da Vinci System, has made it possible to offer a series of advantages to the patient and the surgeon, with important benefits for both. However, cost continues to be a limiting factor to the adoption of this technology.... 4/16/2022
Ana Paula Alarcón-Zendejas, Anna Scavuzzo, Miguel A Jiménez-Ríos, Rosa M Álvarez-Gómez, Rogelio Montiel-Manríquez, Clementina Castro-Hernández, Miguel A Jiménez-Dávila, Delia Pérez-Montiel, Rodrigo González-Barrios, Francisco Jiménez-Trejo, Cristian Arriaga-Canon, Luis A Herrera The promising role of new molecular biomarkers in prostate cancer: from coding and non-coding genes to artificial intelligence approaches CONCLUSION: Transcriptomic and genomic analysis have contributed to generate knowledge in the field of prostate carcinogenesis, new information about coding and non-coding genes as biomarkers has emerged. Synergies created by the implementation of artificial intelligence to analyze and understand se... 4/15/2022
Christopher A French, Michael L Cheng, Glenn J Hanna, Steven G DuBois, Nicole G Chau, Christine L Hann, Simone Storck, Ravi Salgia, Matteo Trucco, Jennifer Tseng, Anastasios Stathis, Richard Piekarz, Ulrich M Lauer, Christophe Massard, Kelly Bennett, Shodeinde Coker, Ulrike Tontsch-Grunt, Martin L Sos, Sida Liao, Catherine J Wu, Kornelia Polyak, Sarina A Piha-Paul, Geoffrey I Shapiro Report of the First International Symposium on NUT Carcinoma NUT carcinoma is a rare, aggressive cancer defined by rearrangements of the NUTM1 gene. No routinely effective treatments of NUT carcinoma exist, despite harboring a targetable oncoprotein, most commonly BRD4-NUT. The vast majority of cases are fatal. Poor awareness of the disease is a major obstacl... 4/13/2022
Rodrigo E Cáceres-Gutiérrez, Yair Alfaro-Mora, Marco A Andonegui, José Díaz-Chávez, Luis A Herrera The Influence of Oncogenic RAS on Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy Resistance Through DNA Repair Pathways RAS oncogenes are chief tumorigenic drivers, and their mutation constitutes a universal predictor of poor outcome and treatment resistance. Despite more than 30 years of intensive research since the identification of the first RAS mutation, most attempts to therapeutically target RAS mutants have fa... 4/1/2022
James A Hedley, Patrick J Kelly, Angela C Webster Patient and kidney transplant survival in type 1 diabetics after kidney transplant alone compared to simultaneous pancreas-kidney transplant CONCLUSIONS: For people with type 1 diabetes, pancreas-kidney transplant provides improved transplant and overall survival compared to deceased donor kidney alone. Living donor kidneys may perform just as well as pancreas-kidney transplant if waiting times are short. 3/30/2022
Alberto Cedro-Tanda, Laura Gómez-Romero, Guillermo de Anda-Jauregui, Dora Garnica-López, Yair Alfaro-Mora, Sonia Sánchez-Xochipa, Eulices F García-García, Alfredo Mendoza-Vargas, Emmanuel J Frías-Jiménez, Bernardo Moreno, Abraham Campos-Romero, José L Moreno-Camacho, Jonathan Alcantar-Fernández, Jesús Ortíz-Ramírez, Mariana Benitez-González, Roxana Trejo-González, Daniel Aguirre-Chavarría, Marcela E Núñez-Martínez, Laura Uribe-Figueroa, Ofelia Angulo, Rosaura Ruiz, Alfredo Hidalgo-Miranda, Luis A Herrera Early Genomic, Epidemiological, and Clinical Description of the SARS-CoV-2 Omicron Variant in Mexico City Omicron is the most mutated SARS-CoV-2 variant-a factor that can affect transmissibility, disease severity, and immune evasiveness. Its genomic surveillance is important in cities with millions of inhabitants and an economic center, such as Mexico City. Results. From 16 November to 31 December 2021,... 3/26/2022
Diego Oliva-Rico, Eunice Fabian-Morales, Rodrigo E Cáceres-Gutiérrez, Adriana Gudiño, Fernanda Cisneros-Soberanis, Julieta Dominguez, Oscar Almaraz-Rojas, Cristian Arriaga-Canon, Clementina Castro-Hernández, Carlos De la Rosa, José L Reyes, Luis A Herrera Methylation of Subtelomeric Chromatin Modifies the Expression of the lncRNA TERRA, Disturbing Telomere Homeostasis The long noncoding RNA (lncRNA) telomeric repeat-containing RNA (TERRA) has been associated with telomeric homeostasis, telomerase recruitment, and the process of chromosome healing; nevertheless, the impact of this association has not been investigated during the carcinogenic process. Determining w... 3/25/2022
Armando Cruz-Rangel, Laura Gómez-Romero, Mireya Cisneros-Villanueva, G de Anda Jáuregui, Victor Luna-Pineda, Alberto Cedro-Tanda, Abraham Campos-Romero, Alfredo Mendoza-Vargas, J P Reyes-Grajeda, Alfredo Hidalgo-Miranda, COVID-19 Consortium INMEGEN, Luis A Herrera, Felipe Vadillo-Ortega End-point RT-PCR based on a conservation landscape for SARS-COV-2 detection End-point RT-PCR is a suitable alternative diagnostic technique since it is cheaper than RT-qPCR tests and can be implemented on a massive scale in low- and middle-income countries. In this work, a bioinformatic approach to guide the design of PCR primers was developed, and an alternative diagnostic... 3/20/2022
Ariel Hoadley, Sarah Bauerle Bass, Yana Chertock, Jesse Brajuha, Paul D'Avanzo, Patrick J Kelly, Michael J Hall The Role of Medical Mistrust in Concerns about Tumor Genomic Profiling among Black and African American Cancer Patients Tumor genomic profiling (TGP) is used in oncology practice to optimize cancer treatment and improve survival rates. However, TGP is underutilized among Black and African American (AA) patients, creating potential disparities in cancer treatment outcomes. Cost, accuracy, and privacy are barriers to g... 3/10/2022
Rivka Friedland, Khalaf Kridin, Arnon Dov Cohen, Daniel Landau, Dan Ben-Amitai Psoriasis and Renal Disorders: A Large-Scale Population-Based Study in Children and Adults CONCLUSION: As opposed to adult patients, pediatric patients with psoriasis were not shown at risk of kidney diseases. 3/3/2022
Cen Guo, Yanke Yu, Jayeta Chakrabarti, Sarina A Piha-Paul, Rebecca Moroose, Anna Plotka, Haihong Shi, Chandrasekar Durairaj, Diane D Wang, Zev A Wainberg Evaluation of pharmacokinetics and safety of talazoparib in patients with advanced cancer and varying degrees of hepatic impairment CONCLUSIONS: Hepatic impairment (mild, moderate or severe) has no impact on the PK of talazoparib. No dose modification is recommended for patients with advanced solid tumours and various degrees of hepatic impairment, and this labelling language has been approved by the US Food and Drug Administrat... 3/2/2022
Swetha Duraiswamy, Amanda Ignacio, Janice Weinberg, Sabrina E Sanchez, David R Flum, Michael K Paasche-Orlow, Kelly M Kenzik, Jennifer F Tseng, Frederick Thurston Drake Comparative Accuracy of ICD-9 vs ICD-10 Codes for Acute Appendicitis CONCLUSIONS: Compared with ICD-9 codes, ICD-10 codes were less accurate in characterizing severity of appendicitis. The ICD-10 coding schema does not provide an accurate representation of disease severity. Until this system is improved, significant caution is needed for people who rely on these data... 2/25/2022
Tomáš Dvořák, Vendula Šlechtová, Jörg Bohlen Using Species Groups to Approach the Large and Taxonomically Unresolved Freshwater Fish Family Nemacheilidae (Teleostei: Cypriniformes) Large animal families with unresolved taxonomy are notoriously difficult to handle with respect to their biodiversity, systematics, and evolutionary history. We approach a large and taxonomically unresolved family of freshwater fishes (Nemacheilidae, >600 species) by proposing, on the basis of morph... 2/25/2022
Sarah Bauerle Bass, Patrick J Kelly, Ariel Hoadley, Anamarys Arroyo Lloret, Tarah Organtini Mapping Perceptual Differences to Understand COVID-19 Beliefs in Those with Vaccine Hesitancy Thirty percent of US adults are COVID-19 vaccine hesitant, but little is known about them beyond demographics. We used segmentation and perceptual mapping techniques to assess perceptual differences in unvaccinated, vaccine hesitant adults in Philadelphia, PA (n = 110) who answered a cross-sectional... 2/24/2022
Patrick D Kelly, Aaron M Yengo-Kahn, Alan R Tang, Sumeeth V Jonathan, Rebecca A Reynolds, Fei Ye, Zhiguo Zhao, Michael T Froehler, Matthew R Fusco, Peter J Morone, Rohan V Chitale Conditional Vasospasm-Free Survival Following Aneurysmal Subarachnoid Hemorrhage CONCLUSION: Conditional survival provides a useful framework for counseling patients and making decisions around vasospasm risk for patients with aneurysmal SAH, while risk factor-stratified plots facilitate a patient-centric, evidence-based approach to these conversations and decisions. 1/31/2022
Sk Masum Billah, Nazia Binte Ali, Abdullah Nurus Salam Khan, Camille Raynes-Greenow, Patrick John Kelly, Md Shahjahan Siraj, Sufia Askari, Purnima Menon, Shams El Arifeen, Michael John Dibley, Phuong Hong Nguyen Factors influencing quality nutrition service provision at antenatal care contacts: Findings from a public health facility-based observational study in 21 districts of Bangladesh Malnutrition during pregnancy is associated with increased maternal morbidity and mortality and has a long-term negative impact on child growth and development. Antenatal care (ANC) is the formal point of contact for pregnant women to receive preventive health and nutrition services. We assessed the... 1/27/2022
James A Hedley, Patrick J Kelly, Karen M J Waller, Imogen K Thomson, Nicole L De La Mata, Brenda M Rosales, Kate Wyburn, Angela C Webster Perceived Versus Verified Cancer History and Missed Opportunities for Donation in an Australian Cohort of Potential Deceased Solid Organ Donors CONCLUSIONS: Potential donors' cancer history is typically incomplete at referral. There are missed opportunities where decision support or more accurate cancer history could safely increase organ donors. 1/20/2022
Marianna V Papageorge, Alison P Woods, Susanna W L de Geus, Sing Chau Ng, Michael K Paasche-Orlow, Dorry Segev, David McAneny, Kelly M Kenzik, Teviah E Sachs, Jennifer F Tseng Beyond insurance status: the impact of Medicaid expansion on the diagnosis of Hepatocellular Carcinoma CONCLUSION: Medicaid expansion was not associated with earlier stage diagnoses in patients with HCC, including those with higher social vulnerability. Unlike other cancers, expanded access did not translate into higher utilization of care in HCC, suggesting barriers on a multitude of levels. 1/19/2022
María Tejada-Casado, Razvan Ghinea, María M Perez, Henning Lübbe, Ioana S Pop-Ciutrila, Javier Ruiz-López, Luis Javier Herrera Reflectance and color prediction of dental material monolithic samples with varying thickness OBJECTIVE: To assess accuracy of reflectance reconstruction and color estimation of different dental materials with varying thicknesses using Principal Component Analysis (PCA). 1/17/2022
Sarah Bauerle Bass, Jesse Brajuha, Patrick J Kelly, Paul D'Avanzo, Elisabetta Lambertini, Stella Nordhagen, Eva C Monterrosa Changing Behavior, Attitudes, and Beliefs About Food Safety: A Scoping Review of Interventions Across the World and Implications for Empowering Consumers Foodborne illnesses are a global public health issue. Responsibility to prevent foodborne disease is shared by many actors along the food supply chain, including consumers. However, consumers often lack knowledge about food safety and behaviors that can reduce risk. Consumers are often targeted for ... 1/12/2022
Malcolm Hart Squires, Cecilia G Ethun, Erin E Donahue, Jennifer H Benbow, Colin J Anderson, Megan H Jagosky, Munsa Manandhar, Joshua C Patt, Jeffrey S Kneisl, Jonathan C Salo, Joshua S Hill, William Ahrens, Roshan S Prabhu, Michael B Livingston, Nicole L Gower, McKenzie Needham, Sally J Trufan, Ryan C Fields, Bradley A Krasnick, Meena Bedi, Konstantinos Votanopoulos, Konstantinos Chouliaras, Valerie Grignol, Kevin K Roggin, Jennifer Tseng, George Poultsides, Thuy B Tran, Kenneth Cardona, J Harrison Howard Extremity Soft Tissue Sarcoma: A Multi-Institutional Validation of Prognostic Nomograms CONCLUSIONS: Sarculator and MSKCC nomograms demonstrated good prognostic ability for survival and recurrence outcomes in a modern, multi-institutional validation cohort of resected primary extremity STS patients. External validation of these nomograms supports their ongoing incorporation into clinic... 1/11/2022
Victor Khou, Nicole L De La Mata, Patrick J Kelly, Philip Masson, Emma O'Lone, Rachael L Morton, Angela C Webster Epidemiology of cardiovascular death in kidney failure: An Australian and New Zealand cohort study using data linkage CONCLUSION: Despite improvements over time, cardiovascular death remains common in KF, particularly among the dialysis population and in the first few months of treatment. Multi-state models can provide absolute measures of cardiovascular mortality across both dialysis and transplant states. 1/10/2022
Marianna V Papageorge, Susanna W L de Geus, Alison P Woods, Sing Chau Ng, David McAneny, Jennifer F Tseng, Kelly M Kenzik, Teviah E Sachs The Effect of Hospital Versus Surgeon Volume on Short-Term Patient Outcomes After Pancreaticoduodenectomy: a SEER-Medicare Analysis CONCLUSION: Compared with surgeon volume, hospital volume is a more significant factor in predicting short-term outcomes after PD. This suggests that a focus on resources and care pathways, in combination with volume metrics, is more likely to achieve high-quality care for patients undergoing PD acr... 1/7/2022
Sarah Bauerle Bass, Patrick J Kelly, Jesse Brajuha, Luis Gutierrez-Mock, Kimberly Koester, Paul D'Avanzo, Jae Sevelius Exploring barriers and facilitators to PrEP use among transgender women in two urban areas: implications for messaging and communication CONCLUSIONS: Without acknowledging specific barriers to PrEP uptake among transgender women separate from those of MSM and incorporating gender affirmation into PrEP education, simply knowing PrEP is available may not motivate trans women to use PrEP. This has important implications for future effor... 1/7/2022
Patrick D Kelly, Robert J Dambrino, Bradley S Guidry, Alan R Tang, Thomas G Stewart, Akshitkumar Mistry, Peter J Morone, Lola B Chambless Red blood cell distribution width in glioblastoma CONCLUSION: Although RDW has been prognostic of survival for many inflammatory, prothrombotic, and neoplastic diseases, pre-operative RDW was not associated with overall survival in GBM patients. RDW trended upwards throughout the disease course, suggesting possible systemic inflammatory effects of ... 1/1/2022
Marianna V Papageorge, Susanna W L de Geus, Alison P Woods, Sing Chau Ng, F Thurston Drake, Andrea Merrill, Michael R Cassidy, David McAneny, Jennifer F Tseng, Teviah E Sachs Lymphadenectomy in gallbladder adenocarcinoma: Are we doing enough? CONCLUSIONS: The majority of patients with gallbladder adenocarcinoma do not undergo the recommended nodal dissection, resulting in a survival disadvantage, likely due to understaging, decisions regarding adjuvant therapy and local tumor recurrence. 1/1/2022
Fernando Luna-Maldonado, Marco A Andonegui-Elguera, José Díaz-Chávez, Luis A Herrera Mitotic and DNA Damage Response Proteins: Maintaining the Genome Stability and Working for the Common Good Cellular function is highly dependent on genomic stability, which is mainly ensured by two cellular mechanisms: the DNA damage response (DDR) and the Spindle Assembly Checkpoint (SAC). The former provides the repair of damaged DNA, and the latter ensures correct chromosome segregation. This review f... 12/30/2021
Ruth Schreiber, Vadim Dolgin, Daniel Landau, Evgenia Gurevich, Hanna Shalev, Michael Geylis RENAL TUBULAR DYSGENESIS SECONDARY TO MUTATIONS IN GENES ENCODING THE RENIN-ANGIOTENSIN SYSTEM Autosomal recessive renal tubular dysgenesis (RTD;OMIM: 267430) is a rare kidney disease secondary to mutations in genes encoding the renin-angiotensin system which have a role in renal tissue development during fetal life and in the maintenance of blood pressure and electrolyte balance. The disease... 12/27/2021
Dor Fisher, Yael Borovitz, Hadas Alfandari, Shelly LEvi, Gilad Hamdani, Amit Dagan, Miriam Davidovits, Daniel Landau, Orly Haskin NEPHROTIC SYNDROME RECURRENCE POST-RENAL TRANSPLANTATION: 10 YEARS' EXPERIENCE AT SCHNEIDER CHILDREN'S MEDICAL CENTER IN ISRAEL CONCLUSIONS: Post-transplant recurrence of SRNS continues to pose a significant treatment challenge. Similar to previous reports, only 50% of our patients responded to treatment while 50% were unresponsive to all treatment modalities and reached ESRD. Immediate post-operative management improved ove... 12/27/2021
Tzitzijanik Madrigal, Jesús Hernández-Monge, Luis A Herrera, Claudia Haydée González-De la Rosa, Guadalupe Domínguez-Gómez, Myrna Candelaria, Fernando Luna-Maldonado, Karla G Calderón González, José Díaz-Chávez Regulation of miRNAs Expression by Mutant p53 Gain of Function in Cancer The p53 roles have been largely described; among them, cell proliferation and apoptosis control are some of the best studied and understood. Interestingly, the mutations on the six hotspot sites within the region that encodes the DNA-binding domain of p53 give rise to other very different variants. ... 12/27/2021
Evgenia Gurevich, Yael Segev, Daniel Landau Growth Hormone and IGF1 Actions in Kidney Development and Function Growth hormone (GH) exerts multiple effects on different organs including the kidneys, either directly or via its main mediator, insulin-like-growth factor-1 (IGF-1). The GH/IGF1 system plays a key role in normal kidney development, glomerular hemodynamic regulation, as well as tubular water, sodium... 12/24/2021
Carlos Martín Molina, Kristopher Wisniewski, Vivienne Heaton, Jamie K Pringle, Edier Fernando Avila, Luis Alberto Herrera, Jorge Guerrero, Miguel Saumett, Raúl Echeverry, Mario Duarte, Alejandra Baena Monitoring of simulated clandestine graves of dismembered victims using UAVs, electrical tomography, and GPR over one year to aid investigations of human rights violations in Colombia, South America In most Latin American countries, there are significant numbers of missing people and forced disappearances, over 120,000 in Colombia alone. Successful detection of shallow buried human remains by forensic search teams is difficult in varying terrain and climates. Previous research has created contr... 12/20/2021
Eunice Fabian-Morales, David Vallejo-Escamilla, Adriana Gudiño, Alfredo Rodríguez, Rodrigo González-Barrios, Yameli L Rodríguez Torres, Clementina Castro Hernández, Alfredo H de la Torre-Luján, Diego A Oliva-Rico, Erandhi C Ornelas Guzmán, Alejandro López Saavedra, Sara Frias, Luis A Herrera Large-scale topological disruption of chromosome territories 9 and 22 is associated with nonresponse to treatment in CML Chronic myeloid leukemia (CML) is a myeloproliferative neoplasm defined by the presence of t(9;22) translocation whose origin has been associated with the tridimensional genome organization. This rearrangement leads to the fusion of BCR and ABL1 genes giving rise to a chimeric protein with constitut... 12/16/2021
Marianna V Papageorge, Susanna W L de Geus, Alison P Woods, Sing Chau Ng, David McAneny, Jennifer F Tseng, Kelly M Kenzik, Teviah E Sachs The impact of upper gastrointestinal surgical volume on short term pancreaticoduodenectomy outcomes for pancreatic adenocarcinoma in the SEER-Medicare population CONCLUSION: Patients with pancreatic adenocarcinoma who are older and more medically complex benefit from undergoing surgery at high volume PD centers, independent of the operative experience of that center. 12/9/2021
Jared A Shenson, Ivana Jankovic, Hyo Jung Hong, Benjamin Weia, Lee White, Jonathan H Chen, Matthew Eisenberg Engaging Housestaff as Informatics Collaborators: Educational and Operational Opportunities CONCLUSION: The council model has effectively engaged housestaff as learners, local champions, and key informatics collaborators, with positive impact for the participating members and the institution. Requiring few resources for implementation, the model should be replicable at other institutions. 12/8/2021
Francisco Carrillo-Perez, Oscar E Pecho, Juan Carlos Morales, Rade D Paravina, Alvaro Della Bona, Razvan Ghinea, Rosa Pulgar, María Del Mar Pérez, Luis Javier Herrera Applications of artificial intelligence in dentistry: A comprehensive review CONCLUSIONS: The insight provided by the present work has reported outstanding results in the design of high-performance decision support systems for the aforementioned areas. The future of digital dentistry goes through the design of integrated approaches providing personalized treatments to patien... 11/29/2021
Alberto Cedro-Tanda, Laura Gómez-Romero, Nicolás Alcaraz, Guillermo de Anda-Jauregui, Fernando Peñaloza, Bernardo Moreno, Marco A Escobar-Arrazola, Oscar A Ramirez-Vega, Paulina Munguia-Garza, Francisco Garcia-Cardenas, Mireya Cisneros-Villanueva, Jose L Moreno-Camacho, Jorge Rodriguez-Gallegos, Marco A Luna-Ruiz Esparza, Miguel A Fernández Rojas, Alfredo Mendoza-Vargas, Juan Pablo Reyes-Grajeda, Abraham Campos-Romero, Ofelia Angulo, Rosaura Ruiz, Claudia Sheinbaum-Pardo, José Sifuentes-Osornio, David Kershenobich, Alfredo Hidalgo-Miranda, Luis A Herrera The Evolutionary Landscape of SARS-CoV-2 Variant B.1.1.519 and Its Clinical Impact in Mexico City The SARS-CoV-2 pandemic is one of the most concerning health problems around the globe. We reported the emergence of SARS-CoV-2 variant B.1.1.519 in Mexico City. We reported the effective reproduction number (Rt) of B.1.1.519 and presented evidence of its geographical origin based on phylogenetic an... 11/27/2021
Shelly Levi, Miriam Davidovits, Hadas Alfandari, Amit Dagan, Yael Borovitz, Efraim Bilavsky, Daniel Landau, Orly Haskin EBV, CMV, and BK viral infections in pediatric kidney transplantation: Frequency, risk factors, treatment, and outcomes CONCLUSIONS: Viral infections continue to be a major cause of morbidity in pediatric kidney transplant recipients. However, with close monitoring and prompt intervention, patient and renal outcomes remain favorable. 11/24/2021
Evgenia Gurevich, Shelly Steiling, Daniel Landau Incidence of Impaired Kidney Function Among Adolescent Patients Hospitalized With Anorexia Nervosa CONCLUSIONS AND RELEVANCE: Impaired kidney function in patients with AN is common and transiently worsens during hospitalization. SCr values probably underestimate the degree of kidney function impairment in AN. Results of this study found that patients with impaired kidney function had worse anorex... 11/22/2021
Expert Panel on Breast Imaging, Ann Brown, Ana P Lourenco, Bethany L Niell, Beth Cronin, Elizabeth H Dibble, Maggie L DiNome, Mita Sanghavi Goel, Juliana Hansen, Samantha L Heller, Maxine S Jochelson, Baer Karrington, Katherine A Klein, Tejas S Mehta, Mary S Newell, Loren Schechter, Ashley R Stuckey, Mary E Swain, Jennifer Tseng, Daymen S Tuscano, Linda Moy ACR Appropriateness Criteria® Transgender Breast Cancer Screening Breast cancer screening recommendations for transgender and gender nonconforming individuals are based on the sex assigned at birth, risk factors, and use of exogenous hormones. Insufficient evidence exists to determine whether transgender people undergoing hormone therapy have an overall lower, ave... 11/19/2021
Michael J Brenner, Jared A Shenson, Austin S Rose, Tulio A Valdez, Masayoshi Takashima, Omar G Ahmed, Philip A Weissbrod, Robert S Hong, Hamid Djalilian, Jeffrey S Wolf, Robert J Morrison, Peter L Santa Maria, Isaac D Erbele New Medical Device and Therapeutic Approvals in Otolaryngology: State of the Art Review 2020 CONCLUSIONS: The Medical Devices and Drugs Committee reviewed 53 new therapeutics and 1094 devices (89 ENT, 140 anesthesia, 511 plastic and general surgery, and 354 neurology) approved in 2020. Ten drugs and 17 devices were considered relevant to the otolaryngology community. Rhinology saw significa... 11/18/2021
Nicole L De La Mata, Brenda Rosales, Grace MacLeod, Patrick J Kelly, Philip Masson, Rachael L Morton, Kate Wyburn, Angela C Webster Sex differences in mortality among binational cohort of people with chronic kidney disease: population based data linkage study CONCLUSIONS: Compared with the general population, female patients had greater excess deaths, worse relative survival, and more years of life lost than male patients, however kidney transplantation reduced these differences. Future research should investigate whether systematic differences exist in ... 11/17/2021
Subarna Barua, Jianfa Bai, Patrick John Kelly, Gregg Hanzlicek, Lance Noll, Calvin Johnson, Ji-Hang Yin, Chengming Wang Identification of the SARS-CoV-2 Delta variant C22995A using a high-resolution melting curve RT-FRET-PCR Knowledge of SARS-CoV-2 variants is essential for formulating effective control policies. Currently, variants are only identified in relatively small percentages of cases as the required genome sequencing is expensive, time-consuming, and not always available. In countries with facilities to sequenc... 11/16/2021
Chelsea R Olson, Lorena P Suarez-Kelly, Cecilia G Ethun, Rita D Shelby, Peter Y Yu, Tasha M Hughes, Marilly Palettas, Thuy B Tran, George Poultsides, Jennifer Tseng, Kevin K Roggin, Konstantinos Chouliaras, Konstantinos Votanopoulos, Bradley A Krasnick, Ryan C Fields, David M King, Meena Bedi, Raphael E Pollock, Valerie P Grignol, Kenneth Cardona, J Harrison Howard Resection Status Does Not Impact Recurrence in Well-Differentiated Liposarcoma of the Extremity BACKGROUND: Well-differentiated liposarcoma (WDLPS) is a low-grade soft tissue sarcoma with a propensity for local recurrence. The necessity of obtaining microscopically free surgical margins (R0) to minimize local recurrence is not clear. This study evaluates recurrence-free survival (RFS) of extre... 11/11/2021
Cameron W Swanick, Jing Jiang, J Alberto Maldonado, Xiudong Lei, Ya-Chen Tina Shih, Abigail S Caudle, Donald P Baumann, Sharon H Giordano, Simona F Shaitelman, Shervin M Shirvani, Benjamin D Smith Differences in Time Burden across Local Therapy Strategies for Early-stage Breast Cancer CONCLUSIONS: Although Mast+Recon confers the highest inpatient and outpatient time burden, Lump+WBI carries the highest total time burden. Increased use of hypofractionation will reduce the total time burden for Lump+WBI. 11/8/2021
Rodrigo E Cáceres-Gutiérrez, Marco A Andonegui, Diego A Oliva-Rico, Rodrigo González-Barrios, Fernando Luna, Cristian Arriaga-Canon, Alejandro López-Saavedra, Diddier Prada, Clementina Castro, Laurent Parmentier, José Díaz-Chávez, Yair Alfaro-Mora, Erick I Navarro-Delgado, Eunice Fabian-Morales, Bao Tran, Jyoti Shetty, Yongmei Zhao, Nicolas Alcaraz, Carlos De la Rosa, José L Reyes, Sabrine Hédouin, Florent Hubé, Claire Francastel, Luis A Herrera Proteasome inhibition alters mitotic progression through the upregulation of centromeric α-Satellite RNAs Cell cycle progression requires control of the abundance of several proteins and RNAs over space and time to properly transit from one phase to the next and to ensure faithful genomic inheritance in daughter cells. The proteasome, the main protein degradation system of the cell, facilitates the esta... 11/5/2021
Yair Alfaro-Mora, Guadalupe Domínguez-Gómez, Rodrigo E Cáceres-Gutiérrez, Laura Tolentino-García, Luis A Herrera, Clementina Castro-Hernández, Rosa María Bermúdez-Cruz, José Díaz-Chávez MPS1 is involved in the HPV16-E7-mediated centrosomes amplification CONCLUSIONS: These results indicate that the presence of the MPS1 protein is necessary for E7 protein to increase the number of centrosomes, and possible implications are discussed. 11/5/2021
Carlos Jesús Aragón-Ayala, Julissa Copa-Uscamayta, Luis Herrera, Frank Zela-Coila, Cender Udai Quispe-Juli Interest in COVID-19 in Latin America and the Caribbean: an infodemiological study using Google Trends Infodemiology has been widely used to assess epidemics. In light of the recent pandemic, we use Google Search data to explore online interest about COVID-19 and related topics in 20 countries of Latin America and the Caribbean. Data from Google Trends from December 12, 2019, to April 25, 2020, regar... 11/3/2021
Curtis M Bryant, Randal H Henderson, R Charles Nichols, William M Mendenhall, Bradford S Hoppe, Carlos E Vargas, Thomas B Daniels, C Richard Choo, Rahul R Parikh, Huan Giap, Jerry D Slater, Neha Vapiwala, William Barrett, Akash Nanda, Mark V Mishra, Seungtaek Choi, Jay J Liao, Nancy P Mendenhall, Genitourinary Subcommittee of the Particle Therapy Co-Operative Group Consensus Statement on Proton Therapy for Prostate Cancer Proton therapy is a promising but controversial treatment in the management of prostate cancer. Despite its dosimetric advantages when compared with photon radiation therapy, its increased cost to patients and insurers has raised questions regarding its value. Multiple prospective and retrospective ... 11/1/2021
Elena Marbán-Castro, Clara Pons-Duran, Laura García-Otero, Haily Chen, Luis Bernardo Herrera, María Del Mar Gil, Anna Goncé, Elena Ferriols-Pérez, Miguel Ángel Rodríguez, Paloma Toro, Azucena Bardají, Raquel González, Clara Menéndez, Cristina Enguita-Fernà ndez Acceptability of Clinical Trials on COVID-19 during Pregnancy among Pregnant Women and Healthcare Providers: A Qualitative Study Participation of pregnant women in clinical trials entails challenges mainly related to concerns about the risks for fetuses. We undertook a qualitative study from June to October 2020 to assess the acceptability of participating in COVID-19 clinical trials among pregnant women in Spain. Phenomenolo... 10/23/2021
Adnan S Hussaini, Navin R Prasad, Edina Paal, Eshetu A Tefera, Sonya Malekzadeh, Jessica H Maxwell The distribution of parotid gland neoplasms in a veteran population CONCLUSION: Among our cohort of veteran patients, WT was the most common benign parotid tumor and has increased in incidence over the last two decades despite an unchanged smoking rate. 10/11/2021
Craig L Slingluff, Karl D Lewis, Robert Andtbacka, John Hyngstrom, Mohammed Milhem, Svetomir N Markovic, Tawnya Bowles, Omid Hamid, Leonel Hernandez-Aya, Joel Claveau, Sekwon Jang, Prejesh Philips, Shernan G Holtan, Montaser F Shaheen, Brendan Curti, William Schmidt, Marcus O Butler, Juan Paramo, Jose Lutzky, Arvinda Padmanabhan, Sajeve Thomas, Daniel Milton, Andrew Pecora, Takami Sato, Eddy Hsueh, Suprith Badarinath, John Keech, Sujith Kalmadi, Pallavi Kumar, Robert Weber, Edward Levine, Adam Berger, Anna Bar, J Thaddeus Beck, Jeffrey B Travers, Catalin Mihalcioiu, Brian Gastman, Peter Beitsch, Suthee Rapisuwon, John Glaspy, Edward C McCarron, Vinay Gupta, Deepti Behl, Brent Blumenstein, Joanna J Peterkin Multicenter, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial of seviprotimut-L polyvalent melanoma vaccine in patients with post-resection melanoma at high risk of recurrence CONCLUSIONS: Seviprotimut-L is very well tolerated. Exploratory efficacy model estimation supports further study in stage IIB/IIC patients, especially younger patients and those with ulcerated melanomas. 10/2/2021
Anna Tupetz, Ashley J Phillips, Patrick E Kelly, Loren K Barcenas, Eric J Lavonas, João Ricardo Nickenig Vissoci, Charles J Gerardo Contextualizing the Impact of Snakebite Envenoming on Patients: A Qualitative Content Analysis of Patient-Specific Functional Scale Activities Using the International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health To categorize the Patient-specific Functional Scale (PSFS) activities in snakebite envenoming (SBE) using the International Classification of Function (ICF) model in order to describe the impact of SBE on patients' activities and daily lives and to develop a theoretical SBE model of functioning, we ... 9/28/2021
Luis Herrera, Alicia Di Prisco, Justo Ospino Hyperbolically Symmetric Versions of Lemaitre-Tolman-Bondi Spacetimes We study fluid distributions endowed with hyperbolic symmetry, which share many common features with Lemaitre-Tolman-Bondi (LTB) solutions (e.g., they are geodesic, shearing, and nonconformally flat, and the energy density is inhomogeneous). As such, they may be considered as hyperbolic symmetric ve... 9/28/2021
Francisco Carrillo-Perez, Juan Carlos Morales, Daniel Castillo-Secilla, Yésica Molina-Castro, Alberto Guillén, Ignacio Rojas, Luis Javier Herrera Non-small-cell lung cancer classification via RNA-Seq and histology imaging probability fusion CONCLUSIONS: These findings suggest that a classification model using a late fusion methodology can considerably help clinicians in the diagnosis between the aforementioned lung cancer cancer subtypes over using each source of information separately. This approach can also be applied to any cancer t... 9/23/2021
Michael S Kent, Matthew G Hartwig, Eric Vallières, Abbas E Abbas, Robert J Cerfolio, Mark R Dylewski, Thomas Fabian, Luis J Herrera, Kimble G Jett, Richard S Lazzaro, Bryan Meyers, Brian A Mitzman, Rishindra M Reddy, Michael F Reed, David C Rice, Patrick Ross, Inderpal S Sarkaria, Lana Y Schumacher, William B Tisol, Dennis A Wigle, Michael Zervos Pulmonary Open, Robotic and Thoracoscopic Lobectomy (PORTaL) Study: An Analysis of 5,721 Cases CONCLUSIONS: RL and VATS approaches were associated with favorable perioperative outcomes compared to OL. Robotic-assisted lobectomy was also associated with a reduced length of stay and decreased conversion rate when compared to VATS. 9/17/2021
Pooja Gurnani, Tamir Miloh, Jayanthi Chandar, Daniel A Landau, Fouad Hajjar, Gil Yosipovitch Systemic causes of non-dermatologic chronic pruritus in the pediatric population and their management: An unexplored area Chronic pruritus associated with systemic diseases in the pediatric population has been infrequently addressed in the literature. This review focuses on chronic pruritus presenting without cutaneous manifestations. Common systemic etiologies include diseases with hepatic, renal, and hematologic orig... 9/13/2021
Marianna V Papageorge, Douglas B Evans, Jennifer F Tseng Health Care Disparities and the Future of Pancreatic Cancer Care There have been tremendous advances in the diagnosis and treatment of pancreatic cancer in the past decade, yet we are failing to achieve equitable outcomes for all patient populations. Disparities exist in the incidence, diagnosis, treatment, and outcomes of patients with pancreatic cancer. Inequit... 9/13/2021
Brenda M Rosales, Julian Langton-Lockton, James Hedley, Alyssa M Cornall, Jennifer M Roberts, Suzanne M Garland, Patrick J Kelly, Richard J Hillman, Angela C Webster, Transplant and Anal Neoplasia Study group Prevalence of anal cytological abnormalities and high-risk human papillomavirus prevalence in kidney transplant recipients: A cross-sectional study Transplant recipients are at high-risk of anal squamous cell cancer. We aimed to estimate the prevalence of high-risk human papillomavirus (HPV) and high-grade squamous intraepithelial lesion (HSIL) and assess characteristics associated with results METHODS: We recruited kidney transplant recipients... 9/9/2021
James A Hedley, Claire M Vajdic, Melanie Wyld, Karen M J Waller, Patrick J Kelly, Nicole L De La Mata, Brenda M Rosales, Kate Wyburn, Angela C Webster Cancer transmissions and non-transmissions from solid organ transplantation in an Australian cohort of deceased and living organ donors Evidence on cancer transmission from organ transplantation is poor. We sought to identify cases of cancer transmission or non-transmission from transplantation in an Australian cohort of donors and recipients. We included NSW solid organ deceased donors 2000-2012 and living donors 2004-2012 in a ret... 8/27/2021
Patrick D Kelly, Aaron M Yengo-Kahn, Steven G Roth, Scott L Zuckerman, Rohan V Chitale, John C Wellons, Lola B Chambless Data-Driven Residency Training: A Scoping Review of Educational Interventions for Neurosurgery Residency Programs CONCLUSION: Several educational interventions in neurosurgical training are supported by quantitative evidence. Methodological shortcomings are prevalent among studies of education, particularly in the selection of meaningful outcome measures. A summary of evidence-based considerations is provided f... 8/23/2021
Efrat Talgam-Horshi, Yael Mozer-Glassberg, Orit Waisbourd-Zinman, Liat Ashkenazi-Hoffnung, Orly Haskin, Shelly Levi, Gilad Hamdani, Daniel Landau, Hadas Alfandary Clinical Outcomes and Antibody Response in COVID-19-Positive Pediatric Solid Organ Transplant Recipients We describe the clinical and laboratory manifestations and outcomes of 25 pediatric solid organ transplant recipients who tested positive for severe acute respiratory coronavirus-2. Twenty-one (84%) developed a mild disease; 22 of 23 (96%) had a positive serologic response. Two patients (8%), both k... 8/12/2021
Orly Haskin, Liat Ashkenazi-Hoffnung, Noa Ziv, Yael Borovitz, Amit Dagan, Shelly Levi, Gili Koren, Gilad Hamdani, Daniella Levi-Erez, Daniel Landau, Hadas Alfandary Serological Response to the BNT162b2 COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine in Adolescent and Young Adult Kidney Transplant Recipients CONCLUSIONS: The BNT162b2 COVID-19 mRNA vaccine yielded higher positive antibody response in adolescent and young adult KTR than previously reported for adult KTR. Antibody titers after vaccination were significantly lower than following COVID-19 infection. Longer time may be required to mount appro... 8/12/2021
Rachel M Lee, Cecilia G Ethun, Adriana C Gamboa, Michael K Turgeon, Thuy Tran, George Poultsides, Valerie Grignol, Meena Bedi, Harveshp Mogal, Callisia N Clarke, Jennifer Tseng, Kevin K Roggin, Konstantinos Chouliaras, Konstantinos Votanopoulos, Bradley A Krasnick, Ryan C Fields, Shervin V Oskouei, David K Monson, Nickolas B Reimer, Shishir K Maithel, Allan Pickens, Kenneth Cardona A novel preoperative risk score to guide patient selection for resection of soft tissue sarcoma lung metastases: An analysis from the United States Sarcoma Collaborative CONCLUSION: We identified four characteristics that in aggregate portend a worse OS and created a novel prognostic risk score for patients with sarcoma lung metastases. Given that patients in the high-risk group have a projected OS of <20% at 5 years, this risk score, after external validation, will... 8/10/2021
Luise I Pernar, Teviah E Sachs, Jennifer F Tseng, Donald T Hess Structuring Research Rotations to Facilitate Surgery Residents' Academic Productivity CONCLUSIONS: Through establishment of dedicated research rotations, we were able to increase resident engagement in a variety of research activities. We provide a simple model for training programs seeking increased research engagement and productivity for their residents without extending training ... 8/9/2021
Laura Contreras-Espinosa, Nicolás Alcaraz, Inti A De La Rosa-Velázquez, José Díaz-Chávez, Paula Cabrera-Galeana, Rosa Rebollar-Vega, Nancy Reynoso-Noverón, Héctor A Maldonado-Martínez, Rodrigo González-Barrios, Rogelio Montiel-Manríquez, Diana Bautista-Sánchez, Clementina Castro-Hernández, Rosa M Alvarez-Gomez, Francisco Jiménez-Trejo, Miguel Tapia-Rodríguez, José A García-Gordillo, Augusto Pérez-Rosas, Enrique Bargallo-Rocha, Cristian Arriaga-Canon, Luis A Herrera Transcriptome Analysis Identifies GATA3-AS1 as a Long Noncoding RNA Associated with Resistance to Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy in Locally Advanced Breast Cancer Patients Breast cancer is one of the leading causes of mortality in women worldwide, and neoadjuvant chemotherapy has emerged as an option for the management of locally advanced breast cancer. Extensive efforts have been made to identify new molecular markers to predict the response to neoadjuvant chemothera... 8/6/2021
Hava Peretz, Ayala Lagziel, Florian Bittner, Mustafa Kabha, Meirav Shtauber-Naamati, Vicki Zhuravel, Sali Usher, Steffen Rump, Silke Wollers, Bettina Bork, Hanna Mandel, Tzipora Falik-Zaccai, Limor Kalfon, Juergen Graessler, Avraham Zeharia, Nasser Heib, Hannah Shalev, Daniel Landau, David Levartovsky Classical Xanthinuria in Nine Israeli Families and Two Isolated Cases from Germany: Molecular, Biochemical and Population Genetics Aspects Classical xanthinuria is a rare autosomal recessive metabolic disorder caused by variants in the XDH (type I) or MOCOS (type II) genes. Thirteen Israeli kindred (five Jewish and eight Arab) and two isolated cases from Germany were studied between the years 1997 and 2013. Four and a branch of a fifth... 8/6/2021
Luis J Herrera, Eric M Wherley, Kojo Agyabeng-Dadzie, Bhupaul Ramsuchit, Matthew A Johnston, Juan C Escalon 500 Consecutive Robotic Lobectomies for Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer: Perioperative and Oncologic Outcomes CONCLUSIONS: Robotic lobectomy for lung cancer is a feasible technique for treatment of non-small cell lung cancer with low perioperative morbidity and mortality. Furthermore, excellent oncologic outcomes can be achieved with this approach. 8/5/2021
Swati A Kulkarni, Kirti Kulkarni, David Schacht, Sonya Bhole, Ingrid Reiser, Hiroyuki Abe, Jean Bao, Kevin Bethke, Nora Hansen, Nora Jaskowiak, Seema A Khan, Jennifer Tseng, Buxin Chen, Jennifer Pincus, Jeffrey Mueller, Lauren Schulte, Bazil LaBomascus, Zheng Zhang, Dan Xia, Xiaochuan Pan, Christian Wietholt, Dimple Modgil, David Lester, Li Lan, Bidur Bohara, Xiao Han High-Resolution Full-3D Specimen Imaging for Lumpectomy Margin Assessment in Breast Cancer CONCLUSIONS: The ROC curves of the VSI were higher than those of the other specimen imaging methods. Full-3D specimen imaging can improve the correlation between the main lumpectomy specimen margin status and surgical pathology. The findings from this study suggest that using the VSI device for intr... 8/1/2021
J Edgardo Hernández, Ailyn González-Montiel, Jesús C Ceb Allos-Villalva, David Cantú, Salim Barquet, Anny Olivares-Mundo, Luis A Herrera, Diddier Prada Prognostic molecular biomarkers in endometrial cancer: A review CONCLUSIONS: The use of biomarkers in the assessment of OS, RFS, and CSS requires large trials to expand our understanding of endometrial carcinogenesis. Several molecular markers are significantly associated with a high tumor grade and advanced clinical stage in EC and, therefore, could have additi... 7/29/2021
Nauman F Manzoor, Peter Morone, Patrick D Kelly, Silky Chotai, Robert J Yawn, Lola B Chambless, Reid C Thompson, Alejandro Rivas Outcomes of Transzygomatic Middle Cranial Fossa Approach for Skull Base Tumors-A Single Institutional Experience Objective This study aimed to evaluate surgical outcomes after transzygomatic middle cranial fossa (MCF) (TZ-MCF) approach for tumor control in patients with large skull base lesions involving the MCF and adjacent sites. Setting This study was done at the tertiary skull base center. Design This is a... 7/26/2021
Patrick D Kelly, Shanik J Fernando, Jordan A Malenke, Rakesh K Chandra, Justin H Turner, Lola B Chambless The Effect of Timing of Surgery in Pituitary Apoplexy on Continuously Valued Visual Acuity Background Pituitary apoplexy is often treated urgently, but this is based on studies which assess vision categorically and dichotomizes the time interval between symptom onset and surgery which may introduce bias in measuring an association between the two. Objective This study was aimed to assess ... 7/26/2021
Nosayaba Osazuwa-Peters, Justin M Barnes, Somtochi I Okafor, Derian B Taylor, Adnan S Hussaini, Eric Adjei Boakye, Matthew C Simpson, Evan M Graboyes, Walter T Lee Incidence and Risk of Suicide Among Patients With Head and Neck Cancer in Rural, Urban, and Metropolitan Areas CONCLUSIONS AND RELEVANCE: The findings of this cross-sectional study suggest that suicide risk is elevated in general among patients with HNC but is significantly higher for patients residing in rural areas. Effective suicide prevention strategies in the population of patients with HNC need to acco... 7/23/2021
Balu D Dherange, Patrick Q Kelly, Jordan P Liles, Matthew S Sigman, Mark D Levin Carbon Atom Insertion into Pyrroles and Indoles Promoted by Chlorodiazirines Herein, we report a reaction that selectively generates 3-arylpyridine and quinoline motifs by inserting aryl carbynyl cation equivalents into pyrrole and indole cores, respectively. By employing α-chlorodiazirines as thermal precursors to the corresponding chlorocarbenes, the traditional haloform-... 7/21/2021
Malcolm H Squires, Cecilia G Ethun, Erin E Donahue, Jennifer H Benbow, Colin J Anderson, Megan H Jagosky, Jonathan C Salo, Joshua S Hill, William Ahrens, Roshan S Prabhu, Michael B Livingston, Nicole L Gower, Mckenzie Needham, Sally J Trufan, Ryan C Fields, Bradley A Krasnick, Meena Bedi, Daniel E Abbott, Patrick Schwartz, Konstantinos Votanopoulos, Konstantinos Chouliaras, Valerie Grignol, Kevin K Roggin, Jennifer Tseng, George Poultsides, Thuy B Tran, Kenneth Cardona, J Harrison Howard A multi-institutional validation study of prognostic nomograms for retroperitoneal sarcoma CONCLUSIONS: In a diverse, modern validation cohort of patients with resected primary RPS, both Sarculator and MSK nomograms demonstrated good prognostic ability, supporting their ongoing adoption into clinical practice. 7/13/2021
Tatyana A Grushko, Virginia L Filiaci, Anthony G Montag, Marsha Apushkin, Maria J Gomez, Laura Monovich, Nilsa C Ramirez, Carlton Schwab, Joshua P Kesterson, Shelly M Seward, Michael W Method, Olufunmilayo I Olopade, Gini F Fleming, Michael J Birrer Effects of Slide Storage on Detection of Molecular Markers by IHC and FISH in Endometrial Cancer Tissues From a Clinical Trial: An NRG Oncology/GOG Pilot Study We performed a pilot study in anticipation of using long-aged precut formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded tissue sections stored in real-world conditions for translational biomarker studies of topoisomerase 2A (TOP2A), Ki67, and human epidermal growth factor receptor 2 (HER2) in endometrial cancer. Form... 7/5/2021
Arun Gopinathan, Jaroslav Jerz, Jaroslav Kováčik, Tomáš Dvorák Investigation of the Relationship between Morphology and Thermal Conductivity of Powder Metallurgically Prepared Aluminium Foams Among different promising solutions, coupling closed-cell aluminium foam composite panels prepared by a powder metallurgical method with pore walls interconnected by microcracks, with low thermal conductivity phase change materials (PCMs), is one of the effective ways of increasing thermal conductiv... 7/2/2021
Luis Herrera Complexity of Self-Gravitating Systems In recent decades many efforts have been made towards a rigorous definition of complexity in different branches of science (see [...]. 7/2/2021
Herbert Chen, Jennifer F Tseng, Rabih Chaer, David A Spain, John H Stewart, Daniel Dent, Beatriz Ibáñez, Carol L Barry, Andrew T Jones, Jo Buyske Outcomes of the First Virtual General Surgery Certifying Exam of the American Board of Surgery CONCLUSIONS: The first virtual CE by the ABS was completed using available internet technology. There was high satisfaction, with the majority preferring the virtual platform. Compared to past in-person CEs, there was no difference in outcomes as measured by passing rates. These data suggest that ex... 6/29/2021
Matthew J Lommen, Jack J Vogel, Angela VandenHull, Valerie Reed, Kathryn Pohlson, Geoffrey A Answini, Thomas S Maldonado, Thomas C Naslund, Murray L Shames, Patrick W Kelly Incidence of Acute and Chronic Renal Failure Following Branched Endovascular Repair of Complex Aortic Aneurysms CONCLUSIONS: Postoperative AKI and a chronic decline in renal function continue to be problematic in endovascular repair of complex aortic aneurysms. This study found that BEVAR using the manifold configuration resulted in immediate and mid-term renal function that is comparable to similar analyses ... 6/28/2021
Amanda C Tep, Patrick D Kelly, Daphne B Scarpelli, Bailey Bergue, Shearwood McClelland Iii, Jerry J Jaboin A National Cancer Database analysis of the patterns of care for meningeal melanocytoma Aim: To evaluate demographics, treatment patterns, radiotherapy utilization and patient outcomes in meningeal melanocytomas. Materials & methods: The National Cancer Database was queried for meningeal melanocytomas diagnosed in 2002-2016. The effects of demographic, clinical and treatment variables ... 6/22/2021
Nicholas A Levis, Patrick W Kelly, Emily A Harmon, Ian M Ehrenreich, Daniel J McKay, David W Pfennig Transcriptomic bases of a polyphenism Polyphenism-in which multiple distinct phenotypes are produced from a single genotype owing to differing environmental conditions-is commonplace, but its molecular bases are poorly understood. Here, we examine the transcriptomic bases of a polyphenism in Mexican spadefoot toads (Spea multiplicata). ... 6/18/2021
Subarna Barua, Monirul Hoque, Patrick J Kelly, Jianfa Bai, Gregg Hanzlicek, Lance Noll, Heather Walz, Calvin Johnson, Constantinos Kyriakis, Chengming Wang High-resolution melting curve FRET-PCR rapidly identifies SARS-CoV-2 mutations Reverse transcription fluorescence resonance energy transfer-polymerase chain reaction (FRET-PCRs) were designed against the two most common mutations in severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus-2 (SARS-CoV-2) (A23403G in the spike protein; C14408T in the RNA-dependent RNA polymerase). Based on... 6/17/2021
Saam A Mojtahed, Nicole R Boyer, Saieesh A Rao, Thomas F Gajewski, Jennifer Tseng, Kiran K Turaga Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of Adjuvant Therapy for BRAF-Mutant Resected Stage III Melanoma in Medicare Patients CONCLUSIONS: Pembrolizumab is cost-effective at a conventional willingness-to-pay (WTP) threshold, but dabrafenib-trametinib is not. Though dabrafenib-trametinib offers incremental QALYs, optimization of drug pricing is necessary to ensure dabrafenib-trametinib is accessible at an acceptable WTP thr... 6/15/2021
Katalina Cruz, Tatiana M Corey, Michel Vandenplas, María Trelis, Antonio Osuna, Patrick J Kelly Case report: Control of intestinal nematodes in captive Chlorocebus sabaeus There are limited data on the efficacy of antiparasitic treatments and husbandry methods to control nematode infections in captive populations of African green monkeys (AGMs), Chlorocebus sabaeus. In faecal egg count (FEC) tests, 10 of the 11 (91%) adult male AGMs captured from the large feral popul... 6/4/2021
Julius K Weng, Xiudong Lei, Pamela Schlembach, Elizabeth S Bloom, Simona F Shaitelman, Isidora Y Arzu, Gregory Chronowski, Tomas Dvorak, Emily Grade, Karen Hoffman, George Perkins, Valerie K Reed, Shalin J Shah, Michael C Stauder, Eric A Strom, Welela Tereffe, Wendy A Woodward, Gabriel N Hortobagyi, Kelly K Hunt, Thomas A Buchholz, Benjamin D Smith Five-Year Longitudinal Analysis of Patient-Reported Outcomes and Cosmesis in a Randomized Trial of Conventionally Fractionated Versus Hypofractionated Whole-Breast Irradiation CONCLUSIONS: Both CF-WBI and HF-WBI confer similar longitudinal PROs and physician-rated cosmesis through 5 years of follow-up, with no relevant subsets that fared better with CF-WBI. This evidence supports broad adoption of hypofractionation with boost, including in patients receiving chemotherapy ... 5/16/2021
Laura H Rosenberger, Liza M Quintana, Samantha M Thomas, Suniti N Nimbkar, Tina J Hieken, Kandice K Ludwig, Lisa K Jacobs, Megan E Miller, Kristalyn K Gallagher, Jasmine Wong, Heather B Neuman, Jennifer Tseng, Taryn E Hassinger, Tari A King, James W Jakub, Rex C Bentley, Stuart J Schnitt Limited Reporting of Histopathologic Details in a Multi-Institutional Academic Cohort of Phyllodes Tumors: Time for Standardization CONCLUSION: In this academic cohort of phyllodes tumors, one or more histopathologic features were frequently omitted from the pathology report. While all features were considered by the pathologist for grading, this limited reporting reflects a lack of reporting consensus. We recommend that standar... 5/15/2021
Karen M J Waller, Nicole L De La Mata, Brenda M Rosales, James A Hedley, Patrick J Kelly, Imogen K Thomson, Michael J O'Leary, Elena Cavazzoni, Vidiya Ramachandran, William D Rawlinson, Kate R Wyburn, Angela C Webster Characteristics and Donation Outcomes of Potential Organ Donors Perceived to Be at Increased Risk for Blood-borne Virus Transmission: An Australian Cohort Study 2010-2018 CONCLUSIONS: Many potential donors were not accepted because of perceived increased BBV transmission risk, without viral testing, and despite otherwise favorable characteristics. Transplantation could be increased from potential donors with HCV and/or increased risk behaviors. 5/14/2021
Amod A Sarnaik, Omid Hamid, Nikhil I Khushalani, Karl D Lewis, Theresa Medina, Harriet M Kluger, Sajeve S Thomas, Evidio Domingo-Musibay, Anna C Pavlick, Eric D Whitman, Salvador Martin-Algarra, Pippa Corrie, Brendan D Curti, Judit Oláh, Jose Lutzky, Jeffrey S Weber, James M G Larkin, Wen Shi, Toshimi Takamura, Madan Jagasia, Harry Qin, Xiao Wu, Cecile Chartier, Friedrich Graf Finckenstein, Maria Fardis, John M Kirkwood, Jason A Chesney Lifileucel, a Tumor-Infiltrating Lymphocyte Therapy, in Metastatic Melanoma CONCLUSION: Lifileucel demonstrated durable responses and addresses a major unmet need in patients with metastatic melanoma with limited treatment options after approved therapy, including the primary refractory to anti-PD-1 or PD-L1 therapy subset. 5/12/2021
Yehuda Galili, Ahmad El-Far, Jennifer Tseng, Steve Carlan Role of immunotherapy in oligometastatic nonsmall cell lung cancer The approach to metastatic lung cancer has long been focused on palliation therapy and comfort care. Recently, significant subsets of patients who suffer from a limited form of the disease have shown curative outcomes. The oligometastatic disease theory was first introduced in 1995, and since has be... 5/11/2021
Kristian Brat, Michal Svoboda, Jaromir Zatloukal, Marek Plutinsky, Eva Volakova, Patrice Popelkova, Barbora Novotna, Tomas Dvorak, Vladimir Koblizek The Relation Between Clinical Phenotypes, GOLD Groups/Stages and Mortality in COPD Patients - A Prospective Multicenter Study CONCLUSION: Certain phenotypes ("Czech" or "Spanish") of COPD are associated with higher risk of death. Co-presence of multiple phenotypes (emphysematous plus cachectic plus frequent exacerbator) in a single individual was associated with amplified risk of mortality. 5/6/2021
Daniel Castillo-Secilla, Juan Manuel Gálvez, Francisco Carrillo-Perez, Marta Verona-Almeida, Daniel Redondo-Sánchez, Francisco Manuel Ortuno, Luis Javier Herrera, Ignacio Rojas KnowSeq R-Bioc package: The automatic smart gene expression tool for retrieving relevant biological knowledge KnowSeq R/Bioc package is designed as a powerful, scalable and modular software focused on automatizing and assembling renowned bioinformatic tools with new features and functionalities. It comprises a unified environment to perform complex gene expression analyses, covering all the needed processin... 4/19/2021
Ariel Hoadley, Sarah Bauerle Bass, Jesse Brujaha, Paul A D'Avanzo, Patrick J Kelly Healthcare beliefs, health information seeking, and healthcare setting preferences among women who inject drugs by community supervision status CONCLUSIONS: Findings provide preliminary evidence about differences in the healthcare experiences and setting preferences of women who inject drugs on community supervision. 4/17/2021
Marianna V Papageorge, Susanna W L de Geus, Jian Zheng, Alison P Woods, Sing Chau Ng, Michael R Cassidy, David McAneny, Jennifer F Tseng, Teviah E Sachs The Discordance of Clinical and Pathologic Staging in Locally Advanced Gastric Adenocarcinoma CONCLUSION: This study found a substantial discordance between clinical and pathologic staging of resectable locally advanced gastric adenocarcinoma. These data support that patients may have more advanced disease at presentation than reflected in clinical staging and may benefit from improved diagn... 4/13/2021
Daniel A Landero-Huerta, Rosa M Vigueras-Villaseñor, Lucía Taja-Chayeb, Fabiola García-Andrade, Elena Aréchaga-Ocampo, Emiy Yokoyama-Rebollar, José Díaz-Chávez, Luis A Herrera, Margarita D Chávez-Saldaña Analysis of the CAG tract length in the Androgen Receptor gene in Mexican patients with nonsyndromic cryptorchidism CONCLUSIONS: The CAG tract in the AR gene is longer in patients with nonsyndromic cryptorchidism than in healthy individuals, supporting the association between this polymorphism of the AR gene and nonsyndromic cryptorchidism in the Mexican population. 4/10/2021
Patrick J Kelly, Anne S Frankel, Paul D'Avanzo, Katie Suppes, Adrian Shanker, David B Sarwer Psychosocial Differences Between Transgender Individuals With and Without History of Nonsurgical Facial Injectables CONCLUSIONS: Use of NSIPs was associated with more positive psychosocial symptoms. Experiences with NSIPs may play an important role in psychosocial functioning for transgender individuals. 4/1/2021
Natalie Hibshman, Aaron Yengo-Kahn, Alyssa Wiseman, Patrick D Kelly, Jeffanie Wu, Steve Monk, Glenn Harris, Stephen Gannon, Chevis Shannon, Christopher M Bonfield Child participation in collision sports and football: what influences parental decisions? CONCLUSIONS: Parents incorporate many sources of information into the decision to allow or disallow their child to participate in collision sports. A child's desire to play a sport and child safety are driving factors for parents faced with the decision of whether to allow participation in collision... 3/25/2021
Sherif Aly, Susanna W L de Geus, Cullen O Carter, Teviah E Sachs, Donald T Hess, Jennifer F Tseng, Luise I M Pernar Impact of fellow compared to resident assistance on outcomes of minimally invasive surgery CONCLUSIONS: Surgical outcomes were similar between fellow and chief resident assistance in MIS operations, arguing that increased resident participation in basic and complex laparoscopic operations is appropriate without compromising patient safety. 3/25/2021
Juliana A Medeiros, Oscar E Pecho, María M Pérez, Francisco Carrillo-Pérez, Luis Javier Herrera, Alvaro Della Bona Influence of background color on color perception in dentistry CONCLUSIONS: The lowest AT values using a black background indicates that the use of this background allows for the evaluation of slight color differences, and should be used for challenging color differences in esthetic dentistry. This study showed the influence of the observer experience on color ... 3/24/2021
Inbar Bandach, Yael Segev, Daniel Landau Experimental modulation of Interleukin 1 shows its key role in chronic kidney disease progression and anemia Inflammation in chronic kidney disease (CKD) is mostly due to activation of the innate immune system, in which Interleukin-1 (IL-1) is a key player. Anemia of CKD may also be due to erythropoietin (EPO) resistance, clinically associated with inflammation. IL-1 receptor antagonist knockout (RaKO) mic... 3/19/2021
Patrick D Kelly, Pious D Patel, Aaron M Yengo-Kahn, Daniel I Wolfson, Fakhry Dawoud, Ranbir Ahluwalia, Oscar D Guillamondegui, Christopher M Bonfield Incorporating conditional survival into prognostication for gunshot wounds to the head CONCLUSIONS: During admission for GSWH, surviving beyond the acute phase of 48 hours doubles the rates of survival and good functional outcome. The Baylor score maintains reasonable accuracy in predicting these outcomes for acute-phase survivors, but generally overestimates mortality and underestima... 3/10/2021
Aaron M Yengo-Kahn, Pious D Patel, Patrick D Kelly, Daniel I Wolfson, Fakhry Dawoud, Ranbir Ahluwalia, Christopher M Bonfield, Oscar D Guillamondegui The value of simplicity: externally validating the Baylor cranial gunshot wound prognosis score CONCLUSIONS: The Baylor score is an accurate and easy-to-use prognostic scoring tool that demonstrated relatively stable performance in a distinct cohort between 2009 and 2019. In the current era of trauma management, providers may continue to use the score at the point of admission to guide family ... 3/10/2021
Diddier Prada, Andrea A Baccarelli, Mary Beth Terry, Leonora Valdéz, Paula Cabrera, Allan Just, Itai Kloog, Haydee Caro, Claudia García-Cuellar, Yesennia Sánchez-Pérez, Rodrigo Cruz, Jose Diaz-Chávez, Carlo Cortés, Delia Pérez, Abelardo Meneses-García, David Cantú-de-León, Luis A Herrera, Enrique Bargalló Long-term PM<sub>2.5</sub> exposure before diagnosis is associated with worse outcome in breast cancer CONCLUSIONS: Our findings suggest a significant association between long-term PM(2.5) exposure and BC aggressiveness based on tumor size and phenotype, as well as a worse outcome. 3/8/2021
Francisco Jiménez-Trejo, Isabel Coronado-Mares, Cristian Arriaga-Canon, Luis A Herrera, Bladimir Roque-Ramírez, Margarita Chávez-Saldaña, Julio Rojas-Castañeda, Marco Cerbón, Rosa M Vigueras-Villaseñor Indolaminergic System in Adult Rat Testes: Evidence for a Local Serotonin System Serotonin (5-HT) is member of a family of indolamine molecules that participate in a wide variety of biological processes. Despite its important role in the regulation of local blood systems, little is known about the physiological function of 5-HT in reproductive organs, its functional implications... 3/8/2021
Gloria Ana, Patrick M Kelly, Azizah M Malebari, Sara Noorani, Seema M Nathwani, Brendan Twamley, Darren Fayne, Niamh M O'Boyle, Daniela M Zisterer, Elisangela Flavia Pimentel, Denise Coutinho Endringer, Mary J Meegan Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of 1-(Diarylmethyl)-1<em>H</em>-1,2,4-triazoles and 1-(Diarylmethyl)-1<em>H</em>-imidazoles as a Novel Class of Anti-Mitotic Agent for Activity in Breast Cancer We report the synthesis and biochemical evaluation of compounds that are designed as hybrids of the microtubule targeting benzophenone phenstatin and the aromatase inhibitor letrozole. A preliminary screening in estrogen receptor (ER)-positive MCF-7 breast cancer cells identified 5-((2H-1,2,3-triazo... 3/6/2021
Susanna Wl de Geus, Alison P Woods, Marianna V Papageorge, Jian Zheng, Sing Chau Ng, David McAneny, Teviah E Sachs, Jennifer F Tseng Combined Hepatopancreaticobiliary Volume and Hepatectomy Outcomes in Hepatocellular Carcinoma Patients at Low-Volume Liver Centers CONCLUSIONS: LR outcomes at low-volume LR centers that have substantial experience with HPB cancer operations are similar to those at high-volume LR centers. Our results demonstrate that the volume to outcomes curve for HPB operations should be assessed more holistically and that patients can safely... 2/28/2021
Susyn Joan Kelly, Lizette duPlessis, John Soley, Frazer Noble, Hannah Carolyn Wells, Patrick John Kelly Pilot study on the effects of preservatives on corneal collagen parameters measured by small angle X-ray scattering analysis OBJECTIVE: Small angle X-ray scattering (SAXS) analysis is a sensitive way of determining the ultrastructure of collagen in tissues. Little is known about how parameters measured by SAXS are affected by preservatives commonly used to prevent autolysis. We determined the effects of formalin, glutaral... 2/28/2021
Hadas Alfandary, Orly Haskin, Ori Goldberg, Amit Dagan, Yael Borovitz, Shelly Levi, Miriam Davidovits, Tomer Erlich, Daniel Landau, Oren Pleniceanu Is the prognosis of congenital single functioning kidney benign? A population-based study CONCLUSIONS: This large population-based study documents a significant risk for KI among adolescents with SFK. Obesity represents a major modifiable risk factor for KI, implicating the need for closer follow-up in this group during childhood. 2/23/2021
Bradley S Guidry, Katherine A Kelly, Aaron M Yengo-Kahn, Matthews Lan, Alan R Tang, Silky Chotai, Peter Morone, Patrick D Kelly Statins as a Medical Adjunct in the Surgical Management of Chronic Subdural Hematomas CONCLUSIONS: Statin use is associated with improved cSDH size postoperatively. Statin drugs might represent a low-cost and low-risk supplement to the surgical management for patients with cSDH. 2/21/2021
Luis A Herrera, Alfredo Hidalgo-Miranda, Nancy Reynoso-Noverón, Abelardo A Meneses-García, Alfredo Mendoza-Vargas, Juan P Reyes-Grajeda, Felipe Vadillo-Ortega, Alberto Cedro-Tanda, Fernando Peñaloza, Emmanuel Frías-Jimenez, Cristian Arriaga-Canon, Rosaura Ruiz, Ofelia Angulo, Imelda López-Villaseñor, Carlos Amador-Bedolla, Diana Vilar-Compte, Patricia Cornejo, Mireya Cisneros-Villanueva, Eduardo Hurtado-Cordova, Mariana Cendejas-Orozco, José S Hernández-Morales, Bernardo Moreno, Irwin A Hernández-Cruz, César A Herrera, Francisco García, Miguel A González-Woge, Paulina Munguía-Garza, Fernando Luna-Maldonado, Antonia Sánchez-Vizcarra, Vincent G Osnaya, Nelly Medina-Molotla, Yair Alfaro-Mora, Rodrigo E Cáceres-Gutiérrez, Laura Tolentino-García, Patricia Rosas-Escobar, Sergio A Román-González, Marco A Escobar-Arrazola, Julio C Canseco-Méndez, Diana R Ortiz-Soriano, Julieta Domínguez-Ortiz, Ana D González-Barrera, Diana I Aparicio-Bautista, Armando Cruz-Rangel, Ana Paula Alarcón-Zendejas, Laura Contreras-Espinosa, Rodrigo González, Lissania Guerra-Calderas, Marco A Meraz-Rodríguez, Michel Montalvo-Casimiro, Rogelio Montiel-Manríquez, Karla Torres-Arciga, Daniela Venegas, Vasti Juárez-González, Xiadani Guajardo-Barreto, Verónica Monroy-Martínez, Daniel Guillén, Jacquelina Fernández, Juliana Herrera, Renato León-Rodriguez, Israel Canela-Pérez, Blanca H Ruíz-Ordaz, Rafael Valdez-Vazquez, Jennifer Bertin-Montoya, María Niembro-Ortega, Liudmila Villegas-Acosta, Daniela López-Castillo, Andrea Soriano-Ríos, Michael Gastelum-Ramos, Tonatiuh Zamora-Barandas, Jorge Morales-Baez, María García-Rodríguez, Mariano García-Martínez, Erik Nieto-Patlán, Maricarmen Quirasco-Baruch, Irma López-Martínez, Ernesto Ramírez-Gonzalez, Hiram Olivera-Díaz, Noe Escobar-Escamilla Saliva is a reliable and accessible source for the detection of SARS-CoV-2 CONCLUSIONS: The study results indicate that saliva is as effective as NPS for the identification of SARS-CoV-2-infected asymptomatic patients. Sample pooling facilitates the analysis of a larger number of samples, with the benefit of cost reduction. 2/13/2021
Patrick D Kelly, Aaron M Yengo-Kahn, Robert P Naftel The survival of reimplanted shunts following externalization: a single-institution cohort study CONCLUSIONS: Shunt failure-free survival rates following externalization are similar to published survival rates for nonexternalized shunts. There was no significant difference in survival between reinternalized VPSs and VASs. Although the VAS was not associated with a shortened duration of external... 2/12/2021
Paul A D'Avanzo, Sarah Bauerle Bass, Patrick J Kelly, Jesse Brajuha, Luis Gutierrez-Mock, Jae Sevelius Community Belonging and Attitudes Towards HIV Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) Among Transgender Women For transgender (trans) women, community belonging may play an important role in shaping perceptions of HIV Pre-exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP). A cluster analysis was performed using data obtained from a survey administered to 128 trans women residing in Philadelphia, PA and the San Francisco Bay area,... 2/12/2021
Marianna V Papageorge, Susanna W L de Geus, Alison P Woods, Sing Chau Ng, Frederick T Drake, Michael R Cassidy, David B McAneny, Jennifer F Tseng, Teviah E Sachs Undertreatment of Gallbladder Cancer: A Nationwide Analysis CONCLUSIONS: Re-resection for gallbladder cancer is associated with improved survival but remains underused, particularly for early-stage disease. 2/10/2021
Alison J Hayes, Joseph P Carrello, Patrick J Kelly, Anagha Killedar, Louise A Baur Looking backwards and forwards: tracking and persistence of weight status between early childhood and adolescence CONCLUSIONS: Lowest tracking and highest natural resolution of overweight in children under 7 years suggests this may be an opportune time for interventions to reduce overweight. Primary and secondary prevention programmes during the school years should be designed with special consideration for low... 2/9/2021
Teviah E Sachs, Jennifer F Tseng Landmark Series in Pancreatic Tumors: Anastomotic Techniques and Route of Reconstruction CONCLUSION: While clear consensus on how best to reconstruct the anatomy after pancreaticoduodenectomy has not yet been reached, we present the following review in the hope of providing some understanding of the literature for the pancreatic surgeon. 2/7/2021
Devon Lefever, Patrick D Kelly, Scott L Zuckerman, Nitin Agarwal, Bharat Guthikonda, Kristopher T Kimmell, Clemens Schirmer, Joshua M Rosenow, Jeffrey Cozzens, Katie O Orrico, Richard Menger Advocacy to Government and Stakeholders Participation in the health care and government advocacy arena may represent new and challenging perspectives for the traditional neurosurgeon. However, those with a strong understanding of the laws, rules, regulations, and fiscal allocation process can directly influence the practice of neurosurger... 2/6/2021
Patrick W Kelly, David W Pfennig, Karin S Pfennig Adaptive Plasticity as a Fitness Benefit of Mate Choice Phenotypic plasticity and sexual selection can each promote adaptation in variable environments, but their combined influence on adaptive evolution is not well understood. We propose that sexual selection can facilitate adaptation in variable environments when individuals prefer mates that produce a... 2/6/2021
Michael R Poulson, B Aldana Blanco, Alaina D Geary, Kelly M Kenzik, David B McAneny, Jennifer F Tseng, Teviah E Sachs The role of racial segregation in treatment and outcomes among patients with hepatocellular carcinoma CONCLUSIONS: Our data illustrate that structural racism in the form racial segregation has a significant impact on racial disparities in the treatment of HCC. Urban and health policy changes can potentially reduce disparities in HCC outcomes. 2/4/2021
Camilla Gomes, Patrick Tivnan, David McAneny, Jennifer F Tseng, Jaroslaw Tkacz, Teviah E Sachs Choledochal Cyst or Benign Biliary Dilation: Is Resection Always Necessary? CONCLUSION: A radiographic diagnosis of choledochal cyst in older adults is likely a different entity than those diagnosed in childhood. Close surveillance of these biliary duct anomalies in older adults may be a better option than resection and reconstruction with the associated risks of long-term ... 1/23/2021
Alan R Tang, Matthews Lan, Katherine A Kelly, Bradley S Guidry, Aaron M Yengo-Kahn, Patrick D Kelly, Silky Chotai, Peter J Morone Predicting for Lost to Follow-up in Surgical Management of Patients with Chronic Subdural Hematoma CONCLUSIONS: Uninsured and Medicaid patients had a greater likelihood of LTF compared with private insurance and Medicare patients. LTF was further associated with an increased risk of neurosurgical readmission. The results from the present study emphasize the need to address barriers to follow-up t... 1/7/2021
Elisa J Gordon, Heather Gardiner, Laura A Siminoff, Patrick J Kelly, Chidera Agu, Megan Urbanski, Gerard P Alolod, Amanda Benitez, Ilda Hernandez, Nancy Guinansaca, Lori Ramos Winther, Caroline D Bergeron, Rachel Kim, Antonette Montalvo, Tony Gonzalez Donor Designation Among Mature Latinas and Lay Health Educators (<em>Promotoras</em>): A Mixed-Methods Study CONCLUSIONS: The results informed development of a culturally targeted educational and communication skills intervention to increase donor designation in Latinx communities. 12/21/2020
Michel Montalvo-Casimiro, Rodrigo González-Barrios, Marco Antonio Meraz-Rodriguez, Vasti Thamara Juárez-González, Cristian Arriaga-Canon, Luis A Herrera Epidrug Repurposing: Discovering New Faces of Old Acquaintances in Cancer Therapy Gene mutations are strongly associated with tumor progression and are well known in cancer development. However, recently discovered epigenetic alterations have shown the potential to greatly influence tumoral response to therapy regimens. Such epigenetic alterations have proven to be dynamic, and t... 12/14/2020
Patrick David Kelly, Joseph B Fanning, Brian Drolet Operating room time as a limited resource: ethical considerations for allocation Scheduling surgical procedures among operating rooms (ORs) is mistakenly regarded as merely a tedious administrative task. However, the growing demand for surgical care and finite hours in a day qualify OR time as a limited resource. Accordingly, the objective of this manuscript is to reframe the pr... 12/11/2020
Laura H Rosenberger, Samantha M Thomas, Suniti N Nimbkar, Tina J Hieken, Kandice K Ludwig, Lisa K Jacobs, Megan E Miller, Kristalyn K Gallagher, Jasmine Wong, Heather B Neuman, Jennifer Tseng, Taryn E Hassinger, Tari A King, James W Jakub Contemporary Multi-Institutional Cohort of 550 Cases of Phyllodes Tumors (2007-2017) Demonstrates a Need for More Individualized Margin Guidelines CONCLUSION: In current practice, many patients are managed outside of current guidelines. For the entire cohort, a wider margin width was not associated with a reduced risk of LR. We do not recommend re-excision of a negative margin for benign PT, regardless of margin width, as a progressively wider... 12/10/2020
Carine Beysen, Patricia Schroeder, Eric Wu, Julie Brevard, Maria Ribadeneira, Wei Lu, Kiran Dole, Terry O'Reilly, Linda Morrow, Marcus Hompesch, Marc K Hellerstein, Kelvin Li, Lars Johansson, Patrick F Kelly Inhibition of fatty acid synthase with FT-4101 safely reduces hepatic de novo lipogenesis and steatosis in obese subjects with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease: Results from two early-phase randomized trials CONCLUSIONS: Inhibition of FASN with 3 mg FT-4101 safely reduces hepatic DNL and steatosis in NAFLD patients. 12/8/2020
Alberto Guillén, José Martínez, Juan Miguel Carceller, Luis Javier Herrera A Comparative Analysis of Machine Learning Techniques for Muon Count in UHECR Extensive Air-Showers The main goal of this work is to adapt a Physics problem to the Machine Learning (ML) domain and to compare several techniques to solve it. The problem consists of how to perform muon count from the signal registered by particle detectors which record a mix of electromagnetic and muonic signals. Fin... 12/8/2020
Luis Javier Herrera, Carlos José Todero Peixoto, Oresti Baños, Juan Miguel Carceller, Francisco Carrillo, Alberto Guillén Composition Classification of Ultra-High Energy Cosmic Rays The study of cosmic rays remains as one of the most challenging research fields in Physics. From the many questions still open in this area, knowledge of the type of primary for each event remains as one of the most important issues. All of the cosmic rays observatories have been trying to solve thi... 12/8/2020
Luis Herrera Landauer Principle and General Relativity We endeavour to illustrate the physical relevance of the Landauer principle applying it to different important issues concerning the theory of gravitation. We shall first analyze, in the context of general relativity, the consequences derived from the fact, implied by Landauer principle, that inform... 12/8/2020
Susanna W L de Geus, Krista J Hachey, Jacob D Nudel, Sing Chau Ng, David B McAneny, Joshua D Davies, Jennifer F Tseng, Teviah E Sachs Volume of Pancreas-Adjacent Operations Favorably Influences Pancreaticoduodenectomy Outcomes at Lower Volume Pancreas Centers CONCLUSIONS: PD outcomes at low-volume centers that have experience with complex cancer operations near the pancreas are similar to PD outcomes at hospitals with high PD volume. MVH provides a model for PD outcomes to improve quality and access for patients who cannot, or choose not to, receive thei... 12/4/2020
Luis Herrera Maxwell's Demon and the Problem of Observers in General Relativity The fact that real dissipative (entropy producing) processes may be detected by non-comoving observers (tilted), in systems that appear to be isentropic for comoving observers, in general relativity, is explained in terms of the information theory, analogous with the explanation of the Maxwell's dem... 12/3/2020
Alena Opálková Šišková, Tomáš Dvorák, Tímea Šimonová Baranyaiová, Erik Šimon, Anita Eckstein Andicsová, Helena Švajdlenková, Andrej Opálek, Peter Krížik, Martin Nosko Simple and Eco-Friendly Route from Agro-Food Waste to Water Pollutants Removal The current study reflects the demand to mitigate the environmental issues caused by the waste from the agriculture and food industry. The crops that do not meet the supply chain requirements and waste from their processing are overfilling landfills. The mentioned wastes contain cellulose, which is ... 12/2/2020
Fakhry M Dawoud, Michael J Feldman, Aaron M Yengo-Kahn, Steven G Roth, Daniel I Wolfson, Ranbir Ahluwalia, Patrick D Kelly, Rohan V Chitale Traumatic Cerebrovascular Injuries Associated with Gunshot Wounds to the Head: AÂ Single-Institution Ten-Year Experience CONCLUSIONS: CVI was found in 44.4% of patients who underwent CTA. Dissection and vertebrobasilar injuries are associated with the highest mortality. CTA should be considered in any potentially survivable GSWH. Longitudinal study with consistent CTA use is necessary to determine the true prevalence ... 11/23/2020
Md Monirul Hoque, Subarna Barua, Patrick John Kelly, Kelly Chenoweth, Bernhard Kaltenboeck, Chengming Wang Identification of Rickettsia felis DNA in the blood of domestic cats and dogs in the USA CONCLUSIONS: The low prevalence of naturally infected PCR-positive cats is further evidence that cats are unlikely to be important reservoirs of R. felis. Similarly, the low prevalence in dogs suggests they are not important reservoirs in the USA. Investigations should continue into the role other m... 11/19/2020
Aaron M Yengo-Kahn, Patrick D Kelly, David C Liles, Lydia J McKeithan, Candace J Grisham, Muhammad Saad Khan, Timothy Lee, Andrew W Kuhn, Christopher M Bonfield, Scott L Zuckerman The cost of a single concussion in American high school football: a retrospective cohort study CONCLUSION: A granular understanding of cost-driving factors associated with FRC is the first step in understanding the cost-effectiveness of prevention and treatment methods. 11/18/2020
Matthew J Valentine, Brenda Ciraola, Gregory R Jacobs, Charlie Arnot, Patrick J Kelly, Courtney C Murdock Effects of seasonality and land use on the diversity, relative abundance, and distribution of mosquitoes on St. Kitts, West Indies CONCLUSIONS: There is high seasonality in mosquito abundances, and land cover influences the diversity, distribution, and relative abundance of species on St. Kitts. Further, human-adapted mosquito species (e.g. Ae. aegypti and Cx. quinquefasciatus) that are known vectors for many human relevant pat... 11/3/2020
Barbara Aldana Blanco, Michael Poulson, Kelly M Kenzik, David B McAneny, Jennifer F Tseng, Teviah E Sachs The Impact of Residential Segregation on Pancreatic Cancer Diagnosis, Treatment, and Mortality CONCLUSIONS: Disparities in advanced-stage disease at diagnosis, surgery for localized disease, and overall survival are directly related to the degree of residential segregation, a proxy for structural racism. In searching for solutions to this problem, it is important to account for the historical... 11/2/2020
Matthew John Valentine, Brenda Ciraola, Matthew Thomas Aliota, Michel Vandenplas, Silvia Marchi, Bernard Tenebray, Isabelle Leparc-Goffart, Christa Ann Gallagher, Amy Beierschmitt, Tatiana Corey, Kerry McAuliffe Dore, Xavier de Lamballerie, Chengming Wang, Courtney Cuin Murdock, Patrick John Kelly No evidence for sylvatic cycles of chikungunya, dengue and Zika viruses in African green monkeys (Chlorocebus aethiops sabaeus) on St. Kitts, West Indies CONCLUSION: Sylvatic cycles involving AGMs and DENV, CHIKV and ZIKV do not currently exist on St. Kitts. 10/31/2020
Annemarie F Kelly, Patrick K Kelly, Malika Shah Auditory Brainstem Response Pass Rates Correlate with Newborn Hour of Life and Delivery Mode CONCLUSIONS: This study of the results of ABR tests in over 30 000 well newborns demonstrates that delaying hearing screening until 10-11 hours for vaginally born infants and 30-32 hours for cesarean-born infants results in a statistically significant improvement in hearing pass rates. 10/25/2020
Antonio Bandala-Jacques, Irwin A Hernández-Cruz, Clementina Castro-Hernández, José Díaz-Chávez, Cristian Arriaga-Canon, Salim A Barquet-Muñoz, Diddier G Prada-Ortega, David Cantú-de León, Luis A Herrera Prognostic Significance of the MAD1L1 1673 G: A Polymorphism in Ovarian Adenocarcinomas CONCLUSIONS: The rs1801368 polymorphism of MAD1L1 gene worsens prognosis in patients with ovarian adenocarcinoma. Traditional therapy for ovarian cancer might not be optimal in patients carrying this polymorphism. 10/14/2020
Lisa Kouladjian O'Donnell, Mouna Sawan, Emily Reeve, Danijela Gnjidic, Timothy F Chen, Patrick J Kelly, J Simon Bell, Sarah N Hilmer Correction to: Implementation of the goal-directed medication review electronic decision support system (G-MEDSS)© into home medicines review: a protocol for a clusterrandomised clinical trial in older adults An amendment to this paper has been published and can be accessed via the original article. 10/3/2020
María M Pérez, Alvaro Della Bona, Francisco Carrillo-Pérez, Diana Dudea, Oscar E Pecho, Luis Javier Herrera Does background color influence visual thresholds? CONCLUSIONS: The perceptibility and acceptability thresholds in dentistry are affected by the color difference metrics and by the background color. 9/22/2020
Lisa Kouladjian O'Donnell, Danijela Gnjidic, Mouna Sawan, Emily Reeve, Patrick J Kelly, Timothy F Chen, J Simon Bell, Sarah N Hilmer Impact of the Goal-directed Medication Review Electronic Decision Support System on Drug Burden Index: A cluster-randomised clinical trial in primary care CONCLUSION: Implementation of G-MEDSS within HMR did not reduce patients' DBI at 3 months compared with usual care HMR. 9/22/2020
Kathryn I Sunthankar, Kevin N Griffith, Stephanie D Talutis, Amy K Rosen, David B McAneny, Matthew H Kulke, Jennifer F Tseng, Teviah E Sachs Cancer stage at presentation for incarcerated patients at a single urban tertiary care center Patients who are incarcerated are a vulnerable patient population and may suffer from less access to routine cancer screenings compared to their non-incarcerated counterparts. Therefore, a thorough evaluation of potential differences in cancer diagnosis staging is needed. We sought to examine whethe... 9/15/2020
Meredith A Monsour, Patrick D Kelly, Lola B Chambless Antiepileptic Drugs in the Management of Cerebral Metastases Seizures represent a common and debilitating complication of central nervous system metastases. The use of prophylactic antiepileptic drugs (AEDs) in the preoperative period remains controversial, but the preponderance of evidence suggests that it is not helpful in preventing seizure and instead pos... 9/14/2020
Tracey Ying, Bree Shi, Patrick J Kelly, Helen Pilmore, Philip A Clayton, Steven J Chadban Death after Kidney Transplantation: An Analysis by Era and Time Post-Transplant CONCLUSIONS: Reductions in death early and late post-transplant over the past 40 years represent a major achievement. Reductions in cause-specific mortality at all time points post-transplant are also apparent. However, relatively greater reductions in cardiovascular death have increased the promine... 9/10/2020
Rachel M Lee, Cecilia G Ethun, Mohammad Y Zaidi, Thuy B Tran, George A Poultsides, Valerie P Grignol, John H Howard, Meena Bedi, T Clark Gamblin, Jennifer Tseng, Kevin K Roggin, Konstantinos Chouliaras, Konstantinos Votanopoulos, Bradley A Krasnick, Ryan C Fields, Shervin V Oskouei, David K Monson, Nickolas B Reimer, Shishir K Maithel, Kenneth Cardona A closer look at the natural history and recurrence patterns of high-grade truncal/extremity leiomyosarcomas: A multi-institutional analysis from the US Sarcoma Collaborative CONCLUSIONS: In our cohort, patients with LMS have a low local recurrence rate (12-15%) and modest distant recurrence rate (29-35%). However, LMS patients had no improvement in local control or long-term outcomes with radiation. The value of radiation in these patients merits further investigation. 9/6/2020
Susanna W L de Geus, Sameer Hirji, Krista J Hachey, Teviah E Sachs, Kei Suzuki, Sing Chau Ng, Scott Swanson, Virginia R Litle, Thomas D'Amico, Jennifer F Tseng Lymphadenectomy and Survival After Neoadjuvant Chemoradiation for Esophageal Adenocarcinoma: Is More Better? CONCLUSIONS: After neoadjuvant chemoradiation, resection of 25 or more lymph nodes was associated with longer median survival. Prospective trials are warranted to determine the optimal nodal yield after neoadjuvant chemoradiation. 9/3/2020
Brady Bernard, Venkatesh Rajamanickam, Christopher Dubay, Brian Piening, Emilio Alonso, Zeljka Jutric, Ephraim Tang, Pippa Newell, Paul Hansen, Terry Medler, Andrew Gunderson, Kristina Young, Carlo Bifulco, Joanna Pucliowska, Marka R Crittenden, Michael J Gough Transcriptional and immunohistological assessment of immune infiltration in pancreatic cancer Pancreatic adenocarcinoma is characterized by a complex tumor environment with a wide diversity of infiltrating stromal and immune cell types that impact the tumor response to conventional treatments. However, even in this poorly responsive tumor the extent of T cell infiltration as determined by qu... 9/1/2020
Kurt S Schultz, Donald T Hess, Teviah E Sachs, Jennifer F Tseng, Luise I M Pernar A Structured Mentorship Elective Deepens Personal Connections and Increases Scholarly Achievements of Senior Surgery Residents CONCLUSIONS: A structured apprenticeship rotation allowed for closer relationships with attending surgeons and increased the scholarly achievement of PGY-4 surgery residents. We provide an example of how to incorporate a successful elective rotation into the surgery curriculum that strengthens resid... 9/1/2020
Jared A Shenson, George S Liu, Joyce Farrell, Nikolas H Blevins Multispectral Imaging for Automated Tissue Identification of Normal Human Surgical Specimens CONCLUSIONS: A deep learning model using multispectral imaging outperformed a similar model and surgical residents using traditional white-light imaging at the task of classifying normal human head and neck tissue ex vivo. These results suggest that multispectral imaging can enhance surgical vision ... 8/26/2020
Mouna Sawan, Lisa Kouladjian O'Donnell, Emily Reeve, Danijela Gnjidic, Timothy F Chen, Patrick J Kelly, J Simon Bell, Sarah N Hilmer The utility of a computerised clinical decision support system intervention in home medicines review: A mixed-methods process evaluation CONCLUSIONS: This study suggests that a CCDSS, such as G-MEDSS, demonstrates good utility to assist ACPs to identify and assess anticholinergic and sedative medications. Given the mixed feedback from the ACPs on the different components of the G-MEDSS, further refinement of these tools and their use... 8/14/2020
Michael Poulson, Alaina Geary, Chandler Annesi, Lisa Allee, Kelly Kenzik, Sabrina Sanchez, Jennifer Tseng, Tracey Dechert National Disparities in COVID-19 Outcomes between Black and White Americans CONCLUSION: Despite the initial descriptions of COVID-19 being a disease that affects all individuals, regardless of station, our data demonstrate the differential racial effects in the United States. This current pandemic reinforces the need to assess the unequal effects of crises on disadvantaged ... 8/12/2020
Karen M J Waller, Nicole L De La Mata, James A Hedley, Brenda M Rosales, Michael J O'Leary, Elena Cavazzoni, Vidiya Ramachandran, William D Rawlinson, Patrick J Kelly, Kate R Wyburn, Angela C Webster New blood-borne virus infections among organ transplant recipients: An Australian data-linked cohort study examining donor transmissions and other HIV, hepatitis C and hepatitis B notifications, 2000-2015 CONCLUSION: This work confirms the safety of organ donation in an Australian cohort, with no unrecognized viral transmissions and most donors with viral infections not transmitting the virus. This may support targeted increases in donation from donors with viral infections. However, other new virus ... 8/9/2020
Kurt S Schultz, Susanna W L de Geus, Teviah E Sachs, Ryan B Morgan, Sing Chau Ng, David McAneny, Jennifer F Tseng Influence of race and sociodemographic factors on declining resection for gastric cancer: A national study CONCLUSIONS: Racial and sociodemographic disparities exist in the treatment of potentially curable gastric cancer, with patients who decline recommended surgery suffering worse overall survival. 8/8/2020
Úrzula Franco-Enzástiga, Guadalupe García, Janet Murbartián, Rodrigo González-Barrios, Ana B Salinas-Abarca, Beatriz Sánchez-Hernández, Diana Tavares-Ferreira, Luis A Herrera, Paulino Barragán-Iglesias, Rodolfo Delgado-Lezama, Theodore J Price, Vinicio Granados-Soto Sex-dependent pronociceptive role of spinal α<sub>5</sub> -GABA<sub>A</sub> receptor and its epigenetic regulation in neuropathic rodents Extrasynaptic α(5) -subunit containing GABA(A) (α(5) -GABA(A) ) receptors participate in chronic pain. Previously, we reported a sex difference in the action of α(5) -GABA(A) receptors in dysfunctional pain. However, the underlying mechanisms remain unknown. The aim of this study was to examine t... 8/5/2020
Victor Khou, Nicole L De La Mata, Rachael L Morton, Patrick J Kelly, Angela C Webster Cause of death for people with end-stage kidney disease withdrawing from treatment in Australia and New Zealand CONCLUSIONS: Treatment withdrawal represents 24% of ESKD deaths and has more than doubled in rate since 1988. Population data may supplement, but not replace, clinical data for end-of-life kidney-related service planning. 8/5/2020
Erin A Strong, Sandra H Park, Cecilia G Ethun, Bonnie Chow, David King, Meena Bedi, John Charlson, Harveshp Mogal, Susan Tsai, Kathleen Christians, Thuy B Tran, George Poultsides, Valerie Grignol, J Harrison Howard, Jennifer Tseng, Kevin K Roggin, Konstantinos Chouliaras, Konstantinos Votanopoulos, Darren Cullinan, Ryan C Fields, T Clark Gamblin, Kenneth Cardona, Callisia N Clarke High neutrophil-lymphocyte ratio is not independently associated with worse survival or recurrence in patients with extremity soft tissue sarcoma CONCLUSION: Tumor inflammation as measured by high pretreatment neutrophil-lymphocyte ratio was not independently associated with overall survival in patients undergoing resection for extremity soft tissue sarcomas. 8/2/2020
Daniel H Landau, Béatrice S Hasler, Doron Friedman Virtual Embodiment Using 180° Stereoscopic Video One of the most exciting possibilities of virtual reality is inducing in participants the illusion of owning a virtual body. This has become an established methodological paradigm allowing the study of the psychological and neural correlates of various scenarios that are impossible in the real world... 8/1/2020
Yesennia Sánchez, Felipe Vaca-Paniagua, Luis Herrera, Luis Oñate, Roberto Herrera-Goepfert, Guiselle Navarro-Martínez, Dennis Cerrato, Clara Díaz-Velázquez, Ericka Marel Quezada, Claudia García-Cuellar, Diddier Prada Nutritional Indexes as Predictors of Survival and Their Genomic Implications in Gastric Cancer Patients Gastric cancer is an aggressive malignancy with poor prognosis. Although obesity is a risk factor, an association between overweight and better survival has been reported. We explored the genomic implications of such association. Data from 940 patients were analyzed using Cox regression models and R... 7/28/2020
Sanjana Salwi, Rohan V Chitale, Patrick D Kelly Harvey Cushing's Wanderjahr (1900-1901) Harvey Cushing's 14-month Wanderjahr had a profound effect on his subsequent personal career, which in turn ushered in the modern age of American neurosurgery. From July 1900 to August 1901, he traveled to European neurosurgical centers in England, France, Switzerland, Italy, and Germany. His excurs... 7/23/2020
Jason T Wiseman, Cecilia G Ethun, Jordan M Cloyd, Rita Shelby, Lorena Suarez-Kelly, Thuy Tran, George Poultsides, Harveshp Mogal, Callisia Clarke, Jennifer Tseng, Kevin K Roggin, Konstantinos Chouliaras, Konstantinos Votanopoulos, Bradley Krasnick, Ryan Fields, Kara Vande Walle, Sean Ronnekleiv-Kelly, John Harrison Howard, Kenneth Cardona, Valerie Grignol Analysis of textbook outcomes among patients undergoing resection of retroperitoneal sarcoma: A multi-institutional analysis of the US Sarcoma Collaborative CONCLUSIONS: Among patients undergoing resection for RPS, failure to achieve TO is common and associated with significantly worse survival. The use of TO may inform patient expectations and serve as a measure for patient-level hospital performance. 7/23/2020
Stephanie D Talutis, Susanna W L de Geus, Alik Farber, Scott R Levin, Thomas W Cheng, Teviah E Sachs, Jennifer F Tseng, Jeffrey J Siracuse Contemporary Analysis of Senior Level Case Volume Variation between Traditional Vascular Surgery Fellows and Integrated Vascular Surgery Chief Residents CONCLUSIONS: Although both pathways graduate trainees with a similar overall surgical experience, 5 + 2 trainees log significantly more "Senior" cases. Further studies investigating potential variation in operative autonomy between both pathways are necessary. 7/10/2020
Ryan J Patrick, Stephen Gent, Taylor Suess, Valerie Bares, Angela VandenHull, Katie Pohlson, Kelly Steffen, Patrick W Kelly Combination of mural thrombus and age improves the identification of all-cause mortality following branched endovascular repair CONCLUSIONS: This study examined whether a patient's mural thrombus ratio may be an indicator of 1-year survival. These findings suggest that the combination of a patient's aortic mural thrombus ratio and age can function as a preoperative indicator of their underlying cardiac reserve. Identifying p... 7/9/2020
Sherif Aly, Stephanie D Talutis, Aaron P Richman, Donald T Hess, David McAneny, Jennifer F Tseng, F Thurston Drake The Boston Medical Center Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Procedure Team: Optimizing the surgeon's role in pandemic care at a safety-net hospital CONCLUSION: Procedural complication rate was less than rates reported in the literature. The team saved approximately 192 hours of work that could be redirected to other patient care needs. In times of crisis, redeployment of surgeons (who arguably have the most procedural experience) into procedura... 7/7/2020
Sergio Andonegui-Elguera, Keiko Taniguchi-Ponciano, Cesar Raul Gonzalez-Bonilla, Javier Torres, Hector Mayani, Luis Alonso Herrera, Eduardo Peña-Martínez, Gloria Silva-Román, Sandra Vela-Patiño, Aldo Ferreira-Hermosillo, Claudia Ramirez-Renteria, Roberto Carvente-Garcia, Carlos Mata-Lozano, Daniel Marrero-Rodríguez, Moises Mercado Molecular Alterations Prompted by SARS-CoV-2 Infection: Induction of Hyaluronan, Glycosaminoglycan and Mucopolysaccharide Metabolism CONCLUSIONS: In summary our results revealed molecular pathogenesis of the SARS-CoV-2 infection to bronchoalveolar cells inducing the hyaluronan and glycosaminoglycan metabolism that could shape partially the components of the ground-glass opacities observed in CT. And the potential immune response ... 7/3/2020
Jörg Bohlen, Tomáš Dvořák, Vlastimil Šlechta, Vendula Šlechtová Resolving an unnoticed diversity within the Schistura robertsi species complex (Teleostei: Nemacheilidae) using molecules and morphology The Schistura robertsi species complex is a group of freshwater fish inhabiting streams in southeast Myanmar as well as in western and southern Thailand. In southern Thailand, the distribution exceeds the biogeographically important 'Surat Thani - Krabi line'. The complex is believed to include five... 6/21/2020
Daniel Landau, Muhammad H Assadi, Rawan Abu Hilal, Yu Chen, Ralph Rabkin, Yael Segev SOCS2 Silencing Improves Somatic Growth without Worsening Kidney Function in CKD CONCLUSIONS: CKD-related growth retardation is overcome by SOCS2 silencing, in association with increased hepatic STAT5 phosphorylation. Renal insufficiency is not worsened by SOCS2 absence, as kidney GHR and STAT5 are not upregulated. This may be due to elevated kidney proinflammatory cytokines and... 6/17/2020
Mayya Volodarskaya, A Blake Tucker, Jennifer Tseng Medical Student Research in Surgery: From Abstract Presentation to Publication CONCLUSIONS: Forty-six percent of medical student abstract presentations at the ACS Clinical Congress were converted to peer-reviewed publications. While it is encouraging that the ACS Clinical Congress is a productive forum to showcase medical student scholarly activity, more can be done to encoura... 6/17/2020
Hisham Mehanna, John C Hardman, Jared A Shenson, Ahmad K Abou-Foul, Michael C Topf, Mohammad AlFalasi, Jason Y K Chan, Pankaj Chaturvedi, Velda Ling Yu Chow, Andreas Dietz, Johannes J Fagan, Christian Godballe, Wojciech Golusiński, Akihiro Homma, Sefik Hosal, N Gopalakrishna Iyer, Cyrus Kerawala, Yoon Woo Koh, Anna Konney, Luiz P Kowalski, Dennis Kraus, Moni A Kuriakose, Efthymios Kyrodimos, Stephen Y Lai, C Rene Leemans, Paul Lennon, Lisa Licitra, Pei-Jen Lou, Bernard Lyons, Haitham Mirghani, Anthonny C Nichols, Vinidh Paleri, Benedict J Panizza, Pablo Parente Arias, Mihir R Patel, Cesare Piazza, Danny Rischin, Alvaro Sanabria, Robert P Takes, David J Thomson, Ravindra Uppaluri, Yu Wang, Sue S Yom, Yi-Ming Zhu, Sandro V Porceddu, John R de Almeida, Chrisian Simon, F Christopher Holsinger Recommendations for head and neck surgical oncology practice in a setting of acute severe resource constraint during the COVID-19 pandemic: an international consensus The speed and scale of the global COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in unprecedented pressures on health services worldwide, requiring new methods of service delivery during the health crisis. In the setting of severe resource constraint and high risk of infection to patients and clinicians, there is a... 6/15/2020
Jennifer Tseng How Has COVID-19 Affected the Costs of the Surgical Fellowship Interview Process? CONCLUSIONS: The COVID-19 public health crisis has had a significant impact on surgical education, including how selection is conducted. Virtual recruitment has the potential for cost savings but should continue to be refined. This is an opportune time to innovate and rethink how to recruit prospect... 6/9/2020
Jared A Shenson, Stephen Marcott, Karuna Dewan, Yu-Jin Lee, Edward R Mariano, Davud B Sirjani Utility of videolaryngoscopy for diagnostic and therapeutic interventions in head and neck surgery BACKGROUND: Videolaryngoscopy is commonly used by anesthesiologists to manage difficult airways. Recently otolaryngologists have reported use in select procedures; to date there is limited evaluation in head and neck surgery. 6/8/2020
Susanna W L de Geus, Alik Farber, Scott Levin, Sarah J Carlson, Thomas W Cheng, Jennifer F Tseng, Jeffrey J Siracuse Perioperative Outcomes of Carotid Interventions in Octogenarians CONCLUSIONS: Outcomes of CEA and CAS were similar in octogenarians. Risk factors for worse intervention outcomes were identified, which may guide risk-benefit discussions and shared decision-making. 6/7/2020
Laura H Rosenberger, Samantha M Thomas, Suniti N Nimbkar, Tina J Hieken, Kandice K Ludwig, Lisa K Jacobs, Megan E Miller, Kristalyn K Gallagher, Jasmine Wong, Heather B Neuman, Jennifer Tseng, Taryn E Hassinger, James W Jakub Germline Genetic Mutations in a Multi-center Contemporary Cohort of 550 Phyllodes Tumors: An Opportunity for Expanded Multi-gene Panel Testing CONCLUSIONS: Very few women with PT undergo germline testing; however, in those selected for testing, a deleterious mutation was identified in ~ 10%. Multigene testing of a PT cohort would present an opportunity to discover the true incidence of germline mutations in PT patients. 6/7/2020
Antonio Bandala-Jacques, Irwin A Hernández-Cruz, Clementina Castro-Hernández, José Díaz-Chávez, Cristian Arriaga-Canon, Salim A Barquet-Muñoz, Diddier G Prada-Ortega, David Cantú-de León, Luis A Herrera Prognostic Significance of the MAD1L1 1673 G: A Polymorphism in Ovarian Adenocarcinomas CONCLUSIONS: The rs1801368 polymorphism of MAD1L1 gene worsens prognosis in patients with ovarian adenocarcinoma. Traditional therapy for ovarian cancer might not be optimal in patients carrying this polymorphism. 6/4/2020
Darryl Schuitevoerder, Charles C Vining, Jennifer Tseng Adjuvant Therapy for Cutaneous Melanoma This article presents the current data supporting adjuvant therapy for patients with cutaneous melanoma. With the recent development of novel immunotherapy agents as well as targeted therapy, there are strong data to support the use of these therapies in patients at high risk of developing recurrent... 6/3/2020
Timothy Feeney, Christine Park, Frederick Godley, Michael Cassidy, Teviah Sachs, David McAneny, Jennifer F Tseng, Frederick Thurston Drake Provider-patient Language Discordance and Cancer Operations: Outcomes from a Single Center Linked to a State Vital Statistics Registry CONCLUSIONS: We found no association between language and outcomes after cancer operations. This lack of difference may reflect local efficacy at treating non-English-speaking patients, and health systems with fewer services for LEP patients might show different results. 6/1/2020
Jennifer Tseng Learning theories and principles in surgical education and technical learning What is important to think about in surgical education and technical skills training? Technical skills training is grounded in social cognitive theory and the concepts of modeling and self-efficacy. Cognitive and nontechnical learning is critical to supplement the overall proficiency of the surgical... 5/23/2020
Salim Abraham Barquet-Muñoz, David Cantú-de-León, Antonio Bandala-Jacques, Aarón González-Enciso, David Isla-Ortiz, Diddier Prada, Luis A Herrera, R A Salcedo-Hernández What is the impact of radical hysterectomy on endometrial cancer with cervical involvement? CONCLUSIONS: In patients with endometrial carcinoma with cervical involvement, radical hysterectomy does not improve prognosis or alter adjuvant therapy. 5/23/2020
Patrick R Gleason, Patrick I Kelly, Dominic W Grisingher, Jeremy H Mills An intrinsic FRET sensor of protein-ligand interactions We describe an approach for the development of fluorescent sensors of metabolite binding in which a genetically encoded fluorescent non-canonical amino acid (fNCAA) containing a 7-hydroxycoumarin moiety (7-HCAA) forms a FRET pair with native tryptophan residues. Although previous studies demonstrate... 5/20/2020
Charles C Vining, Oliver S Eng, Melissa E Hogg, Darryl Schuitevoerder, Rebecca S Silverman, Katharine A Yao, David J Winchester, Kevin K Roggin, Mark S Talamonti, Mitchell C Posner, Kiran K Turaga, Jennifer Tseng Virtual Surgical Fellowship Recruitment During COVID-19 and Its Implications for Resident/Fellow Recruitment in the Future CONCLUSIONS: Current circumstances related to the COVID-19 pandemic require fellowship programs to adapt and conduct virtual interviews. Our report describes the successful implementation of a virtual interview process. This report describes the technical steps and pitfalls of organizing such an int... 5/20/2020
Adnan S Hussaini, Christine M Clark, Atur A Patel, Mark E Russo, Stanley H Chia, Bruce J Davidson, Sonya Malekzadeh Management of Adult Inpatient Otolaryngologic Consultations During the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Proposed Tier-Based Triage System The coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic has placed tremendous strain on health care systems, leading to unprecedented challenges and obstacles in the delivery of patient care. Otolaryngologists are frequently called on for inpatient consultations for an array of pathologies, ranging from ch... 5/20/2020
Adnan S Hussaini, Christine M Clark, Timothy R DeKlotz Perioperative Considerations in Endoscopic Skull Base Surgery PURPOSE OF THE REVIEW: Present an overview of perioperative considerations specific to endoscopic skull base surgery necessary to maximize successful outcomes. 5/19/2020
Benjamin D Jorgensen, Mathew Malek, Angela VandenHull, Tyler Remund, Khang-Christopher Truong, Katie Pohlson, Patrick W Kelly A novel physician-assembled endograft for the repair of pararenal, paravisceral, Crawford type IV thoracoabdominal aortic aneurysms, and aneurysms requiring treatment after prior repair CONCLUSIONS: The early and midterm results with the use of the UM suggest it could be a viable option for the repair of Crawford type IV, pararenal, paravisceral, juxtarenal, and short-neck infrarenal aneurysms (<10 mm) without exposing patients to the increased risk of permanent spinal cord ischemi... 4/27/2020
Sammy Moussly, Jacqueline Kropf, Nawid Sarwari, Jose Sarriera, Steve Carlan, Mario Madruga Successful Use of Adjunctive Red Blood Cell Exchange Therapy for Treatment of an Acute Hemolytic Reaction After ABO-Incompatible Red Blood Cell Transfusion An acute hemolytic transfusion reaction is a potentially fatal complication resulting from the transfusion of mismatched blood products. Symptoms vary from mild to severe depending on how much incompatible antigen was transfused and the nature of the recipient's antibodies. There is no consensus agr... 4/18/2020
Michael C Topf, Jared A Shenson, F Christopher Holsinger, Samuel H Wald, Lisa J Cianfichi, Eben L Rosenthal, John B Sunwoo Framework for prioritizing head and neck surgery during the COVID-19 pandemic The COVID-19 pandemic has placed an extraordinary demand on the United States health care system. Many institutions have canceled elective and non-urgent procedures to conserve resources and limit exposure. While operational definitions of elective and urgent categories exist, there is a degree of s... 4/17/2020
Vinodh B Nanjayya, Phoebe McCracken, Shirley Vallance, Jasmin Board, Patrick J Kelly, Hans G Schneider, David Pilcher, Daniel J Garner Arterio-VENouS Intra Subject agreement for blood gases within intensive care: The AVENSIS study CONCLUSIONS: The arterio-venous agreement for pH in intensive care unit patients appears to be acceptable. However, the agreement for partial pressure of carbon dioxide was poor. 4/15/2020
Vinodh B Nanjayya, Christopher J Hebel, Patrick J Kelly, Jason McClure, David Pilcher The knowledge of Cormack-Lehane intubation grade and intensive care unit outcome CONCLUSION: Amongst ICU patients receiving MV, not knowing CL grade appears to be independently associated with increased mortality. This information should be communicated and documented in all patients receiving MV in ICU. 4/15/2020
Dao M Nguyen, Inderpal S Sarkaria, Chao Song, Rishindra M Reddy, Nestor Villamizar, Luis J Herrera, Lu Shi, Emelline Liu, David Rice, Daniel S Oh Clinical and economic comparative effectiveness of robotic-assisted, video-assisted thoracoscopic, and open lobectomy CONCLUSIONS: During the study period, the utilization of RL increased substantially and was associated with improved perioperative outcomes compared with VL and OL. When annual hospital volume was >25 cases, these clinical advantages persisted and there was no significant cost difference between RL,... 4/11/2020
Jennifer F Tseng We are All Asian: Society of Asian Academic Surgeons Presidential Address This 2019 Presidential Address for the Society of Asian Academic Surgeons was delivered on September 27, 2019. Using anecdotes from her upbringing, Dr. Jennifer Tseng offers a visionary perspective on belonging and inclusivity in academic surgery. She concludes with practical strategies for success ... 4/9/2020
Emma O'Lone, Patrick J Kelly, Philip Masson, Sradha Kotwal, Martin Gallagher, Alan Cass, Jonathan C Craig, Angela C Webster Incidence of Ischaemic Heart Disease in Men and Women With End-Stage Kidney Disease: A Cohort Study CONCLUSIONS: People with ESKD have substantially higher rates of IHD than the general population, especially women, in whom no improvement appears evident over the past 10 years. 4/8/2020
Jörg Bohlen, Tomáš Dvořák, Vlastimil Šlechta, Vendula Šlechtová Sea water shaping the freshwater biota: Hidden diversity and biogeographic history in the Paracanthocobitis zonalternans species complex (Teleostei: Nemacheilidae) in western Southeast Asia Western Southeast Asia is hosting one of the world's most diverse faunas, and one of the reasons for this huge diversity is the complex geologic past of the area, increasing the frequency of isolation and expansion events over evolutionary time scale. As an example case, the present study reveals th... 4/6/2020
Diana Bautista-Sánchez, Cristian Arriaga-Canon, Abraham Pedroza-Torres, Inti Alberto De La Rosa-Velázquez, Rodrigo González-Barrios, Laura Contreras-Espinosa, Rogelio Montiel-Manríquez, Clementina Castro-Hernández, Verónica Fragoso-Ontiveros, Rosa María Álvarez-Gómez, Luis A Herrera The Promising Role of miR-21 as a Cancer Biomarker and Its Importance in RNA-Based Therapeutics MicroRNAs are small noncoding transcripts that posttranscriptionally regulate gene expression via base-pairing complementarity. Their role in cancer can be related to tumor suppression or oncogenic function. Moreover, they have been linked to processes recognized as hallmarks of cancer, such as apop... 4/4/2020
Rita D Shelby, Lorena P Suarez-Kelly, Peter Y Yu, Tasha M Hughes, Cecilia G Ethun, Thuy B Tran, George Poultsides, David M King, Meena Bedi, Harveshp Mogal, Callisia Clarke, Jennifer Tseng, Kevin K Roggin, Konstantinos Chouliaras, Konstantinos Votanopoulos, Bradley A Krasnick, Ryan C Fields, Raphael E Pollock, J Harrison Howard, Kenneth Cardona, Valerie Grignol Neoadjuvant radiation improves margin-negative resection rates in extremity sarcoma but not survival CONCLUSION: In this large study, radiotherapy improved limb salvage rates and decreased local recurrences. Receipt of NAR achieves more margin-negative resections however this did not improve local recurrence or survival rates over. 4/2/2020
Raffit Hassan, George R Blumenschein, Kathleen N Moore, Alessandro D Santin, Hedy L Kindler, John J Nemunaitis, Shelly M Seward, Anish Thomas, Stella K Kim, Prabhu Rajagopalan, Annette O Walter, Dirk Laurent, Barrett H Childs, Nenad Sarapa, Cem Elbi, Johanna C Bendell First-in-Human, Multicenter, Phase I Dose-Escalation and Expansion Study of Anti-Mesothelin Antibody-Drug Conjugate Anetumab Ravtansine in Advanced or Metastatic Solid Tumors CONCLUSION: Anetumab ravtansine exhibited a manageable safety and favorable pharmacokinetic profile with encouraging preliminary antitumor activity in heavily pretreated patients with mesothelin-expressing solid tumors. The results allowed for the determination of recommended doses, schedules, and p... 3/28/2020
Nicole L De La Mata, Philip A Clayton, Patrick J Kelly, Stephen McDonald, Steven Chadban, Kevan R Polkinghorne, Angela C Webster Survival in Living Kidney Donors: An Australian and New Zealand Cohort Study Using Data Linkage CONCLUSIONS: As expected, mortality in living kidney donors was substantially lower than the general population and is reassuring for potential donor counseling. The Living Donor Registry only captured a third of the deaths, highlighting the benefit of data linkage to national death registries in th... 3/21/2020
Jessica H Maxwell, James A Randall, Sarah M Dermody, Adnan S Hussaini, Hamsini Rao, Ajay S Nathan, Sonya Malekzadeh, Jamie R Litvack Gender and compensation among surgical specialties in the Veterans Health Administration CONCLUSION: Female gender significantly predicted lower salary among VAMC surgeons, however within each surgical specialty, there was no significant gender pay gap. 3/19/2020
Marco A Andonegui-Elguera, Yair Alfaro-Mora, Rodrigo Cáceres-Gutiérrez, Claudia Haydee Sarai Caro-Sánchez, Luis A Herrera, José Díaz-Chávez An Overview of Vasculogenic Mimicry in Breast Cancer Vasculogenic mimicry (VM) is the formation of vascular channels lacking endothelial cells. These channels are lined by tumor cells with cancer stem cell features, positive for periodic acid-Schiff, and negative for CD31 staining. The term VM was introduced by Maniotis et al. (1), who reported this p... 3/17/2020
Meena Bedi, Cecilia G Ethun, John Charlson, Thuy B Tran, George Poultsides, Valerie Grignol, J Harrison Howard, Jennifer Tseng, Kevin K Roggin, Konstantinos Chouliaras, Konstantinos Votanopoulos, Darren Cullinan, Ryan C Fields, Kenneth Cardona, David M King Is a Nomogram Able to Predict Postoperative Wound Complications in Localized Soft-tissue Sarcomas of the Extremity? CONCLUSIONS: We found that age, BMI, tumor location, and timing of radiation are associated with the risk of wound complications. Based on these factors, a validated nomogram has been established that can provide an individualized prediction of wound complications in patients with a resected soft-ti... 3/14/2020
Melanie L R Wyld, Nicole L De La Mata, Philip Masson, Emma O'Lone, Patrick J Kelly, Angela C Webster Cardiac Mortality in Kidney Transplant Patients: A Population-based Cohort Study 1988-2013 in Australia and New Zealand CONCLUSIONS: Cardiac risks remain elevated in kidney transplant recipients and may be under-recognized, and prevention and treatment interventions less accessed, less effective or even harmful in female recipients. 3/14/2020
Vinay K Puduvalli, Jing Wu, Ying Yuan, Terri S Armstrong, Elizabeth Vera, Jimin Wu, Jihong Xu, Pierre Giglio, Howard Colman, Tobias Walbert, Jeffrey Raizer, Morris D Groves, David Tran, Fabio Iwamoto, Nicholas Avgeropoulos, Nina Paleologos, Karen Fink, David Peereboom, Marc Chamberlain, Ryan Merrell, Marta Penas Prado, W K Alfred Yung, Mark R Gilbert A Bayesian adaptive randomized phase II multicenter trial of bevacizumab with or without vorinostat in adults with recurrent glioblastoma CONCLUSIONS: Bevacizumab combined with vorinostat did not yield improvement in PFS or OS or clinical benefit compared with bevacizumab alone or a clinical benefit in adults with recurrent GBM. This trial is the first to test a Bayesian adaptive design with adaptive randomization and Bayesian continu... 3/14/2020
Vanessa M McMahan, Lanny McCanta, Dominic Tran, Luis Herrera, Luis Viquez, Fred Swanson, Beth Crutsinger-Perry, Jared M Baeten, Aaron Katz, Joanne D Stekler Administrative and Related Barriers to Covering the Costs of Preexposure Prophylaxis at a Safety-net Clinic in Seattle, Washington One barrier to human immunodeficiency virus preexposure prophylaxis (PrEP) is lack or perceived lack of health insurance or financial assistance. We performed a medical records review at a safety-net PrEP clinic in Seattle, Washington, and found that barriers to obtaining financial assistance were c... 3/11/2020
Emily J Ross, Chelsea H Wiener, Diane Robinson, Jeffrey E Cassisi Optimizing Community and Hospital Services Using the Cancer Support Source Program CONCLUSIONS: Three factors are proposed as CSS subscales to guide referral and coordinate services: Emotional Distress/Patient and Family Counselor, Physical Health Concerns/Medical Care Provider, and Resource Needs/Case Management-Clinical Social Worker. The clinical utility of these referral subsc... 3/5/2020
Susanna W L de Geus, Teviah E Sachs, Jennifer F Tseng Big Data vs. Clinical Trials in HPB Surgery Randomized controlled clinical trials (RCTs) are at the heart of "evidence-based" medicine. However, in surgical practice, RCTs remain uncommon. Conducting well-designed RCTs for surgical procedures is often challenged by inadequate recruitment accrual, blinding, or standardization of the surgical p... 2/21/2020
Hava Peretz, Michael Korostishevsky, David M Steinberg, Mustafa Kabha, Sali Usher, Irit Krause, Hannah Shalev, Daniel Landau, David Levartovsky An ancestral variant causing type I xanthinuria in Turkmen and Arab families is predicted to prevail in the Afro-Asian stone-forming belt Classical xanthinuria is a rare autosomal recessive metabolic disorder characterized by lack of xanthine dehydrogenase activity that often manifests as xanthine urolithiasis and risk of drug toxicity. Variants in the XDH or HMCS gene underlie classical xanthinuria type I and type II, respectively. H... 2/20/2020
Merrilyn Walton, Patrick J Kelly, E Mary Chiarella, Terry Carney Management and outcomes of health practitioner complaints in Australia: a comparison of the national and New South Wales systems CONCLUSION: The main difference between the two systems is the administrative decision as to how complaints are assessed. In NSW, a classification of a complaint as 'performance' usually means the complaint is not investigated; rather, the practitioner is assessed by peers and may be required to und... 2/20/2020
Lisa Kouladjian O'Donnell, Mouna Sawan, Emily Reeve, Danijela Gnjidic, Timothy F Chen, Patrick J Kelly, J Simon Bell, Sarah N Hilmer Implementation of the Goal-directed Medication review Electronic Decision Support System (G-MEDSS)© into home medicines review: a protocol for a cluster-randomised clinical trial in older adults BACKGROUND: Older people living in the community have a high prevalence of polypharmacy and are vulnerable to adverse drug events. Home Medicines Review (HMR) is a collaborative medication review service involving general practitioners (GPs), accredited clinical pharmacists (ACPs) and patients, whic... 2/14/2020
Karen M J Waller, James A Hedley, Brenda M Rosales, Nicole L De La Mata, Imogen K Thomson, John Walker, Patrick J Kelly, Michael J O'Leary, Elena Cavazzoni, Kate R Wyburn, Angela C Webster Effect of language and country of birth on the consent process and medical suitability of potential organ donors; a linked-data cohort study 2010-2015 CONCLUSION: Intervention to improve consent rates from CALD families may increase donation. 2/5/2020
Daphne B Scarpelli, Claire B Turina, Patrick D Kelly, Arpine Khudanyan, Jerry J Jaboin, Shearwood McClelland National trends in management of adult myxopapillary ependymomas Myxopapillary ependymomas (MPE) are WHO Grade I ependymomas that annually occur in 0.05-0.08 per 100,000 people. Surgical resection is the recommended first line therapy. Due to the rarity of the disease, there is a relatively poor understanding of the use of radiotherapy (RT) in managing this disea... 1/29/2020
Jonathan Strosberg, Nobumasa Mizuno, Toshihiko Doi, Enrique Grande, Jean-Pierre Delord, Ronnie Shapira-Frommer, Emily Bergsland, Manisha Shah, Marwan Fakih, Shunji Takahashi, Sarina A Piha-Paul, Bert O'Neil, Sajeve Thomas, Martijn P Lolkema, Menghui Chen, Nageatte Ibrahim, Kevin Norwood, Julien Hadoux Efficacy and Safety of Pembrolizumab in Previously Treated Advanced Neuroendocrine Tumors: Results From the Phase II KEYNOTE-158 Study CONCLUSIONS: Pembrolizumab monotherapy showed limited antitumor activity and manageable safety in patients with previously treated advanced well-differentiated NETs. 1/26/2020
Clint P Woodward, Thomas Rüther, Campbell J Coghlan, Timothy W Jones, Yanek Hebting, Richard L Cordiner, Ryan E Dawson, Diane E J E Robinson, Craig M Forsyth, Gregory J Wilson Tetracarboxylate Bis-Bipyridine Ruthenium Dyes: Synthesis, Structural and Electronic Characterisation The preparation of ruthenium complexes with novel 2,2'-bipyridine (bpy) ligands bearing four carboxylic acid groups was investigated with a view to creating dyes containing more than two potential anchoring groups per bpy unit for attachment to a titania surface. Synthetic challenges are encountered... 1/18/2020
Hadas Alfandary, Choni Rinat, Evgenia Gurevich, Israel Eisenstein, Ori Goldberg, Nesia Kropach, Daniel Landau Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome: A Contemporary Pediatric Experience CONCLUSIONS: HUS incidence is lower in Israel than in most countries, especially because STEC-HUS is very rare. aHUS is the largest defined etiological group; some distinctive characteristics were identified that could facilitate its diagnosis. The current classification system leaves a high rate of... 1/15/2020
Gerard P Alolod, Heather Gardiner, Chidera Agu, Jennie L Turner, Patrick J Kelly, Laura A Siminoff, Elisa J Gordon, Robert Norden, Theresa A Daly, Amanda Benitez, Ilda Hernandez, Nancy Guinansaca, Lori Ramos Winther, Caroline D Bergeron, Antonette Montalvo, Tony Gonzalez A Culturally Targeted eLearning Module on Organ Donation (Promotoras de Donación): Design and Development CONCLUSIONS: This novel, theoretically and empirically based intervention leveraged the existing network of promotoras to promote the act of donor registration. Future research should assess whether the module helps increase rates of donor registration within Latinx communities and reduce disparitie... 1/14/2020
Javier Oliver, Rosalía Quezada Urban, Claudia Alejandra Franco Cortés, Clara Estela Díaz Velásquez, Ana Lorena Montealegre Paez, Rafael Adrián Pacheco-Orozco, Carlos Castro Rojas, Reggie García-Robles, Juan Javier López Rivera, Sandra Gaitán Chaparro, Ana Milena Gómez, Fernando Suarez Obando, Gustavo Giraldo, Maria Isabel Maya, Paula Hurtado-Villa, Ana Isabel Sanchez, Norma Serrano, Ana Isabel Orduz Galvis, Sandra Aruachan, Johanna Nuñez Castillo, Cecilia Frecha, Cecilia Riggi, Federico Jauk, Eva María Gómez García, Claudia Lorena Carranza, Vanessa Zamora, Gabriela Torres Mejía, Isabelle Romieu, Carlos Arturo Castañeda, Miluska Castillo, Rina Gitler, Adriana Antoniano, Ernesto Rojas Jiménez, Luis Enrique Romero Cruz, Fernando Vallejo Lecuona, Iván Delgado Enciso, Abril Bernardette Martínez Rizo, Alejandro Flores Carranza, Verónica Benites Godinez, Claudia Fabiola Méndez Catalá, Luis Alonso Herrera, Yolanda Irasema Chirino, Luis Ignacio Terrazas, Sandra Perdomo, Felipe Vaca Paniagua Latin American Study of Hereditary Breast and Ovarian Cancer <em>LACAM</em>: A Genomic Epidemiology Approach Purpose: Hereditary Breast and Ovarian Cancer (HBOC) syndrome is responsible for ~5-10% of all diagnosed breast and ovarian cancers. Breast cancer is the most common malignancy and the leading cause of cancer-related mortality among women in Latin America (LA). The main objective of this study was t... 1/11/2020
Abraham Pedroza-Torres, Sandra L Romero-Córdoba, Montserrat Justo-Garrido, Iván Salido-Guadarrama, Rubén Rodríguez-Bautista, Sarita Montaño, Rodolfo Muñiz-Mendoza, Cristian Arriaga-Canon, Verónica Fragoso-Ontiveros, Rosa María Álvarez-Gómez, Greco Hernández, Luis A Herrera MicroRNAs in Tumor Cell Metabolism: Roles and Therapeutic Opportunities Dysregulated metabolism is a common feature of cancer cells and is considered a hallmark of cancer. Altered tumor-metabolism confers an adaptive advantage to cancer cells to fulfill the high energetic requirements for the maintenance of high proliferation rates, similarly, reprogramming metabolism c... 1/11/2020
Benjamin D Smith, Xiudong Lei, Kevin Diao, Ying Xu, Yu Shen, Grace L Smith, Sharon H Giordano, Sarah M DeSnyder, Kelly K Hunt, Mediget Teshome, Reshma Jagsi, Simona F Shaitelman, Susan K Peterson, Cameron W Swanick Effect of Surgeon Factors on Long-Term Patient-Reported Outcomes After Breast-Conserving Therapy in Older Breast Cancer Survivors CONCLUSIONS: Specialized surgical oncology training is associated with improved long-term patient-reported outcomes. These findings underscore the value of specialized training and may be useful to patients choosing their care team. 1/10/2020
Nicole L De La Mata, Patrick J Kelly, Melanie Wyld, Philip Masson, Rustam Al-Shahi Salman, Angela C Webster Excess Stroke Deaths in Kidney Transplant Recipients: A Retrospective Population-based Cohort Study Using Data Linkage CONCLUSIONS: Kidney transplant recipients had excess stroke deaths, particularly at younger ages and women. Preexisting cerebrovascular disease was a potentially modifiable risk factor for stroke death, suggesting further studies of secondary stroke prevention for kidney transplant recipients. 1/3/2020
Eric Rondeau, Spero R Cataland, Imad Al-Dakkak, Benjamin Miller, Nicholas J A Webb, Daniel Landau Eculizumab Safety: Five-Year Experience From the Global Atypical Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome Registry CONCLUSION: In this large observational dataset covering 5 years of registry enrollment, no new safety concerns were identified for adult or pediatric eculizumab-treated patients with aHUS, confirming a positive benefit-risk profile in a real-world setting. 1/1/2020
Juan M Galvez, Daniel Castillo-Secilla, Luis J Herrera, Olga Valenzuela, Octavio Caba, Jose C Prados, Francisco M Ortuno, Ignacio Rojas Towards Improving Skin Cancer Diagnosis by Integrating Microarray and RNA-Seq Datasets Many clinical studies have revealed the high biological similarities existing among different skin pathological states. These similarities create difficulties in the efficient diagnosis of skin cancer, and encourage to study and design new intelligent clinical decision support systems. In this sense... 12/25/2019
James R Howe, Nipun B Merchant, Claudius Conrad, Xavier M Keutgen, Julie Hallet, Jeffrey A Drebin, Rebecca M Minter, Terry C Lairmore, Jennifer F Tseng, Herbert J Zeh, Steven K Libutti, Gagandeep Singh, Jeffrey E Lee, Thomas A Hope, Michelle K Kim, Yusuf Menda, Thorvardur R Halfdanarson, Jennifer A Chan, Rodney F Pommier The North American Neuroendocrine Tumor Society Consensus Paper on the Surgical Management of Pancreatic Neuroendocrine Tumors This manuscript is the result of the North American Neuroendocrine Tumor Society consensus conference on the surgical management of pancreatic neuroendocrine tumors from July 19 to 20, 2018. The group reviewed a series of questions of specific interest to surgeons taking care of patients with pancre... 12/20/2019
Cecilia Pagaza-Straffon, Laurence A Marchat, Luis Herrera, José Díaz-Chávez, Mauricio González Avante, Yadira Palacios Rodríguez, Mauricio Castañón Arreola, César López-Camarillo Evaluation of a panel of tumor-associated antigens in breast cancer CONCLUSIONS: Our data showed that detection of individual autoantibodies against TAAs in the cohort of patients analyzed here was low, which was enhanced by adding multiple TAAs. Data support the notion that frequencies of autoantibodies could be impacted by geographical and heterogeneous genetic fa... 12/17/2019
Bar Rotem-Grunbaum, Daniel Landau Genetic renal disease classification by hormonal axes The kidneys, which regulate many homeostatic pathways, are also a major endocrinological target organ. Many genetic renal diseases can be classified according to the affected protein along such endocrinological pathways. In this review, we examine the hypothesis that a more severe phenotype is expec... 12/13/2019
Igor Richter, Tomas Jirasek Eva Cermakova Jiri Bartos Tomas Büchler Josef Dvorak Expression and prognostic significance of programmed death-ligand 1 (PD-L1) in Merkel cell carcinoma CONCLUSIONS: PD-L1 positivity was found in 61.5% of patients with MCC. No prognostic significance of PD-L1 expression for OS was demonstrated. 12/2/2019
Kristen L Yancey, Nauman F Manzoor, Patrick D Kelly, Robert J Yawn, Matthew O'Malley, Alejandro Rivas, David S Haynes, Marc L Bennett Impact of Obesity and Obstructive Sleep Apnea in Lateral Skull Base Cerebrospinal Fluid Leak Repair CONCLUSION: Obesity, OSA, and imaging consistent with elevated intracranial pressures were more common among patients with sCSFL. Elevated intracranial pressure predicted outcomes following multilayer repair of spontaneous CSF leaks LEVEL OF EVIDENCE: 4 Laryngoscope, 130:2234-2240, 2020. 11/28/2019
Imogen K Thomson, Brenda M Rosales, Patrick J Kelly, Kate Wyburn, Karen M J Waller, Daniel Hirsch, Michael J O'Leary, Angela C Webster Epidemiology and Comorbidity Burden of Organ Donor Referrals in Australia: Cohort Study 2010-2015 CONCLUSIONS: Comorbidity burden among donor referrals is increasing. The presence of particular comorbidities may significantly impact referral outcome. A better understanding of referral characteristics associated with non donation may improve the efficiency of the referral process in the context o... 11/28/2019
Shelly Kagan, Itzhak Levy, Liat Ashkenazi-Hoffnung, Alex Lowenthal, Robert E Goldstein, Daniel Landau, Oded Scheuerman Q Fever and Kingella kingae Endocarditis in a Toddler: A Rare Coinfection Case A toddler after tetralogy of Fallot graft repair in infancy was diagnosed with endocarditis. Blood cultures were positive for Kingella kingae and serology was positive Coxiella burnetii. He was treated medically and surgically. A postoperative specimen polymerase chain reaction confirmed a coinfecti... 11/19/2019
Jason W Johnson, Helene Lucas, Sharon King, Tyler Caron, Chengming Wang, Patrick J Kelly Serosurvey for Brucella spp. and Coxiella burnetii in animals on Caribbean islands To determine the prevalence of antibodies to Brucella melitensis, Brucella abortus and Coxiella burnetii in animals on Caribbean islands we obtained sera from convenience samples of cattle (C), sheep (S), goats (G) and cats (F) from Dominica (C, S, G), Grenada (C, S, G), Montserrat (C, S, G), Puerto... 11/16/2019
Susanna W L de Geus, Alaina D Geary, Nkiruka Arinze, Sing Chau Ng, Cullen O Carter, Teviah E Sachs, Jason F Hall, Donald T Hess, Jennifer F Tseng, Luise I M Pernar Resident involvement in minimally-invasive vs. open procedures CONCLUSIONS: The results of this study suggest that resident participation has a similar impact on surgical outcomes during laparoscopic and open surgery, and is generally safe. 11/15/2019
Patrick D Kelly, Scott L Zuckerman, Khoi D Than, Albert Attia, Jerry J Jaboin Metastatic spine disease in lung cancer patients: national patterns of radiation and surgical care CONCLUSIONS: In conclusion, spinal SRS is steadily growing in the treatment of lung metastases to the spine, and surgery on distant metastases is becoming more frequent. There was a survival advantage for patients receiving SRS over EBRT. As the use of SRS-in addition to separation surgery-grows in ... 10/31/2019
Merrilyn Walton, Patrick J Kelly, E Mary Chiarella, Terry Carney, Belinda Bennett, Marie Nagy, Suzanne Pierce Profile of the most common complaints for five health professions in Australia Objective The aims of this study were to profile the most common complaints and to examine whether any demographic factors are associated with receiving a complaint for five health professions in Australia. Methods A national cohort study was conducted for all complaints received for medicine, nursi... 10/30/2019
Max Drabkin, Yuval Yogev, Lior Zeller, Raz Zarivach, Ran Zalk, Daniel Halperin, Ohad Wormser, Evgenia Gurevich, Daniel Landau, Rotem Kadir, Yonatan Perez, Ohad S Birk Hyperuricemia and gout caused by missense mutation in d-lactate dehydrogenase Gout is caused by deposition of monosodium urate crystals in joints when plasma uric acid levels are chronically elevated beyond the saturation threshold, mostly due to renal underexcretion of uric acid. Although molecular pathways of this underexcretion have been elucidated, its etiology remains mo... 10/23/2019
Matthew John Valentine, Courtney Cuin Murdock, Patrick John Kelly Sylvatic cycles of arboviruses in non-human primates Arboviruses infecting people primarily exist in urban transmission cycles involving urban mosquitoes in densely populated tropical regions. For dengue, chikungunya, Zika and yellow fever viruses, sylvatic (forest) transmission cycles also exist in some regions and involve non-human primates and fore... 10/4/2019
Susy K Sebayang, Michael J Dibley, Erni Astutik, Ferry Efendi, Patrick J Kelly, Mu Li Determinants of age-appropriate breastfeeding, dietary diversity, and consumption of animal source foods among Indonesian children Global child feeding practices remain suboptimal. In this study, we assess the determinants of age-inappropriate breastfeeding, dietary diversity, and consumption of 3+ types of animal source foods (ASFs) using 11,687 observations from combined data from the Indonesian Demographic Health Survey of 2... 10/3/2019
Jennifer Tseng, Mitchell C Posner For Gastroesophageal Junction Cancers, Does an "Esophageal" or "Gastric" Surgical Approach Offer Better Perioperative and Oncologic Outcomes? CONCLUSIONS: The proximal and distant extent of the tumor based on Siewert type classification greatly influences choice of operation. Overall survival rates and surgical outcomes are comparable, and surgical approach should be dictated by patient factors. 10/2/2019
Ke Huang, Patrick John Kelly, Jilei Zhang, Yi Yang, Weiguo Liu, Anwar Kalalah, Chengming Wang Molecular Detection of <em>Bartonella</em> spp. in China and St. Kitts Bartonella are vector-borne hemotropic bacteria that infect a wide variety of hosts, including people. While there are PCR assays that can identify individual or groups of Bartonella, there is no reliable molecular method to simultaneously detect all species while maintaining genus specificity and s... 10/1/2019
Patrick D Kelly, Cameron C Bright, Stephen J Blanksby, Gabriel da Silva, Adam J Trevitt Molecular Weight Growth in the Gas-Phase Reactions of Dehydroanilinium Radical Cations with Propene Protonated aniline-one of the simplest nitrogen-bearing aromatic molecules-is speculated to be present within Titan's atmosphere, where it could play a role in molecular weight growth chemistry. To investigate this possibility, this paper examines the reactions of propene with distonic radical catio... 9/20/2019
Yossi Hasson, Noa Schori-Eyal, Daniel Landau, Béatrice S Hasler, Jonathan Levy, Doron Friedman, Eran Halperin The enemy's gaze: Immersive virtual environments enhance peace promoting attitudes and emotions in violent intergroup conflicts Perspective-taking is essential for improving intergroup relations. However, it is difficult to implement, especially in violent conflicts. Given that immersive virtual reality (VR) can simulate various points of view (POV), we examined whether it can lead to beneficial outcomes by promoting outgrou... 9/12/2019
Malcolm H Squires, Cecilia G Ethun, Lorena P Suarez-Kelly, Peter Y Yu, Tasha M Hughes, Rita D Shelby, Thuy B Tran, George Poultsides, John Charlson, T Clark Gamblin, Jennifer Tseng, Kevin K Roggin, Konstantinos Chouliaras, Konstantinos Votanopoulos, Bradley A Krasnick, Ryan C Fields, Raphael E Pollock, Valerie Grignol, Kenneth Cardona, J Harrison Howard Trends in the Use of Adjuvant Chemotherapy for High-Grade Truncal and Extremity Soft Tissue Sarcomas CONCLUSIONS: Rates of adjuvant chemotherapy for resected high-grade truncal or extremity STS have not decreased over time within the U.S. Sarcoma Collaborative, despite RCT data suggesting a lack of efficacy. In this retrospective multi-institutional analysis, adjuvant chemotherapy was not associate... 9/9/2019
Karen Mj Waller, Nicole L De La Mata, Patrick J Kelly, Vidiya Ramachandran, William D Rawlinson, Kate R Wyburn, Angela C Webster Residual risk of infection with blood-borne viruses in potential organ donors at increased risk of infection: systematic review and meta-analysis CONCLUSIONS: Absolute risks of window period viral infections are low in people from Australian groups at increased risk but with negative viral test results. Accepting organ donations by people at increased risk of infection but with negative viral test results could be considered as a strategy for... 9/7/2019
Shahreen Raihana, Michael J Dibley, Mohammad Masudur Rahman, Tazeen Tahsina, Md Abu Bakkar Siddique, Qazi Sadequr Rahman, Sajia Islam, Ashraful Alam, Patrick J Kelly, Shams El Arifeen, Tanvir M Huda Early initiation of breastfeeding and severe illness in the early newborn period: An observational study in rural Bangladesh CONCLUSIONS: Breastfeeding initiation within the first hour of birth is significantly associated with severe illness in the early newborn period. Interventions to promote early breastfeeding initiation should be tailored for populations in which newborns are delivered at home by unskilled attendants... 8/31/2019
Marisol Salgado-Albarrán, Rodrigo González-Barrios, Lissania Guerra-Calderas, Nicolás Alcaraz, Thalía Estefanía Sánchez-Correa, Clementina Castro-Hernández, Yesennia Sánchez-Pérez, Elena Aréchaga-Ocampo, Alejandro García-Carrancá, David Cantú de León, Luis A Herrera, Jan Baumbach, Ernesto Soto-Reyes The epigenetic factor BORIS (CTCFL) controls the androgen receptor regulatory network in ovarian cancer The identification of prognostic biomarkers is a priority for patients suffering from high-grade serous ovarian cancer (SOC), which accounts for >70% of ovarian cancer (OC) deaths. Meanwhile, borderline ovarian cancer (BOC) is a low malignancy tumor and usually patients undergo surgery with low prob... 8/14/2019
Olga Kantor, Jean Bao, Nora Jaskowiak, Katherine Yao, Jennifer Tseng The Prognostic Value of the AJCC 8th Edition Staging System for Patients Undergoing Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy for Breast Cancer CONCLUSIONS: Sixty-five percent of patients have a shift in clinical stage in the AJCC 8th edition. AJCC 8th edition staging has better predictive value for OS than 7th edition staging. While validation of these findings with an independent dataset is needed, 8th edition staging will help improve pr... 8/4/2019
Erin Cvejic, Isobel Mary Poynten, Patrick J Kelly, Fengyi Jin, Kirsten Howard, Andrew E Grulich, David J Templeton, Richard J Hillman, Carmella Law, Jennifer M Roberts, Kirsten McCaffery, SPANC study team Psychological and utility-based quality of life impact of screening test results for anal precancerous lesions in gay and bisexual men: baseline findings from the Study of the Prevention of Anal Cancer CONCLUSIONS: Providing abnormal results may cause psychological distress and impact HR-QoL, with sustained intrusive thoughts, increased cancer worry and perceived cancer risk. The potential for psychological harm needs to be considered when implementing anal cancer screening programmes. 8/3/2019
Antonio Daniel Martinez-Gutierrez, Oliver Millan Catalan, Rafael Vázquez-Romo, Fany Iris Porras Reyes, Alberto Alvarado-Miranda, Fernando Lara Medina, Juan E Bargallo-Rocha, Luz Tonatzin Orozco Moreno, David Cantú De León, Luis Alonso Herrera, César López-Camarillo, Carlos Pérez-Plasencia, Alma D Campos-Parra miRNA profile obtained by next‑generation sequencing in metastatic breast cancer patients is able to predict the response to systemic treatments Metastatic breast cancer (MBC) is a challenge for oncologists, and public efforts should focus on identifying additional molecular markers and therapeutic management to improve clinical outcomes. Among all diagnosed cases of breast cancer (BC; approximately 10%) involve metastatic disease; notably, ... 8/1/2019
Florian P Y Barré, Martin R L Paine, Bryn Flinders, Adam J Trevitt, Patrick D Kelly, Rima Ait-Belkacem, João P Garcia, Laura B Creemers, Jonathan Stauber, Rob J Vreeken, Berta Cillero-Pastor, Shane R Ellis, Ron M A Heeren Enhanced Sensitivity Using MALDI Imaging Coupled with Laser Postionization (MALDI-2) for Pharmaceutical Research Visualizing the distributions of drugs and their metabolites is one of the key emerging application areas of matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization-mass spectrometry imaging (MALDI-MSI) within pharmaceutical research. The success of a given MALDI-MSI experiment is ultimately determined by the i... 7/30/2019
Mohammad Y Zaidi, Cecilia G Ethun, Thuy B Tran, George Poultsides, Valerie P Grignol, J Harrison Howard, Meena Bedi, Harveshp Mogal, Jennifer Tseng, Kevin K Roggin, Konstantinos Chouliaras, Konstantinos Votanopoulos, Brad Krasnick, Ryan C Fields, Shervin Oskouei, Nickolas Reimer, David Monson, Shishir K Maithel, Kenneth Cardona Assessing the Role of Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy in Primary High-Risk Truncal/Extremity Soft Tissue Sarcomas: An Analysis of the Multi-institutional U.S. Sarcoma Collaborative CONCLUSION: For the patients with high-grade STS, NCT was associated with improved RFS and OS when tumors were 10 cm or larger and located in the extremity. However, no histiotype-specific advantage was identified. Future studies assessing the efficacy of NCT may consider focusing on these patients,... 7/26/2019
Brenda M Rosales, Nicole De La Mata, Claire M Vajdic, Patrick J Kelly, Kate Wyburn, Angela C Webster Cancer mortality in kidney transplant recipients: An Australian and New Zealand population-based cohort study, 1980-2013 Cancer burden is increasing in kidney transplant recipients, but differences in mortality compared to the general population remain unclear. We sought to compare cancer mortality in paediatric and adult kidney transplant recipients with the general population and describe any differences, by site, a... 7/25/2019
Timothy Feeney, Michael Cassidy, Yorghos Tripodis, David McAneny, Maureen Kavanah, Teviah Sachs, Jennifer F Tseng, Frederick Thurston Drake Correction to: Association of Primary Language with Outcomes After Operations Typically Performed to Treat Cancer: Analysis of a Statewide Database In the original article, there were errors in Table 1 that were not in accordance with requirements set by the Healthcare Cost and Utilization Project (HCUP) Data Use Agreement that apply to this article. Following is the corrected Table 1. 7/18/2019
Patrick David Kelly, David James Voce, Ahilan Sivaganesan, John Clifton Wellons The Legacy of a Neurosurgeon: A U.S.-Based Obituary Analysis CONCLUSIONS: Our preliminary text analysis of neurosurgeon obituaries suggest what values are shared among the professional community and general public regarding the legacy of a neurosurgeon. 7/13/2019
Patrick B Schwartz, Kara Vande Walle, Emily R Winslow, Cecilia G Ethun, Thuy B Tran, George Poultsides, Jennifer Tseng, Kevin Roggin, Valerie Grignol, John Harrison Howard, Bradley A Krasnick, Ryan C Fields, Harveshp Mogal, Callisia N Clarke, Rebecca Senehi, Konstantinos Votanopoulos, Kenneth Cardona, Daniel E Abbott Predictors of Disease-Free and Overall Survival in Retroperitoneal Sarcomas: A Modern 16-Year Multi-Institutional Study from the United States Sarcoma Collaboration (USSC) CONCLUSIONS: The strongest predictors of disease-free and overall survival are tumor-specific characteristics, while surgical factors are less impactful. Nonsurgical therapies are not associated with improved outcomes despite persistent interest and utilization. Complete macroscopic resection (R0/R1... 7/9/2019
Miguel Santibáñez-Andrade, Yesennia Sánchez-Pérez, Yolanda I Chirino, Rocío Morales-Bárcenas, Luis A Herrera, Claudia M García-Cuellar Airborne particulate matter induces mitotic slippage and chromosomal missegregation through disruption of the spindle assembly checkpoint (SAC) Particulate matter (PM) is a risk factor for lung cancer development and chromosomal missegregation and cell cycle disruptions are key cellular events that trigger tumorigenesis. We aimed to study the effect of PM(10) (PM with an aerodynamic diameter ≤10 μm) on mitotic arrest and chromosomal segr... 7/8/2019
Konstantinos Chouliaras, Rebecca Senehi, Cecilia G Ethun, George Poultsides, Thuy Tran, Valerie Grignol, Thomas Clark Gamblin, Kevin K Roggin, Jennifer Tseng, Ryan C Fields, Sharon M Weber, Gregory B Russell, Edward A Levine, Kenneth Cardona, Konstantinos Votanopoulos Recurrence patterns after resection of retroperitoneal sarcomas: An eight-institution study from the US Sarcoma Collaborative CONCLUSIONS: Recurrence after resection of RPS occurs in more than half of patients independently of resection status or perioperative chemotherapy and is equally distributed between locoregional and distant sites. Recurrence is primarily related to tumor biology and is associated with a significant... 6/28/2019
Praveen Sridhar, Priya Misir, Hyunjee Kwak, Susanna Wl deGeus, Frederick T Drake, Michael R Cassidy, David A McAneny, Jennifer F Tseng, Teviah E Sachs Impact of Race, Insurance Status, and Primary Language on Presentation, Treatment, and Outcomes of Patients with Pancreatic Adenocarcinoma at a Safety-Net Hospital CONCLUSIONS: There were no statistically significant relationships between examined social determinants of health and use of operation or perioperative therapy. Patients treated at an urban safety-net hospital with a focus on vulnerable patient populations are able to provide outcomes similar to nat... 6/19/2019
Timothy Feeney, Michael Cassidy, Yorghos Tripodis, David McAneny, Maureen Kavanah, Teviah Sachs, Jennifer F Tseng, Frederick Thurston Drake Association of Primary Language with Outcomes After Operations Typically Performed to Treat Cancer: Analysis of a Statewide Database CONCLUSIONS: No independent association was observed between primary language and outcomes after operations typically performed to treat cancer in the study population. The higher proportion of weekend admissions may suggest more acute or advanced presentations for non-English speakers. Long-term ou... 6/13/2019
Niamh M O'Boyle, Gloria Ana, Patrick M Kelly, Seema M Nathwani, Sara Noorani, Darren Fayne, Sandra A Bright, Brendan Twamley, Daniela M Zisterer, Mary J Meegan Synthesis and evaluation of antiproliferative microtubule-destabilising combretastatin A-4 piperazine conjugates Microtubules are a validated clinical target for the treatment of many cancers. We describe the design, synthesis, biochemical evaluation, and molecular modelling studies of a series of analogues of the microtubule-destabilising agent, combretastatin A-4 (CA-4). Our series of 33 novel compounds cont... 6/8/2019
Mohammad Y Zaidi, Cecilia G Ethun, Yuan Liu, George Poultsides, J Harrison Howard, Harveshp Mogal, Jennifer Tseng, Konstantinos Votanopoulos, Ryan C Fields, Kenneth Cardona The impact of unplanned excisions of truncal/extremity soft tissue sarcomas: A multi-institutional propensity score analysis from the US Sarcoma Collaborative CONCLUSIONS: UE of STS is not associated with worse prognosis compared to PE, though UE is associated with earlier locoregional recurrence in patients with high-grade tumors. Multimodality therapy is needed to achieve improved outcomes in these patients. 6/8/2019
Nicholas P Gannon, David M King, Cecilia G Ethun, John Charlson, Thuy B Tran, George Poultsides, Valerie Grignol, J Harrison Howard, Jennifer Tseng, Kevin K Roggin, Konstantinos Votanopoulos, Bradley Krasnick, Ryan C Fields, Kenneth Cardona, Meena Bedi The role of radiation therapy and margin width in localized soft-tissue sarcoma: Analysis from the US Sarcoma Collaborative CONCLUSIONS: RT may play a larger role in minimizing LR than margin status. In patients with positive margins, RT may decrease LR to similar rates as a negative margin without RT and may be considered to decrease the risk of LR with anticipated close/positive margins. 6/8/2019
Patrick D Kelly, Scott L Zuckerman, Yoshiya Yamada, Eric Lis, Mark H Bilsky, Ilya Laufer, Ori Barzilai Image guidance in spine tumor surgery Beginning with basic stereotactic operative methods in neurosurgery, intraoperative navigation and image guidance systems have since become the norm in that field. Following the introduction of image guidance into spinal surgery, there has been a dramatic increase in its utilization across disciplin... 6/3/2019
Bhavana V Chapman, Cameron W Swanick, Matthew S Ning, Pamela K Allen, Pamela T Soliman, Shannon N Westin, Vishakha Pardeshi, Russell R Broaddus, Karen H Lu, Anuja Jhingran, Patricia J Eifel, Ann H Klopp Adjuvant combined-modality therapy for stage IIIC endometrioid and non-endometrioid endometrial cancer CONCLUSIONS: Combined-modality therapy including adjuvant external beam pelvic radiotherapy yields excellent outcomes for patients with all subtypes of node-positive endometrial cancer. The most pronounced DSS advantage from adjuvant chemoradiotherapy was evident in women with non-endometrioid endom... 5/22/2019
Jilei Zhang, Guangwu Lu, Patrick John Kelly, Chengming Wang Seasonal and Gender Differences in Presence of <em>Rickettsia felis</em> and Blood meals Provide Additional Evidence of a Vector Role for Mosquitoes Rickettsia felis belongs to spotted fever group Rickettsia and is an emerging human pathogen most commonly transmitted by a range of fleas and ticks. While recent evidence has suggested mosquitoes are infected with R. felis, there is little information about the role of mosquitoes in the organism's ... 5/17/2019
Akshitkumar M Mistry, Patrick D Kelly, Jean-Nicolas Gallant, Nishit Mummareddy, Bret C Mobley, Reid C Thompson, Lola B Chambless Comparative Analysis of Subventricular Zone Glioblastoma Contact and Ventricular Entry During Resection in Predicting Dissemination, Hydrocephalus, and Survival CONCLUSION: SVZ contact by glioblastoma was independently associated with the development of hydrocephalus, leptomeningeal dissemination, and decreased survival. SVZ tumor contact was associated with ventricular entry during surgical resections, which did not independently correlate with these outco... 5/7/2019
Jimena Ylescas-Soria, Alfredo H de la Torre-Lujan, Luis A Herrera, Daniela Miranda, Flavio Grimaldo, Silvia Rivas, Eduardo Cervera, Abelardo Meneses-García, Fidias E Leon-Sarmiento, Diddier Prada Prognostic factors for overall survival in patients with chronic myeloid leukemia treated with imatinib at the National Cancer Institute - Mexico, from 2000 to 2016 To determine potential predictors of long-term survival in a large set of Hispanic (Mexican) patients with chronic myeloid leukemia (CML) treated with imatinib. We conducted an analysis with data from 411 patients with CML treated at the National Cancer Institute - Mexico, between January 2000 and D... 5/4/2019
Matthew R Egyud, Jennifer F Tseng, Kei Suzuki Multidisciplinary Therapy of Esophageal Cancer Multimodality therapy is the standard of care for locoregional esophageal cancers (greater than clinical T3 or Nþ), including Siewert type 1 and 2 gastroesophageal junction tumors. Induction regimen, chemotherapy only or chemoradiation, is an area of controversy and often institution-specific, as n... 5/4/2019
James W Mains, Patrick H Kelly, Karen L Dobson, William D Petrie, Stephen L Dobson Localized Control of Aedes aegypti (Diptera: Culicidae) in Miami, FL, via Inundative Releases of Wolbachia-Infected Male Mosquitoes As part of the response to autochthonous Zika transmission in the United States, the City of South Miami implemented a 6-mo period in which Wolbachia-infected WB1 Aedes aegypti (L.) males were released into an ~170-acre area. Intracellular Wolbachia bacteria infections in Ae. aegypti cause early emb... 4/23/2019
Yoav Vardi, Itzhak Levy, Liat Ashkenazi-Hoffnung, Gilad Sherman, Itay Berger, Eran Rom, Gabriel Chodick, Daniel Landau, Oded Scheuerman Pediatric Infectious Sacroiliitis: Characterization and Differentiation from Noninfectious Etiologies CONCLUSIONS: An acute unilateral presentation in young patients ≤2 years of age, without chronic medical conditions, suggests an infectious etiology of SI anticipated to completely resolve with antibiotic treatment, not necessitating further workup for noninfectious etiologies. 4/16/2019
Daniel Halperin, Vadim Dolgin, Michael Geylis, Max Drabkin, Yuval Yogev, Ohad Wormser, Ruth Schreiber, Hanna Shalev, Daniel Landau, Ohad S Birk A novel SLC12A1 mutation in Bedouin kindred with antenatal Bartter syndrome type I Four affected individuals of consanguineous kindred presented at infancy with an apparently autosomal recessive syndrome of polyuria and hypokalemic metabolic alkalosis, following maternal polyhydramnios and premature delivery, culminating in severe failure to thrive. Hypercalciuria, nephrocalcinosi... 4/13/2019
Patrick W Kelly, David W Pfennig, Sofia de la Serna Buzón, Karin S Pfennig Male sexual signal predicts phenotypic plasticity in offspring: implications for the evolution of plasticity and local adaptation In a rapidly changing world, understanding the processes that influence a population's ability to respond to natural selection is critical for identifying how to preserve biodiversity. Two such processes are phenotypic plasticity and sexual selection. Whereas plasticity can facilitate local adaptati... 4/11/2019
Sjors Klompmaker, Walderik J van der Vliet, Stijn J Thoolen, Ana Sofia Ore, Koen Verkoulen, Monica Solis-Velasco, Elena G Canacari, Jonathan B Kruskal, Khalid O Khwaja, Jennifer F Tseng, Mark P Callery, Tara S Kent, A James Moser Procedure-specific Training for Robot-assisted Distal Pancreatectomy CONCLUSION: Supervised procedure-specific training enabled successful implementation of RADP by practicing surgeons with immediate improvements in length of stay, without adverse effects on safety. 4/5/2019
Meghan Sri Karuturi, Xiudong Lei, Yu Shen, Sharon H Giordano, Cameron W Swanick, Benjamin D Smith Long-term decision regret surrounding systemic therapy in older breast cancer survivors: A population-based survey study INTRODUCTION: Little is known regarding regret experienced by older breast cancer survivors surrounding the choice for adjuvant systemic therapy, which limits providers' ability to optimally engage in the shared decision-making process. To address this, we evaluated endocrine therapy and chemotherap... 4/4/2019
Jennifer Hernández-Juárez, Orlando Vargas-Sierra, Luis A Herrera, David Cantú De León, Jorge Fernández-Retana, Carlos Pérez-Plasencia, César López-Camarillo, Patricio Gariglio, José Díaz-Chávez Sodium-coupled monocarboxylate transporter is a target of epigenetic repression in cervical cancer The SLC5A8 gene encodes Na monocarboxylate transporter 1, which is epigenetically inactivated in various tumour types. This has been attributed to the fact that it prevents the entry of histone deacetylase (HDAC) inhibitors and favours the metabolic reprogramming of neoplastic cells. Nevertheless, i... 3/22/2019
Angela C Webster, James A Hedley, Patricia F Anderson, Wayne J Hawthorne, Toni Radford, Chris Drogemuller, Natasha Rogers, David Goodman, Melissa H Lee, Thomas Loudovaris, Patrick J Kelly Australia and New Zealand Islet and Pancreas Transplant Registry Annual Report 2018-Islet Donations, Islet Isolations, and Islet Transplants CONCLUSIONS: The number of islet transplants performed in Australia was slightly lower in 2017 but continues to increase over time. 3/19/2019
Justin Hoffman, Jayeta Chakrabarti, Anna Plotka, Adriana Milillo Naraine, David Kanamori, Rebecca Moroose, Linh Nguyen, Diane Wang, Zev A Wainberg Talazoparib has no clinically relevant effect on QTc interval in patients with advanced solid tumors The aims of this study were (i) to evaluate the effect of talazoparib (1 mg once daily) on cardiac repolarization in patients with advanced solid tumors by assessing corrected QT interval (QTc) and (ii) to examine the relationship between plasma talazoparib concentration and QTc. In this open-label ... 3/16/2019
Clare M Hamilton, Lauren Black, Solange Oliveira, Alison Burrells, Paul M Bartley, Renata Pimentel B Melo, Francesca Chianini, Javier Palarea-Albaladejo, Elisabeth A Innes, Patrick J Kelly, Frank Katzer Comparative virulence of Caribbean, Brazilian and European isolates of Toxoplasma gondii CONCLUSIONS: Isolates from the Caribbean with ToxoDB genotype #13 were acutely virulent for mice and comparable to a known virulent Brazilian isolate. The ROP protein allelic profile of the virulent Caribbean and Brazilian isolates differed indicating that perhaps other factors are involved in predi... 3/16/2019
Patrick T Kelly, William H Renwick, Lesley Knoll, Michael J Vanni Stream Nitrogen and Phosphorus Loads Are Differentially Affected by Storm Events and the Difference May Be Exacerbated by Conservation Tillage Storm events disproportionately mobilize dissolved phosphorus (P) compared to nitrogen (N), contributing to reduction in load N:P. In agricultural watersheds, conservation tillage may lead to even further declines in load N:P due to dissolved P accumulation in the top soil layers. Due to an increase... 3/13/2019
Jesús A Junco, Ranfis Rodríguez, Franklin Fuentes, Idania Baladrón, Maria D Castro, Lesvia Calzada, Carmen Valenzuela, Eddy Bover, Eulogio Pimentel, Roberto Basulto, Niurka Arteaga, Angel Cid-Arregui, Francisco Sariol, Lourdes González, Liliana Porres-Fong, María Medina, Ayni Rodríguez, A Hilda Garay, Osvaldo Reyes, Matilde López, Lourdes de Quesada, Allelin Alvarez, Carolina Martínez, Marleny Marrero, Guillermo Molero, Alfredo Guerra, Pedro Rosales, Carlos Capote, Sahily Acosta, Idania Vela, Lina Arzuaga, Ana Campal, Erlán Ruiz, Elier Rubio, Pável Cedeño, María Carmen Sánchez, Pedro Cardoso, Rolando Morán, Yairis Fernández, Magalys Campos, Henio Touduri, Dania Bacardi, Indalecio Feria, Amilcar Ramirez, Karelia Cosme, Pedro López Saura, Maricel Quintana, Verena Muzio, Ricardo Bringas, Marta Ayala, Mario Mendoza, Luis E Fernández, Adriana Carr, Luis Herrera, Gerardo Guillén Safety and Therapeutic Profile of a GnRH-Based Vaccine Candidate Directed to Prostate Cancer. A 10-Year Follow-Up of Patients Vaccinated With Heberprovac Heberprovac is a GnRH based vaccine candidate containing 2.4 mg of the GnRHm1-TT peptide as the main active principle; 245 μg of the very small size proteoliposomes adjuvant (VSSP); and 350 μL of Montanide ISA 51 VG oil adjuvant. The aim of this study was to assess the safety and tolerance of the ... 3/13/2019
Kathy Mac, James Hedley, Patrick J Kelly, Vincent W Lee, John W M Agar, Carmel M Hawley, David W Johnson, Emily J See, Kevan R Polkinghorne, Kannaiyan S Rabindranath, Kamal Sud, Angela C Webster Effect of centre- and patient-related factors on uptake of haemodiafiltration in Australia and New Zealand: A cohort study using ANZDATA CONCLUSION: Haemodiafiltration uptake is increasing, variable and associated with both patient and centre characteristics. Centre characteristics not explicitly captured elsewhere explained 36% of variability in HDF uptake in Australia and 48% in New Zealand. 3/7/2019
Nicole Louise De La Mata, Maria Alfaro-Ramirez, Patrick J Kelly, Philip Masson, Rustam Al-Shahi Salman, Angela C Webster Absolute risk and risk factors for stroke mortality in patients with end-stage kidney disease (ESKD): population-based cohort study using data linkage CONCLUSION: Patients with ESKD with higher risk of stroke death are older, women, with cerebrovascular disease, with hypertensive/renovascular or polycystic kidney disease cause of ESKD, with earlier year of ESKD treatment and receiving dialysis. These groups may benefit from targeted stroke prevent... 2/25/2019
Aditya Bardia, Ingrid A Mayer, Linda T Vahdat, Sara M Tolaney, Steven J Isakoff, Jennifer R Diamond, Joyce O'Shaughnessy, Rebecca L Moroose, Alessandro D Santin, Vandana G Abramson, Nikita C Shah, Hope S Rugo, David M Goldenberg, Ala M Sweidan, Robert Iannone, Sarah Washkowitz, Robert M Sharkey, William A Wegener, Kevin Kalinsky Sacituzumab Govitecan-hziy in Refractory Metastatic Triple-Negative Breast Cancer CONCLUSIONS: Sacituzumab govitecan-hziy was associated with durable objective responses in patients with heavily pretreated metastatic triple-negative breast cancer. Myelotoxic effects were the main adverse reactions. (Funded by Immunomedics; IMMU-132-01 number, NCT01631552.). 2/21/2019
Nosayaba Osazuwa-Peters, Kara M Christopher, Lauren M Cass, Sean T Massa, Adnan S Hussaini, Anit Behera, Ronald J Walker, Mark A Varvares What's Love Got to do with it? Marital status and survival of head and neck cancer CONCLUSIONS: Being married confers survival advantage for HNC survivors. Our finding underscores the need to recognise this aspect of survivorship. Social support should be considered part of standard care for managing HNC. There may also be need to develop other support mechanisms, especially for u... 2/21/2019
Glenn Hernández, Gustavo A Ospina-Tascón, Lucas Petri Damiani, Elisa Estenssoro, Arnaldo Dubin, Javier Hurtado, Gilberto Friedman, Ricardo Castro, Leyla Alegría, Jean-Louis Teboul, Maurizio Cecconi, Giorgio Ferri, Manuel Jibaja, Ronald Pairumani, Paula Fernández, Diego Barahona, Vladimir Granda-Luna, Alexandre Biasi Cavalcanti, Jan Bakker, The ANDROMEDA SHOCK Investigators and the Latin America Intensive Care Network (LIVEN), Glenn Hernández, Gustavo Ospina-Tascón, Lucas Petri Damiani, Elisa Estenssoro, Arnaldo Dubin, Javier Hurtado, Gilberto Friedman, Ricardo Castro, Leyla Alegría, Jean-Louis Teboul, Maurizio Cecconi, Maurizio Cecconi, Giorgio Ferri, Manuel Jibaja, Ronald Pairumani, Paula Fernández, Diego Barahona, Alexandre Biasi Cavalcanti, Jan Bakker, Glenn Hernández, Leyla Alegría, Giorgio Ferri, Nicolás Rodriguez, Patricia Holger, Natalia Soto, Mario Pozo, Jan Bakker, Deborah Cook, Jean-Louis Vincent, Andrew Rhodes, Bryan P Kavanagh, Phil Dellinger, Wim Rietdijk, David Carpio, Nicolás Pavéz, Elizabeth Henriquez, Sebastian Bravo, Emilio Daniel Valenzuela, Magdalena Vera, Jorge Dreyse, Vanessa Oviedo, Maria Alicia Cid, Macarena Larroulet, Edward Petruska, Claudio Sarabia, David Gallardo, Juan Eduardo Sanchez, Hugo González, José Miguel Arancibia, Alex Muñoz, Germán Ramirez, Florencia Aravena, Andrés Aquevedo, Fabián Zambrano, Milan Bozinovic, Felipe Valle, Manuel Ramirez, Victor Rossel, Pilar Muñoz, Carolina Ceballos, Christian Esveile, Cristian Carmona, Eva Candia, Daniela Mendoza, Aída Sanchez, Daniela Ponce, Daniela Ponce, Jaime Lastra, Bárbara Nahuelpán, Fabrizio Fasce, Cecilia Luengo, Nicolas Medel, Cesar Cortés, Luz Campassi, Paolo Rubatto, Nahime Horna, Mariano Furche, Juan Carlos Pendino, Lisandro Bettini, Carlos Lovesio, María Cecilia González, Jésica Rodruguez, Héctor Canales, Francisco Caminos, Cayetano Galletti, Estefanía Minoldo, Maria Jose Aramburu, Daniela Olmos, Nicolás Nin, Jordán Tenzi, Carlos Quiroga, Pablo Lacuesta, Agustín Gaudín, Richard Pais, Ana Silvestre, Germán Olivera, Gloria Rieppi, Dolores Berrutti, Marcelo Ochoa, Paul Cobos, Fernando Vintimilla, Vanessa Ramirez, Milton Tobar, Fernanda García, Fabricio Picoita, Nelson Remache, Vladimir Granda, Fernando Paredes, Eduardo Barzallo, Paul Garcés, Fausto Guerrero, Santiago Salazar, German Torres, Cristian Tana, José Calahorrano, Freddy Solis, Pedro Torres, Luís Herrera, Antonio Ornes, Verónica Peréz, Glenda Delgado, Alexei López, Eliana Espinosa, José Moreira, Blanca Salcedo, Ivonne Villacres, Jhonny Suing, Marco Lopez, Luis Gomez, Guillermo Toctaquiza, Mario Cadena Zapata, Milton Alonso Orazabal, Ruben Pardo Espejo, Jorge Jimenez, Alexander Calderón, Gustavo Paredes, José Luis Barberán, Tatiana Moya, Horacio Atehortua, Rodolfo Sabogal, Guillermo Ortiz, Antonio Lara, Fabio Sanchez, Alvaro Hernán Portilla, Humberto Dávila, Jorge Antonio Mora, Luis Eduardo Calderón, Ingrid Alvarez, Elena Escobar, Alejandro Bejarano, Luis Alfonso Bustamante, José Luis Aldana Effect of a Resuscitation Strategy Targeting Peripheral Perfusion Status vs Serum Lactate Levels on 28-Day Mortality Among Patients With Septic Shock: The ANDROMEDA-SHOCK Randomized Clinical Trial CONCLUSIONS AND RELEVANCE: Among patients with septic shock, a resuscitation strategy targeting normalization of capillary refill time, compared with a strategy targeting serum lactate levels, did not reduce all-cause 28-day mortality. 2/18/2019
Greco Hernández, Jorge L Ramírez, Abraham Pedroza-Torres, Luis A Herrera, Miguel A Jiménez-Ríos The Secret Life of Translation Initiation in Prostate Cancer Prostate cancer (PCa) is the second most prevalent cancer in men worldwide. Despite the advances understanding the molecular processes driving the onset and progression of this disease, as well as the continued implementation of screening programs, PCa still remains a significant cause of morbidity ... 2/15/2019
Daniel Castillo, Juan Manuel Galvez, Luis J Herrera, Fernando Rojas, Olga Valenzuela, Octavio Caba, Jose Prados, Ignacio Rojas Leukemia multiclass assessment and classification from Microarray and RNA-seq technologies integration at gene expression level In more recent years, a significant increase in the number of available biological experiments has taken place due to the widespread use of massive sequencing data. Furthermore, the continuous developments in the machine learning and in the high performance computing areas, are allowing a faster and... 2/13/2019
Pragati G Advani, Xiudong Lei, Cameron W Swanick, Ying Xu, Yu Shen, Nathan A Goodwin, Grace L Smith, Sharon H Giordano, Kelly K Hunt, Reshma Jagsi, Benjamin D Smith Local Therapy Decisional Regret in Older Women With Breast Cancer: A Population-Based Study CONCLUSIONS: Local therapy regret afflicts nearly one quarter of our cohort of older breast cancer survivors, and it is associated with black race, less education, and more extensive nodal dissection, but not breast surgery. Regret is distinct from health utility, suggesting that it is a unique psyc... 2/5/2019
James A Hedley, Nicholas Chang, Patrick J Kelly, Brenda M Rosales, Kate Wyburn, Michael O'Leary, Elena Cavazzoni, Angela C Webster Weekend effect: analysing temporal trends in solid organ donation CONCLUSIONS: In Australia, the donation pathway operates consistently throughout the week, with donation no less likely to proceed on weekends and holidays. This finding contrasts with findings in the USA. 2/2/2019
Aliki Christou, Michael J Dibley, Mohammad Hafiz Rasooly, Adela Mubasher, Sayed Murtaza Sadat Hofiani, Mohammad Khakerah Rashidi, Patrick J Kelly, Camille Raynes-Greenow Understanding country-specific determinants of stillbirth using household surveys: The case of Afghanistan CONCLUSIONS: Targeted interventions are needed to improve access and utilisation of services for high-risk groups. Early detection of complications through improved quality of antenatal and obstetric care is imperative. We demonstrate the potential of household surveys to provide country-specific ev... 1/31/2019
Nosayaba Osazuwa-Peters, Eric Adjei Boakye, Rebecca L Rohde, Rajan N Ganesh, Ammar S Moiyadi, Adnan S Hussaini, Mark A Varvares Understanding of risk factors for the human papillomavirus (HPV) infection based on gender and race This study assessed if race and gender predict known sexual risk factors associated with HPV. Data (n = 301) were from a cross-sectional study conducted at a drag racing event on September 12-13, 2015 in Madison, Illinois. Both multivariable logistic and linear regression models estimated the associ... 1/24/2019
Jonathan P Doubek, Cayelan C Carey, Michael Lavender, Amanda K Winegardner, Marieke Beaulieu, Patrick T Kelly, Amina I Pollard, Dietmar Straile, Jason D Stockwell Calanoid copepod zooplankton density is positively associated with water residence time across the continental United States Inherent differences between naturally-formed lakes and human-made reservoirs may play an important role in shaping zooplankton community structure. For example, because many reservoirs are created by impounding and managing lotic systems for specific human purposes, zooplankton communities may be a... 1/10/2019
Ammara A Watkins, Manuel Castillo-Angeles, Rodrigo Calvillo-Ortiz, Camila R Guetter, Mariam F Eskander, Eiman Ghaffarpasand, Luis Anguiano-Landa, Jennifer F Tseng, Arthur J Moser, Mark P Callery, Tara S Kent Braden scale for pressure ulcer risk predicts rehabilitation placement after pancreatic resection CONCLUSION: A marker of frailty routinely collected daily by nursing staff, the Braden scale, is available to help surgeons predict the need for postoperative rehabilitation placement after pancreatic resection. Engaging discharge planning services for at-risk patients may help prevent delayed hospi... 1/5/2019
Nicole L De La Mata, Philip Masson, Rustam Al-Shahi Salman, Patrick J Kelly, Angela C Webster Death From Stroke in End-Stage Kidney Disease Background and Purpose- People with end-stage kidney disease (ESKD) are at greater risk of stroke. We aimed to compare stroke mortality between the ESKD population and the general population. Methods- We included all patients with incident ESKD in Australia, 1980 to 2013, and New Zealand, 1988 to 20... 12/29/2018
María M Pérez, Luis Javier Herrera, Francisco Carrillo, Oscar E Pecho, Diana Dudea, Cristina Gasparik, Razvan Ghinea, Alvaro Della Bona Whiteness difference thresholds in dentistry OBJECTIVE: To determine the visual whiteness thresholds for esthetic dentistry using the whiteness index for dentistry based on CIELAB color space (WI(D)). 12/12/2018
Katheryn Hope Wilkinson, Cecilia G Ethun, Matthew Hembrook, Meena Bedi, John Charlson, Harveshp Mogal, Susan Tsai, Kathleen Christians, Thuy B Tran, George Poultsides, Valerie Grignol, John Harrison Howard, Jennifer Tseng, Kevin K Roggin, Konstantinos Chouliaras, Konstantinos Votanopoulos, Darren Cullinan, Ryan C Fields, Sharon Weber, Thomas Clark Gamblin, Kenneth Cardona, Callisia N Clarke Outcomes of Elderly Patients Undergoing Curative Resection for Retroperitoneal Sarcomas: Analysis From the US Sarcoma Collaborative CONCLUSIONS: Advanced age was not associated with an increased risk of perioperative morbidity and mortality following resection of RPS in this multi-institutional review. Although short-term oncologic outcomes were similar in both groups, the risk of death after sarcoma recurrence was higher in eld... 12/4/2018
Angela C Webster, James Hedley, Paul Robertson, William R Mulley, Helen L Pilmore, Henry Pleass, Patrick J Kelly Australia and New Zealand Islets and Pancreas Transplant Registry Annual Report 2018-Pancreas Waiting List, Recipients, and Donors CONCLUSIONS: The number of pancreas transplants performed in Australia and New Zealand was slightly lower in 2017 but continues to increase over time. 12/1/2018
Munizay Paracha, Kathryn Van Orden, Gregory Patts, Jennifer Tseng, David McAneny, Teviah Sachs Opportunity Lost? Diagnostic Laparoscopy in Patients with Pancreatic Cancer in the National Surgical Quality Improvement Program Database BACKGROUND: Routine preoperative staging in pancreas cancer is controversial. We sought to evaluate the rates of diagnostic laparoscopy (DLAP) for pancreatic cancer. 11/28/2018
Andrew Khoi Nguyen, Agathon Girgis, Timnit Tekeste, Karen Chang, Mopelola Adeyemo, Armen Eskandari, Emilio Alonso, Priyanka Yaramada, Charles Chaya, Albert Ko, Edmund Burke, Isaiah Roggow, Rebecca Butler, Aniket Kawatkar, Brian S Lim Effect of a region-wide incorporation of an algorithm based on the 2012 international consensus guideline on the practice pattern for the management of pancreatic cystic neoplasms in an integrated health system CONCLUSION: In the current healthcare climate, there is increased need to optimize resource utilization. Dissemination of an algorithm for PCN management in an integrated health system resulted in fewer EUS and GI/surgery referrals, likely by aiding the physicians ordering imaging studies in the dec... 11/16/2018
Neige Journy, Daniel J Indelicato, Diana R Withrow, Tetsuo Akimoto, Claire Alapetite, Masayuki Araya, Andrew Chang, John Han-Chih Chang, Brian Chon, Michael E Confer, Yusuke Demizu, Rémi Dendale, Jérôme Doyen, Ralph Ermoian, Kristin Gurtner, Christine Hill-Kayser, Hiromitsu Iwata, Joo-Young Kim, Young Kwok, Nadia N Laack, Choonsik Lee, Do Hoon Lim, Lilia Loredo, Victor S Mangona, David B Mansur, Masao Murakami, Shigeyuki Murayama, Takashi Ogino, Barbora Ondrová, Rahul R Parikh, Arnold C Paulino, Stephanie Perkins, Naren R Ramakrishna, Ronald Richter, Barbara Rombi, Satoshi Shibata, Shinichi Shimizu, Beate Timmermann, Tamara Vern-Gross, Chiachien J Wang, Damien C Weber, John Ben Wilkinson, Petra Witt Nyström, Torunn I Yock, Ruth A Kleinerman, Amy Berrington de Gonzalez Patterns of proton therapy use in pediatric cancer management in 2016: An international survey CONCLUSION: To our knowledge, this survey provides the first worldwide assessment of proton therapy use for pediatric cancer management. Since previous estimates in the United States and Europe, CNS tumors remain the cancer types most commonly treated with protons in 2016. However, the proportion of... 11/12/2018
Debra L Richardson, Shelly M Seward, Kathleen N Moore Antibody Drug Conjugates in the Treatment of Epithelial Ovarian Cancer Antibody drug conjugates are novel mechanisms for delivering chemotherapy. They vary based on the targeted antigen, conjugated cytotoxic, and the type of linker used. These differences determine what cells are targeted. There are 2 antibody drug conjugates approved for use in cancer. For epithelial ... 11/5/2018
Simona F Shaitelman, Xiudong Lei, Alastair Thompson, Pamela Schlembach, Elizabeth S Bloom, Isidora Y Arzu, Daniel Buchholz, Gregory Chronowski, Tomas Dvorak, Emily Grade, Karen Hoffman, George Perkins, Valerie K Reed, Shalin J Shah, Michael C Stauder, Eric A Strom, Welela Tereffe, Wendy A Woodward, Diana N Amaya, Yu Shen, Gabriel N Hortobagyi, Kelly K Hunt, Thomas A Buchholz, Benjamin D Smith Three-Year Outcomes With Hypofractionated Versus Conventionally Fractionated Whole-Breast Irradiation: Results of a Randomized, Noninferiority Clinical Trial CONCLUSION: Three years after WBI followed by a tumor bed boost, outcomes with hypofractionation and conventional fractionation are similar. Tumor bed boost, chemotherapy, and larger breast size do not seem to be strong contraindications to HF-WBI. 11/1/2018
Stijn van Roessel, Gyulnara G Kasumova, Joanne Verheij, Robert M Najarian, Laura Maggino, Matteo de Pastena, Giuseppe Malleo, Giovanni Marchegiani, Roberto Salvia, Sing Chau Ng, Susanna W de Geus, Sanne Lof, Francesco Giovinazzo, Jacob L van Dam, Tara S Kent, Olivier R Busch, Casper H van Eijck, Bas Groot Koerkamp, Mohammed Abu Hilal, Claudio Bassi, Jennifer F Tseng, Marc G Besselink International Validation of the Eighth Edition of the American Joint Committee on Cancer (AJCC) TNM Staging System in Patients With Resected Pancreatic Cancer CONCLUSIONS AND RELEVANCE: The eighth edition of the TNM staging system demonstrated a more equal distribution among stages and a modestly increased prognostic accuracy in patients with resected pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma compared with the seventh edition. The revised T stage remains poorly as... 10/5/2018
Peter Y Yu, Eliza W Beal, Tasha M Hughes, Lorena P Suarez-Kelly, Rita D Shelby, Cecilia G Ethun, Thuy B Tran, George Poultsides, John Charlson, T Clark Gamblin, Jennifer Tseng, Kevin K Roggin, Konstantinos Chouliaras, Konstantinos Votanopoulos, Bradley A Krasnick, Ryan C Fields, Raphael E Pollock, Valerie Grignol, Kenneth Cardona, J Harrison Howard Perioperative chemotherapy is not associated with improved survival in high-grade truncal sarcoma CONCLUSIONS: In this multi-institutional retrospective analysis of resected high-grade truncal STS, receipt of perioperative CTX was not associated with improved OS, which may be related to selection bias. Microscopically negative margin status was the only independent factor associated with OS. 10/4/2018
Rosalía Quezada Urban, Clara Estela Díaz Velásquez, Rina Gitler, María Patricia Rojo Castillo, Max Sirota Toporek, Andrea Figueroa Morales, Oscar Moreno García, Lizbeth García Esquivel, Gabriela Torres Mejía, Michael Dean, Iván Delgado Enciso, Héctor Ochoa Díaz López, Fernando Rodríguez León, Virginia Jan, Víctor Hugo Garzón Barrientos, Pablo Ruiz Flores, Perla Karina Espino Silva, Jorge Haro Santa Cruz, Héctor Martínez Gregorio, Ernesto Arturo Rojas Jiménez, Luis Enrique Romero Cruz, Claudia Fabiola Méndez Catalá, Rosa María Álvarez Gómez, Verónica Fragoso Ontiveros, Luis Alonso Herrera, Isabelle Romieu, Luis Ignacio Terrazas, Yolanda Irasema Chirino, Cecilia Frecha, Javier Oliver, Sandra Perdomo, Felipe Vaca Paniagua Comprehensive Analysis of Germline Variants in Mexican Patients with Hereditary Breast and Ovarian Cancer Susceptibility Hereditary breast and ovarian cancer syndrome (HBOC) represents 5⁻10% of all patients with breast cancer and is associated with high-risk pathogenic alleles in BRCA1/2 genes, but only for 25% of cases. We aimed to find new pathogenic alleles in a panel of 143 cancer-predisposing genes in 300 Mexic... 9/29/2018
Aileen C Johnson, Cecilia G Ethun, Yuan Liu, George Poultsides, John H Howard, Meena Bedi, John Charlson, Jennifer Tseng, Kevin K Roggin, Konstantinos Votanopoulos, Darren Cullinan, Ryan C Fields, Shishir K Maithel, Kenneth Cardona, and other members of the US Sarcoma Collaborative A novel, simplified, externally validated staging system for truncal/extremity soft tissue sarcomas: An analysis of the US Sarcoma Collaborative database CONCLUSIONS: Our proposed staging system maintains prognostic significance between stages within a simplified system. For high-grade tumors, a cutoff of 7.5 cm, instead of 5 cm, maintains discrimination for survival and could be a more clinically applicable cutoff for future clinical trials. 9/28/2018
Rodosthenis S Rodosthenous, Itai Kloog, Elena Colicino, Jia Zhong, Luis A Herrera, Pantel Vokonas, Joel Schwartz, Andrea A Baccarelli, Diddier Prada Extracellular vesicle-enriched microRNAs interact in the association between long-term particulate matter and blood pressure in elderly men CONCLUSIONS: Our findings suggest that expression of evmiRNAs may be regulated by DNA methylation in response to long-term PM(2.5) ambient levels and modify the magnitude of association between PM(2.5) and systolic blood pressure in older individuals. 9/15/2018
Rafael Mañon, Veronica Schimp, Priya Gopalan, Kavita Pattani, Jennifer Tseng The Impact of HPV as an Etiological Factor in Gynecological and Oropharyngeal Cancer The human papilloma virus (HPV) is one of several viral pathogens linked to human cancer. This article reviews the current worldwide cancer burden related to this pathogen. The article also examines the role of HPV in oropharyngeal and gynecological malignancies, current treatment implications, and ... 9/12/2018
Lisa L Dorsey, Patrick V Kelly, Patrick B Luetkemeyer, Jeanne M Lojovich Use of an Academic Professional Behavior Assessment and Intervention to Promote Professional Socialization CONCLUSIONS: This study suggests that early professional socialization during the classroom portion of a student's DPT education is effective in shaping substandard professional behaviors and positively impacting later clinical performance. 9/9/2018
Krista Hachey, Ryan Morgan, Amy Rosen, Sowmya R Rao, David McAneny, Jennifer Tseng, Gerard Doherty, Teviah Sachs Quality Comes with the (Anatomic) Territory: Evaluating the Impact of Surgeon Operative Mix on Patient Outcomes After Pancreaticoduodenectomy CONCLUSIONS: Surgeon PD volume is an important predictor of outcomes after PD. However, surgeon OM volume identifies a subset of lower-PD-volume surgeons with more favorable outcomes. 9/7/2018
Evgenia Gurevich, Eytan Israel, Yael Segev, Daniel Landau Febrile Proteinuria in Hospitalized Children: Characterization of Urinary Proteins Background: Transient proteinuria during febrile illness is a common phenomenon. Recent studies have re-examined the pathophysiology of proteinuria and new urinary markers to characterize it, including B7-1 (CD80), which is expressed also in glomerular podocytes and influences the glomerular barrier... 9/4/2018
Jeffrey J Siracuse, Munizay Paracha, Alik Farber, Denis Rybin, Gheorghe Doros, Jennifer Tseng, David McAneny, Teviah Sachs Never events after hepatopancreatobiliary operations BACKGROUND: In 2008, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) terminated reimbursement for never events (NE). NE in hepatopancreatobiliary (HPB) patients are poorly understood. We investigated the incidence and effects of NE in this population. 8/28/2018
Gal Finer, Daniel Landau Clinical Approach to Proximal Renal Tubular Acidosis in Children Proximal renal tubular acidosis (pRTA) is an inherited or acquired clinical syndrome in which there is a decreased bicarbonate reclamation in the proximal tubule resulting in normal anion gap hyperchloremic metabolic acidosis. In children, pRTA may be isolated but is often associated with a general ... 8/25/2018
Shane R Stecklein, Simona F Shaitelman, Gildy V Babiera, Isabelle Bedrosian, Dalliah M Black, Matthew T Ballo, Isadora Arzu, Eric A Strom, Valerie K Reed, Tomas Dvorak, Benjamin D Smith, Wendy A Woodward, Karen E Hoffman, Pamela J Schlembach, Steve M Kirsner, Christopher L Nelson, Jinzhong Yang, William Guerra, Shiva Dibaj, Elizabeth S Bloom Prospective Comparison of Toxicity and Cosmetic Outcome After Accelerated Partial Breast Irradiation With Conformal External Beam Radiotherapy or Single-Entry Multilumen Intracavitary Brachytherapy CONCLUSIONS: Brachytherapy APBI is associated with higher rates of grade 1 fibrosis and seroma than 3-dimensional CRT but lower rates of grade 1 edema and grade 2 to 3 pain than 3-dimensional CRT. Rates of radiation oncologist-reported fair or poor cosmetic outcomes are higher with brachytherapy. We... 8/21/2018
Emily J See, James Hedley, John W M Agar, Carmel M Hawley, David W Johnson, Patrick J Kelly, Vincent W Lee, Kathy Mac, Kevan R Polkinghorne, Kannaiyan S Rabindranath, Kamal Sud, Angela C Webster Patient survival on haemodiafiltration and haemodialysis: a cohort study using the Australia and New Zealand Dialysis and Transplant Registry CONCLUSION: Haemodiafiltration was associated with superior survival across patient subgroups of age, sex and comorbidity. 8/21/2018
Ryan Morgan, Michael Cassidy, Susanna W L DeGeus, Jennifer Tseng, David McAneny, Teviah Sachs Presentation and Survival of Gastric Cancer Patients at an Urban Academic Safety-Net Hospital CONCLUSION: Hispanic ethnicity, Central American birthplace, Medicaid insurance, and increased neighborhood poverty were associated with late-stage presentation of gastric cancer with poor outcomes. Further study of these populations may lead to screening protocols in order to increase earlier detec... 8/12/2018
Munizay Paracha, Ariel E Hirsch, Jennifer F Tseng, David B McAneny, Teviah E Sachs Scholarly impact of student authorship on surgical research CONCLUSIONS: The number of SA in JACS publications is increasing, without detriment to CA scholarly advancement. Involving students in surgical research should be encouraged. 8/9/2018
Pompei Bolfa, Susyn J Kelly, Hannah C Wells, Katie H Sizeland, Erin M Scott, Nigel Kirby, Stephen Mudie, Anibal G Armien, Richard G Haverkamp, Patrick J Kelly Tropical Keratopathy (Florida Spots) in Cats The authors used microscopy and synchrotron-based small-angle X-ray scattering analysis (SAXS) to describe lesions macroscopically typical of tropical keratopathy ("Florida spots") from 6 cats on St Kitts. Microscopically, there were varying degrees of epithelial hyperplasia and thinning of the corn... 8/4/2018
Mary Chiarella, Claudette S Satchell, Marie Nagy, Terry Carney, Merrilyn Walton, Belinda Bennett, Patrick J Kelly Survey of Quasi-Judicial Decision-Makers in NSW and The National Registration Scheme for Health Practitioners This study is part of a larger, Australian Research Council-funded project studying comparative analyses of complaints and notification handling between the NSW system and National Registration and Accreditation Scheme (2010). This article explores the assessments and decisions made by Tribunal and ... 7/7/2018
Naren Ramakrishna, Sarah Temin, Sarat Chandarlapaty, Jennie R Crews, Nancy E Davidson, Francisco J Esteva, Sharon H Giordano, Jeffrey J Kirshner, Ian E Krop, Jennifer Levinson, Shanu Modi, Debra A Patt, Jane Perlmutter, Eric P Winer, Nancy U Lin Recommendations on Disease Management for Patients With Advanced Human Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor 2-Positive Breast Cancer and Brain Metastases: ASCO Clinical Practice Guideline Update Purpose To update the formal expert consensus-based guideline recommendations for practicing oncologists and others on the management of brain metastases for patients with human epidermal growth factor receptor 2-positive advanced breast cancer to 2018. Methods An Expert Panel conducted a targeted s... 6/26/2018
Sharon H Giordano, Sarah Temin, Sarat Chandarlapaty, Jennie R Crews, Francisco J Esteva, Jeffrey J Kirshner, Ian E Krop, Jennifer Levinson, Nancy U Lin, Shanu Modi, Debra A Patt, Jane Perlmutter, Naren Ramakrishna, Eric P Winer, Nancy E Davidson Systemic Therapy for Patients With Advanced Human Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor 2-Positive Breast Cancer: ASCO Clinical Practice Guideline Update Purpose To update evidence-based guideline recommendations for practicing oncologists and others on systemic therapy for patients with human epidermal growth factor receptor 2 (HER2)-positive advanced breast cancer to 2018. Methods An Expert Panel conducted a targeted systematic literature review (f... 6/26/2018
Skye Marshall, Patrick H Kelly, Brajesh K Singh, R Marshall Pope, Peter Kim, Bayan Zhanbolat, Mary E Wilson, Chaoqun Yao Extracellular release of virulence factor major surface protease via exosomes in Leishmania infantum promastigotes CONCLUSIONS: The data suggest the efficiency of exosome release may be more important than the identity of MSP isoform in determining the MSP content of Leishmania spp. exosomes. 6/21/2018
Renata Ferrarotto, William N William, Jennifer E Tseng, Shanthi Marur, Dong M Shin, Barbara Murphy, Ezra E W Cohen, Christopher Y Thomas, Richard Willey, Jan Cosaert, Nusrat Harun, J Jack Lee, Ignacio W Wistuba, Robert I Haddad, Bonnie S Glisson Randomized phase II trial of cixutumumab alone or with cetuximab for refractory recurrent/metastatic head and neck squamous cell carcinoma CONCLUSION: The results of this study do not support the use of cixutumumab alone or with cetuximab in unselected patients with R/M HNSCC. 6/19/2018
Aileen C Johnson, Cecilia G Ethun, Yuan Liu, Alexandra G Lopez-Aguiar, Thuy B Tran, George Poultsides, Valerie Grignol, J Harrison Howard, Meena Bedi, T Clark Gamblin, Jennifer Tseng, Kevin K Roggin, Konstantinos Chouliaras, Konstantinos Votanopoulos, Darren Cullinan, Ryan C Fields, Keith A Delman, William C Wood, Kenneth Cardona, Shishir K Maithel Studying a Rare Disease Using Multi-Institutional Research Collaborations vs Big Data: Where Lies the Truth? CONCLUSIONS: Granular data afforded by collaborative research enables in-depth analysis of patient outcomes. The NCDB, although powered with large numbers, cannot assess many relevant outcomes (eg recurrence, DSS, or complications). In this study, the approaches yielded conflicting results. The USSC... 6/16/2018
Aspasia Karageorge, Janine Vargas, Louise Ada, Patrick J Kelly, Annie McCluskey Previous experience and walking capacity predict community outings after stroke: An observational study Background: Following hospital discharge, stroke survivors may experience a decline in mobility, outings, and community participation. The aim of this study was to examine the relationship between demographic and clinical measures, and the level of participation by community-dwelling stroke survivor... 6/15/2018
Akshitkumar M Mistry, Patrick D Kelly, Reid C Thompson, Lola B Chambless Cancer Dissemination, Hydrocephalus, and Survival After Cerebral Ventricular Entry During High-Grade Glioma Surgery: A Meta-Analysis CONCLUSION: The association between ventricular entry during HGG resection and tumor dissemination, hydrocephalus, and decreased survival invites investigations to understand this link. Neurosurgeons and neuro-oncologists must be aware of the consequences of ventricular entry during surgery for HGG. 5/24/2018
Marianne Salas, Cristina Lucena, Luis Javier Herrera, Ana Yebra, Alvaro Della Bona, María M Pérez Translucency thresholds for dental materials OBJECTIVE: To determine the translucency acceptability and perceptibility thresholds for dental resin composites using CIEDE2000 and CIELAB color difference formulas. 5/17/2018
Cristian Arriaga-Canon, Inti Alberto De La Rosa-Velázquez, Rodrigo González-Barrios, Rogelio Montiel-Manríquez, Diego Oliva-Rico, Francisco Jiménez-Trejo, Carlo Cortés-González, Luis A Herrera The use of long non-coding RNAs as prognostic biomarkers and therapeutic targets in prostate cancer Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men and the second leading cause of cancer-related deaths. The most used biomarker to detect prostate cancer is Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA), whose levels are measured in serum. However, it has been recently established that molecular markers of cancer... 5/15/2018
Juan Manuel Gálvez, Daniel Castillo, Luis Javier Herrera, Belén San Román, Olga Valenzuela, Francisco Manuel Ortuño, Ignacio Rojas Multiclass classification for skin cancer profiling based on the integration of heterogeneous gene expression series Most of the research studies developed applying microarray technology to the characterization of different pathological states of any disease may fail in reaching statistically significant results. This is largely due to the small repertoire of analysed samples, and to the limitation in the number o... 5/12/2018
Daniel Landau, Lital London, Inbar Bandach, Yael Segev The hypoxia inducible factor/erythropoietin (EPO)/EPO receptor pathway is disturbed in a rat model of chronic kidney disease related anemia CONCLUSIONS: Compared to blood loss, anemia in young CKD rats is associated with inappropriate responses in the HIF-EPO-EPO-R axis: kidney HIF2α and renal EPO are not increased, BM and bone EPOR levels, as well as bone pSTAT5 response to EPO are reduced. Thus, anemia of CKD may be treated with addi... 5/9/2018
Elenaé Vázquez-Ulloa, Ana Clara Ramos-Cruz, Diddier Prada, Alejandro Avilés-Salas, Alma Delia Chávez-Blanco, Luis A Herrera, Marcela Lizano, Adriana Contreras-Paredes Loss of nuclear NOTCH1, but not its negative regulator NUMB, is an independent predictor of cervical malignancy The participation of NOTCH signaling in invasive cervical cancer (ICC) remains controversial since both tumor suppressive and oncogenic properties have been described. Additionally, the role of NUMB, a negative regulator of NOTCH, remains unclear in ICC. We aimed to investigate the role of NOTCH1 an... 5/4/2018
Lissania Guerra-Calderas, Rodrigo González-Barrios, Carlos César Patiño, Nicolás Alcaraz, Marisol Salgado-Albarrán, David Cantú de León, Clementina Castro Hernández, Yesennia Sánchez-Pérez, Héctor Aquiles Maldonado-Martínez, Inti A De la Rosa-Velazquez, Fernanda Vargas-Romero, Luis A Herrera, Alejandro García-Carrancá, Ernesto Soto-Reyes CTCF-KDM4A complex correlates with histone modifications that negatively regulate <em>CHD5</em> gene expression in cancer cell lines Histone demethylase KDM4A is involved in H3K9me3 and H3K36me3 demethylation, which are epigenetic modifications associated with gene silencing and RNA Polymerase II elongation, respectively. KDM4A is abnormally expressed in cancer, affecting the expression of multiple targets, such as the CHD5 gene.... 4/24/2018
Lesley Chim, Glenn Salkeld, Patrick J Kelly, Wendy Lipworth, Dyfrig A Hughes, Martin R Stockler Community views on factors affecting medicines resource allocation: cross-sectional survey of 3080 adults in Australia Objective The aim of the present study was to determine Australian community views on factors that influence the distribution of health spending in relation to medicines. Methods A cross-sectional web-based survey was performed of 3080 adults aged ≥18 years. Participants were asked to rank, in ord... 4/20/2018
Razvan Ghinea, Luis Javier Herrera, María M Pérez, Ana M Ionescu, Rade D Paravina Gingival shade guides: Colorimetric and spectral modeling CONCLUSIONS: An increase in the number of clusters in the gingival shade guide models was associated with a decrease in coverage error (better match) to human gingiva. Gingival shade guide models with only 4 tabs provided a CIELAB and CIEDE2000 coverage error lower than the acceptability threshold f... 4/19/2018
Stijn van Roessel, Gyulnara G Kasumova, Omidreza Tabatabaie, Sing Chau Ng, L Bengt van Rijssen, Joanne Verheij, Robert M Najarian, Thomas M van Gulik, Marc G Besselink, Olivier R Busch, Jennifer F Tseng Pathological Margin Clearance and Survival After Pancreaticoduodenectomy in a US and European Pancreatic Center CONCLUSIONS: In patients undergoing pancreaticoduodenectomy for pancreatic adenocarcinoma, a margin clearance of ≥1 mm correlates with improved survival relative to < 1 mm clearance and may be a more accurate predictor of a complete margin-negative resection in pancreatic cancer. The type of margi... 4/14/2018
Kymberly A Wroble, Morgan N Trott, George G Schweitzer, Rabia S Rahman, Patrick V Kelly, Edward P Weiss Low-carbohydrate, ketogenic diet impairs anaerobic exercise performance in exercise-trained women and men: a randomized-sequence crossover trial CONCLUSIONS: Short-term low-carbohydrate, ketogenic diets reduce exercise performance in activities that are heavily dependent on anaerobic energy systems. These findings have clear performance implications for athletes, especially for high-intensity, short duration activities and sports. 4/6/2018
Xiaohui Su, Mu Li, Lixiang Liu, Hongmei Shen, Patrick J Kelly, Yanling Wang, Zhihui Chen, Jinbiao Wang, Weidong Li, Huixin Chen, Bangzhong Xiao, Yunfeng Han, Shoujun Liu, Peng Liu Assessment of thyroid function in children, adults and pregnant and lactating women after long-term salt iodisation measurements Universal salt iodisation (USI) has been successfully implemented in China for more than 15 years. Recent evidence suggests that the definition of 'adequate iodine' (100-199 µg/l) be revised to 'sufficient iodine' (100-299 µg/l) based on the median urinary iodine concentration (MUI) in school-age ... 3/28/2018
Diddier Prada, Jia Zhong, Elena Colicino, Antonella Zanobetti, Joel Schwartz, Nicholas Dagincourt, Shona C Fang, Itai Kloog, Joseph M Zmuda, Michael Holick, Luis A Herrera, Lifang Hou, Francesca Dominici, Benedetta Bartali, Andrea A Baccarelli Association of air particulate pollution with bone loss over time and bone fracture risk: analysis of data from two independent studies BACKGROUND: Air particulate matter (PM) is a ubiquitous environmental exposure associated with oxidation, inflammation, and age-related chronic disease. Whether PM is associated with loss of bone mineral density (BMD) and risk of bone fractures is undetermined. 3/13/2018
Ayòtúndé B Fadayomi, Gyulnara G Kasumova, Omidreza Tabatabaie, Susanna W L de Geus, Tara S Kent, Sing Chau Ng, A James Moser, Mark P Callery, Stanley W Ashley, Jennifer F Tseng Unique predictors and economic burden of superficial and deep/organ space surgical site infections following pancreatectomy CONCLUSION: Deep/organ space SSI contributes more profoundly to prolonged hospital stay, readmission, and additional costs, suggesting that strategies should focus on preferential prevention of deep/organ space infections. 3/13/2018
Yuk Pheel Park, Linchun Jin, Katie B Bennett, Dunrui Wang, Kristianna M Fredenburg, Jennifer E Tseng, Lung-Ji Chang, Jianping Huang, Edward K L Chan CD70 as a target for chimeric antigen receptor T cells in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma CONCLUSION: CD70-specific CAR-T cells specifically recognized and efficiently eliminated CD70-positive HNSCC cells. This study provides the basis for further investigation into CD70 and other CAR-T targets. 3/3/2018
Cameron W Swanick, Xiudong Lei, Ying Xu, Yu Shen, Nathan A Goodwin, Grace L Smith, Sharon H Giordano, Kelly K Hunt, Reshma Jagsi, Simona F Shaitelman, Susan K Peterson, Benjamin D Smith Long-term Patient-Reported Outcomes in Older Breast Cancer Survivors: A Population-Based Survey Study CONCLUSIONS: In this nationally diverse cohort, less irradiation and less surgery were associated with better long-term quality-of-life outcomes. However, patient regret regarding surgery and radiation therapy was similar across all groups. 2/28/2018
María M Pérez, Razvan Ghinea, Luis Javier Herrera, F Carrillo, Ana M Ionescu, Rade D Paravina Color difference thresholds for computer-simulated human Gingiva CONCLUSIONS: The difference between the perceptibility and acceptability threshold for gingiva was statistically significant in both CIEDE2000 and CIELAB. The same was true for differences between the corresponding thresholds using two color difference formulas, and between dentists and laypersons. ... 2/25/2018
Gyambo Sithey, Mu Li, Li Ming Wen, Patrick J Kelly, Kelly Clarke Socioeconomic, religious, spiritual and health factors associated with symptoms of common mental disorders: a cross-sectional secondary analysis of data from Bhutan's Gross National Happiness Study, 2015 CONCLUSIONS: CMDs affect a substantial proportion of the Bhutanese population. Our findings confirm the importance of established socioeconomic risk factors for CMDs, and suggest a potential link between spiritualism and mental health in this setting. 2/18/2018
Susanna W L de Geus, Gyulnara G Kasumova, Teviah E Sachs, Sing Chau Ng, Tara S Kent, A James Moser, Alexander L Vahrmeijer, Mark P Callery, Jennifer F Tseng Neoadjuvant therapy affects margins and margins affect all: perioperative and survival outcomes in resected pancreatic adenocarcinoma BACKGROUND: Resection margin status is an important prognostic factor in pancreatic cancer; however, the impact of positive resection margins in those who received neoadjuvant therapy remains unclear. The current study investigates the prognostic impact of resection margin status after neoadjuvant t... 2/11/2018
Abraham Pedroza-Torres, Alma D Campos-Parra, Oliver Millan-Catalan, Yahir A Loissell-Baltazar, Horacio Zamudio-Meza, David Cantú de León, Gonzalo Montalvo-Esquivel, David Isla-Ortiz, Luis A Herrera, Óscar Ángeles-Zaragoza, Guadalupe Robelo-Romero, Ángel Herrera-Gómez, Carlos Pérez-Plasencia MicroRNA-125 modulates radioresistance through targeting p21 in cervical cancer Cervical cancer (CC) is one of the most common cancers diagnosed in women worldwide, and it is estimated that ~500,000 new patients are diagnosed with cervical cancer annually and that ~270,000 deaths occur each year. Patients with cervical cancer are treated with different radiotherapy schedules, e... 2/6/2018
Harold Watson, Ariel Perez, Kwabena Ayesu, Faisal Musa, Jose Sarriera, Mario Madruga, Steve J Carlan Inherited factor II deficiency with paradoxical hypercoagulability: a case report : Congenital deficiency of factor II is a very rare autosomal recessive disorder that can result in a bleeding diathesis. Genotypically, individuals are either homozygous for a defective prothrombin gene or a compound heterozygote with different mutated prothrombin genes inherited from each parent. ... 2/2/2018
Patrick T Kelly, Michael J Vanni, William H Renwick Assessing uncertainty in annual nitrogen, phosphorus, and suspended sediment load estimates in three agricultural streams using a 21-year dataset Accurate estimation of constituent loads is important for studies of ecosystem mass balance or total maximum daily loads. In response, there has been an effort to develop methods to increase both accuracy and precision of constituent load estimates. The relationship between constituent concentration... 1/23/2018
Mario Matiotti-Neto, Mariam F Eskander, Omidreza Tabatabaie, Gyulnara Kasumova, Lindsay A Bliss, Sing Chau Ng, Nicholas E Tawa, Blanche Murphy, Jonathan F Critchlow, Jennifer F Tseng Percutaneous <em>versus</em> Cut-Down Technique for Indwelling Port Placement The superiority of surgical cut-down of the cephalic vein versus percutaneous catheterization of the subclavian vein for the insertion of totally implantable venous access devices (TIVADs) is debated. To compare the safety and efficacy of surgical cut-down versus percutaneous placement of TIVADs. Th... 1/17/2018
Susanna W L de Geus, Gyulnara G Kasumova, Mariam F Eskander, Sing Chau Ng, Tara S Kent, A James Moser, Alexander L Vahrmeijer, Mark P Callery, Jennifer F Tseng Is Neoadjuvant Therapy Sufficient in Resected Pancreatic Cancer Patients? A National Study CONCLUSIONS: Our results using national data suggest that after receipt of neoadjuvant therapy and pancreatectomy, additional postoperative therapy may not provide additional survival benefit. These data warrant further prospective data collection and consideration for clinical trials. 12/14/2017
Nufar Marcus, Keren Smuel, Moran Almog, Dario Prais, Rachel Straussberg, Daniel Landau, Oded Scheuerman Successful Intravenous Immunoglobulin Treatment in Pediatric Severe DRESS Syndrome CONCLUSION: The addition of IVIG in DRESS syndrome resistant to regular drug withdrawal and systemic corticosteroid therapy may hasten disease recovery. 12/5/2017
Scott L Zuckerman, Patrick D Kelly, Michael C Dewan, Peter J Morone, Aaron M Yengo-Kahn, Jordan A Magarik, Ronnie E Baticulon, Edie E Zusman, Gary S Solomon, John C Wellons Predicting Resident Performance from Preresidency Factors: A Systematic Review and Applicability to Neurosurgical Training CONCLUSION: Standardized testing most strongly correlated with future examination performance but correlated poorly with faculty evaluations. Moderate predictors of faculty evaluations were aggregate rank scores, letters of recommendation, and athletic or musical talent. The ability to predict succe... 11/28/2017
Daniel Castillo, Juan Manuel Gálvez, Luis Javier Herrera, Belén San Román, Fernando Rojas, Ignacio Rojas Integration of RNA-Seq data with heterogeneous microarray data for breast cancer profiling CONCLUSIONS: This work proposes a novel data integration stage in the traditional gene expression analysis pipeline through the combination of heterogeneous data from microarrays and RNA-Seq technologies. Available samples have been successfully classified using a subset of six genes obtained by a f... 11/22/2017
Cameron C Bright, Matthew B Prendergast, Patrick D Kelly, James P Bezzina, Stephen J Blanksby, Gabriel da Silva, Adam J Trevitt Highly efficient gas-phase reactivity of protonated pyridine radicals with propene Small nitrogen containing heteroaromatics are fundamental building blocks for many biological molecules, including the DNA nucleotides. Pyridine, as a prototypical N-heteroaromatic, has been implicated in the chemical evolution of many extraterrestrial environments, including the atmosphere of Titan... 11/21/2017
Patrick John Kelly, Liza Köster, Jing Li, Jilei Zhang, Ke Huang, Gillian Carmichael Branford, Silvia Marchi, Michel Vandenplas, Chengming Wang Survey of vector-borne agents in feral cats and first report of Babesia gibsoni in cats on St Kitts, West Indies CONCLUSIONS: Our study provides the first evidence that cats can be infected with B. gibsoni and also indicates that cats in the Caribbean may be commonly exposed to other vector-borne agents including SFGR, E. canis and B. vogeli. Animal health workers should be alerted to the possibility of clinic... 11/15/2017
Eduardo López-Urrutia, Alma Campos-Parra, Luis Alonso Herrera, Carlos Pérez-Plasencia Alternative splicing regulation in tumor necrosis factor-mediated inflammation It is generally accepted that alternative splicing has an effect on disease when it leads to conspicuous changes in relevant proteins, but that the combinatorial effect of several small modifications can have marked outcomes as well. Inflammation is a complex process involving numerous signaling pat... 11/9/2017
Zhi Rong Qian, Douglas A Rubinson, Jonathan A Nowak, Vicente Morales-Oyarvide, Richard F Dunne, Margaret M Kozak, Marisa W Welch, Lauren K Brais, Annacarolina Da Silva, Tingting Li, Wanwan Li, Atsuhiro Masuda, Juhong Yang, Yan Shi, Mancang Gu, Yohei Masugi, Justin Bui, Caitlin L Zellers, Chen Yuan, Ana Babic, Natalia Khalaf, Andrew Aguirre, Kimmie Ng, Rebecca A Miksad, Andrea J Bullock, Daniel T Chang, Jennifer F Tseng, Thomas E Clancy, David C Linehan, Jennifer J Findeis-Hosey, Leona A Doyle, Aaron R Thorner, Matthew Ducar, Bruce Wollison, Angelica Laing, William C Hahn, Matthew Meyerson, Charles S Fuchs, Shuji Ogino, Jason L Hornick, Aram F Hezel, Albert C Koong, Brian M Wolpin Association of Alterations in Main Driver Genes With Outcomes of Patients With Resected Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma CONCLUSIONS AND RELEVANCE: Patient outcomes are associated with alterations of the 4 main driver genes in resected pancreatic adenocarcinoma. 11/4/2017
Todd A Pezzi, Chad Tang, Cameron W Swanick, Penny Fang, Kenneth Hess, Ting Xu, Stephen M Hahn, Joe Y Chang, Zhongxing Liao, Daniel Gomez Patterns and correlates of treatment failure in relation to isodose distribution in non-small cell lung cancer: An analysis of 1522 patients in the modern era CONCLUSION: In this large study of patients treated in the modern era with varying dose fractionation regimens, higher BED was associated with improved freedom from in-field failure, and that this relationship appeared to be consistent with the classically described sigmoid shape. We also found that... 10/22/2017
Angela C Webster, James Hedley, Abhijit Patekar, Paul Robertson, Patrick J Kelly Australia and New Zealand Islets and Pancreas Transplant Registry Annual Report 2017-Pancreas Waiting List, Recipients, and Donors This is a registry report from the Australia and New Zealand Islet and Pancreas Transplant Registry. We report data for all solid organ pancreas transplant activity from inception in 1984 to end of 2016. Data analysis was performed using Stata Software version 14 (StataCorp, College Station, Tex). F... 10/14/2017
Vicente Morales-Oyarvide, Douglas A Rubinson, Richard F Dunne, Margaret M Kozak, Justin L Bui, Chen Yuan, Zhi Rong Qian, Ana Babic, Annacarolina Da Silva, Jonathan A Nowak, Natalia Khalaf, Lauren K Brais, Marisa W Welch, Caitlin L Zellers, Kimmie Ng, Daniel T Chang, Rebecca A Miksad, Andrea J Bullock, Jennifer F Tseng, Richard S Swanson, Thomas E Clancy, David C Linehan, Jennifer J Findeis-Hosey, Leona A Doyle, Jason L Hornick, Shuji Ogino, Charles S Fuchs, Aram F Hezel, Albert C Koong, Brian M Wolpin Lymph node metastases in resected pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma: predictors of disease recurrence and survival CONCLUSIONS: American Joint Committee on Cancer 8th edition LN classification is an effective and practical tool to predict outcomes in patients with resected PDAC. However, the prognostic value of LN metastases is attenuated in patients with positive resection margins and distal pancreatectomies. 10/6/2017
Jennifer Tseng, Mitchell C Posner An Update on Randomized Clinical Trials in Gastric Cancer The optimal treatment of esophageal cancer is still being defined. The timing of surgical management and the application of chemotherapy and radiation in the neoadjuvant and adjuvant settings have been studied in several prospective, randomized, controlled trials. This article outlines some of the h... 9/20/2017
Maarten R Struyvenberg, Zhi Ven Fong, Camilia R Martin, Jennifer F Tseng, Thomas E Clancy, Carlos Fernández-Del Castillo, Hanna J Tillman, Melena D Bellin, Steven D Freedman Impact of Treatments on Diabetic Control and Gastrointestinal Symptoms After Total Pancreatectomy CONCLUSIONS: After TP, CSII therapy is safe compared with MDIs in T3cDM and not associated with an increase in severe hypoglycemic events. Pancreatic enzyme replacement therapy is highly variable with low doses associated with unintentional weight loss and gastrointestinal symptoms. 9/14/2017
Diego Oliva-Rico, Luis A Herrera Regulated expression of the lncRNA TERRA and its impact on telomere biology The telomere protects against genomic instability by minimizing the accelerated end resection of the genetic material, a phenomenon that results in severe chromosome instability that could favor the transformation of a cell by enabling the emergence of tumor-promoting mutations. Some mechanisms that... 9/11/2017
Patrick M Kelly, Niall O Keely, Sandra A Bright, Bassem Yassin, Gloria Ana, Darren Fayne, Daniela M Zisterer, Mary J Meegan Novel Selective Estrogen Receptor Ligand Conjugates Incorporating Endoxifen-Combretastatin and Cyclofenil-Combretastatin Hybrid Scaffolds: Synthesis and Biochemical Evaluation Nuclear receptors such as the estrogen receptors (ERα and ERβ) modulate the effects of the estrogen hormones and are important targets for design of innovative chemotherapeutic agents for diseases such as breast cancer and osteoporosis. Conjugate and bifunctional compounds which incorporate an ER ... 9/1/2017
Jay-Jiguang Zhu, Petya Demireva, Andrew A Kanner, Susan Pannullo, Maximilian Mehdorn, Nicholas Avgeropoulos, Andrea Salmaggi, Antonio Silvani, Samuel Goldlust, Carlos David, Alexandra Benouaich-Amiel, Zvi Ram on behalf of the EF-14 Trial Investigators Health-related quality of life, cognitive screening, and functional status in a randomized phase III trial (EF-14) of tumor treating fields with temozolomide compared to temozolomide alone in newly diagnosed glioblastoma We characterized health-related quality of life (HRQoL), cognitive, and functional status in newly diagnosed glioblastoma (GBM) patients receiving Tumor treating fields (TTFields) with temozolomide (TMZ) versus TMZ alone in a planned interim analysis of a randomized phase III trial [NCT00916409], wh... 8/30/2017
Lainie P Martin, Jason A Konner, Kathleen N Moore, Shelly M Seward, Ursula A Matulonis, Raymond P Perez, Ying Su, Anna Berkenblit, Rodrigo Ruiz-Soto, Michael J Birrer Characterization of folate receptor alpha (FRα) expression in archival tumor and biopsy samples from relapsed epithelial ovarian cancer patients: A phase I expansion study of the FRα-targeting antibody-drug conjugate mirvetuximab soravtansine CONCLUSION: Concordance of FRα expression in biopsy versus archival tumor samples suggests that archival tissue can reliably identify patients with receptor-positive tumors and is appropriate for patient selection in mirvetuximab soravtansine clinical trials. Regardless of the tissue source analyze... 8/28/2017
Karen M J Waller, Kate R Wyburn, Nicholas A Shackel, Michael J O'Leary, Patrick J Kelly, Angela C Webster Hepatitis Transmission Risk in Kidney Transplantation (the HINT study): A Cross-Sectional Survey of Transplant Clinicians in Australia and New Zealand CONCLUSIONS: Despite broadly consistent interpretations of hepatitis serology, transplant suitability decisions varied and often diverged from guidelines. Improved decision support may reduce clinician variability. 7/22/2017
Susanna W L de Geus, Mariam F Eskander, Gyulnara G Kasumova, Sing Chau Ng, Tara S Kent, Joseph D Mancias, Mark P Callery, Anand Mahadevan, Jennifer F Tseng Stereotactic body radiotherapy for unresected pancreatic cancer: A nationwide review CONCLUSIONS: SBRT is associated with a significantly better outcome than chemotherapy alone or in conjunction with traditional EBRT. These results support the idea that SBRT is a promising treatment approach for patients with unresected pancreatic cancer. Cancer 2017;123:4158-4167. © 2017 American ... 7/15/2017
Gyulnara G Kasumova, Omidreza Tabatabaie, Robert M Najarian, Mark P Callery, Sing Chau Ng, Andrea J Bullock, Robert A Fisher, Jennifer F Tseng Surgical Management of Gallbladder Cancer: Simple Versus Extended Cholecystectomy and the Role of Adjuvant Therapy CONCLUSIONS: Adjuvant therapy prolongs survival after resection of T2/T3 tumors. Simple cholecystectomy with adjuvant therapy appears to be superior to extended resection alone in the short term and may serve as a potential alternative to re-resection in select high-risk individuals. 7/11/2017
Imelda Martínez-Ramírez, Víctor Del-Castillo-Falconi, Irma B Mitre-Aguilar, Alfredo Amador-Molina, Adela Carrillo-García, Elizabeth Langley, Alejandro Zentella-Dehesa, Ernesto Soto-Reyes, Alejandro García-Carrancá, Luis A Herrera, Marcela Lizano SOX2 as a New Regulator of HPV16 Transcription Persistent infections with high-risk human papillomavirus (HPV) constitute the main risk factor for cervical cancer development. HPV16 is the most frequent type associated to squamous cell carcinomas (SCC), followed by HPV18. The long control region (LCR) in the HPV genome contains the replication o... 7/6/2017
Jorge Fernandez-Retana, Horacio Zamudio-Meza, Miguel Rodriguez-Morales, Abraham Pedroza-Torres, David Isla-Ortiz, Luis Herrera, Nadia Jacobo-Herrera, Oscar Peralta-Zaragoza, César López-Camarillo, Fermin Morales-Gonzalez, David Cantu de Leon, Carlos Pérez-Plasencia Gene signature based on degradome-related genes can predict distal metastasis in cervical cancer patients Cervical cancer is one of the leading causes of death in women worldwide, which mainly affects developing countries. The patients who suffer a recurrence and/or progression disease have a higher risk of developing distal metastases. Proteases comprising the degradome given its ability to promote cel... 6/23/2017
Rodrigo Cáceres-Gutiérrez, Luis A Herrera Centromeric Non-coding Transcription: Opening the Black Box of Chromosomal Instability? In eukaryotes, mitosis is tightly regulated to avoid the generation of numerical chromosome aberrations, or aneuploidies. The aneuploid phenotype is a consequence of chromosomal instability (CIN), i.e., an enhanced rate of chromosome segregation errors, which is frequently found in cancer cells and ... 6/13/2017
Ismail Mert, Jasdeep Chhina, Ghassan Allo, Jing Dai, Shelly Seward, Mark S Carey, Marta Llaurado, Shailendra Giri, Ramandeep Rattan, Adnan R Munkarah Synergistic effect of MEK inhibitor and metformin combination in low grade serous ovarian cancer CONCLUSIONS: Metformin alone or in combination with MEK and glycolytic inhibitors may be a potential therapy for LGSOC, a cancer that is indolent but chemo-resistant. 5/27/2017
Nosayaba Osazuwa-Peters, Eric Adjei Boakye, Adnan S Hussaini, Nanthiya Sujijantarat, Rajan N Ganesh, Matthew Snider, Devin Thompson, Mark A Varvares Characteristics and predictors of oral cancer knowledge in a predominantly African American community CONCLUSIONS: There was lower oral cancer knowledge among African Americans and those with low education. The prevalence of smoking was also very high. Understanding predictors of oral cancer knowledge is important in future design of educational interventions specifically targeted towards high-risk ... 5/26/2017
Julia Mendoza-Pérez, Jian Gu, Luis A Herrera, Nizar M Tannir, Shanyu Zhang, Surena Matin, Jose A Karam, Christopher G Wood, Xifeng Wu Prognostic significance of promoter CpG island methylation of obesity-related genes in patients with nonmetastatic renal cell carcinoma CONCLUSIONS: Somatic alterations of promoter methylation in the NPY, LEP, and LEPR genes are involved in RCC tumorigenesis. Furthermore, LEPR methylation appears to be associated with RCC recurrence. Future research to elucidate the biology underlying this association is warranted. Cancer 2017;123:3... 5/26/2017
Omidreza Tabatabaie, Gyulnara G Kasumova, Tara S Kent, Mariam F Eskander, Ayotunde B Fadayomi, Sing Chau Ng, Jonathan F Critchlow, Nicholas E Tawa, Jennifer F Tseng Upper extremity deep venous thrombosis after port insertion: What are the risk factors? CONCLUSION: This study identified major risk factors of upper extremity deep venous thrombosis. Further studies are needed to evaluate the appropriateness of thromboprophylaxis in patients at greater risk of upper extremity deep venous thrombosis. 5/25/2017
Evgenia Gurevich, Daniel Landau SEVERE INFANTILE HYPOPHOSPHATASIA Hypophosphatasia is the inborn error of metabolism that is characterized by low serum alkaline-phosphatase activity, due to loss-of-function mutations within the gene for tissuenonspecific isoenzyme of alkaline phosphatase [TNSALP]. The manifestations of hypophosphatasia range from neonatal death wi... 5/23/2017
Aileen L Green, Ulas Bagci, Sarfaraz Hussein, Patrick V Kelly, Razi Muzaffar, Brent A Neuschwander-Tetri, Medhat M Osman Brown adipose tissue detected by PET/CT imaging is associated with less central obesity CONCLUSION: The findings suggest that active BAT detected by F-FDG PET/CT is associated with less central obesity and liver fat. The presence of foci of BAT may be protective against features of the metabolic syndrome. 5/17/2017
Cameron W Swanick, Patricia J Eifel, Jinhai Huo, Larissa A Meyer, Grace L Smith Challenges to delivery and effectiveness of adjuvant radiation therapy in elderly patients with node-positive vulvar cancer CONCLUSIONS: In this cohort of older women with node-positive vulvar cancer, achieving metrics for RT delivery was an important factor for optimizing disease benefits from treatment. 5/17/2017
Gyulnara G Kasumova, Mariam F Eskander, Susanna W L de Geus, Mario Matiotti Neto, Omidreza Tabatabaie, Sing Chau Ng, Rebecca A Miksad, Anand Mahadevan, James R Rodrigue, Jennifer F Tseng Regional variation in the treatment of pancreatic adenocarcinoma: Decreasing disparities with multimodality therapy CONCLUSION: Regional variations exist in pancreatic cancer treatment and survival. While providing multimodality cancer-directed therapy can help mitigate these differences, survival with pancreatic cancer needs to be interpreted in the context of overall health, underlying risk factors, and life ex... 5/11/2017
Kathleen N Moore, Hossein Borghaei, David M O'Malley, Woondong Jeong, Shelly M Seward, Todd M Bauer, Raymond P Perez, Ursula A Matulonis, Kelli L Running, Xiaoyan Zhang, Jose F Ponte, Rodrigo Ruiz-Soto, Michael J Birrer Phase 1 dose-escalation study of mirvetuximab soravtansine (IMGN853), a folate receptor α-targeting antibody-drug conjugate, in patients with solid tumors CONCLUSIONS: IMGN853 demonstrated a manageable safety profile and encouraging preliminary clinical activity, particularly in patients with ovarian cancer. The results establish a recommended phase 2 dosing of 6.0 mg/kg (based on adjusted ideal body weight) once every 3 weeks. Cancer 2017. © 2017 Am... 4/26/2017
Penny Fang, Cameron W Swanick, Todd A Pezzi, Zhongxing Liao, James Welsh, Steven H Lin, Daniel R Gomez Outcomes and toxicity following high-dose radiation therapy in 15 fractions for non-small cell lung cancer CONCLUSIONS: AHRT in 15 fractions can be safe and effective. Consideration for using AHRT with immunotherapy and sequential chemotherapy for improved out-of-radiation field and distant control is warranted. 4/22/2017
Jennifer Tseng, Alexandra Kyrillos, Erik Liederbach, Georgia G Spear, Jacob Ecanow, Chi-Hsiung Wang, Tom Czechura, Olga Kantor, Megan Miller, David J Winchester, Catherine E Pesce, Sarah Rabbitt, Katharine Yao Clinical accuracy of preoperative breast MRI for breast cancer CONCLUSIONS: Breast MRI provides greater accuracy for a third of patients undergoing preoperative MGM and U/S. Mammographic calcifications were associated with MRI clinical accuracy for patients with invasive cancer. 4/15/2017
Meir Mizrahi, Jennifer F Tseng, Daniel Wong, Nadine Tung, Mariam F Eskander, Tyler M Berzin, Douglas K Pleskow, Mandeep S Sawhney Chronic Pancreatitis-Like Change in BRCA2 Mutation Carriers CONCLUSIONS: Chronic pancreatitis-like changes, along with solid and cystic pancreatic lesions, were significantly more common in BRCA2 mutation carriers than in noncarriers. 4/5/2017
Elena Arechaga-Ocampo, Cesar Lopez-Camarillo, Nicolas Villegas-Sepulveda, Claudia H Gonzalez-De la Rosa, Isidro X Perez-Añorve, Reynalda Roldan-Perez, Ali Flores-Perez, Omar Peña-Curiel, Oscar Angeles-Zaragoza, Rosalva Rangel Corona, Juan A Gonzalez-Barrios, Raul Bonilla-Moreno, Oscar Del Moral-Hernandez, Luis A Herrera, Alejandro Garcia-Carranca Tumor suppressor miR-29c regulates radioresistance in lung cancer cells Radiotherapy is an important treatment option for non-small cell lung carcinoma patients. Despite the appropriate use of radiotherapy, radioresistance is a biological behavior of cancer cells that limits the efficacy of this treatment. Deregulation of microRNAs contributes to the molecular mechanism... 3/28/2017
Susanna W L de Geus, Mariam F Eskander, Lindsay A Bliss, Gyulnara G Kasumova, Sing Chau Ng, Mark P Callery, Jennifer F Tseng Neoadjuvant therapy versus upfront surgery for resected pancreatic adenocarcinoma: A nationwide propensity score matched analysis CONCLUSION: The survival impact of neoadjuvant therapy is stage-dependent. Neoadjuvant therapy does not disadvantage survival compared with conventional upfront surgery followed by adjuvant therapy in any stage, and is associated with a significant survival advantage in stage III pancreatic cancer. 3/26/2017
Yonatan Perez, Zamir Shorer, Keren Liani-Leibson, Pauline Chabosseau, Rotem Kadir, Michael Volodarsky, Daniel Halperin, Shiran Barber-Zucker, Hanna Shalev, Ruth Schreiber, Libe Gradstein, Evgenia Gurevich, Raz Zarivach, Guy A Rutter, Daniel Landau, Ohad S Birk SLC30A9 mutation affecting intracellular zinc homeostasis causes a novel cerebro-renal syndrome A novel autosomal recessive cerebro-renal syndrome was identified in consanguineous Bedouin kindred: neurological deterioration was evident as of early age, progressing into severe intellectual disability, profound ataxia, camptocormia and oculomotor apraxia. Brain MRI was normal. Four of the six af... 3/24/2017
Ivan Salgado-Ceballos, Jazmín Ríos, Delia Pérez-Montiel, Lenny Gallardo, Salim Barquet-Muñoz, Rosa Salcedo-Hernández, Carlos Pérez-Plasencia, Luis Alonso Herrera, David Francisco Cantú de León Is lymphadenectomy necessary in mucinous ovarian cancer? A single institution experience CONCLUSION: These results suggest that complete surgical staging with lymph node dissection has no effect on recurrence, disease-free period, and overall survival of patients with early stage MOC. 3/19/2017
Aditya Bardia, Ingrid A Mayer, Jennifer R Diamond, Rebecca L Moroose, Steven J Isakoff, Alexander N Starodub, Nikita C Shah, Joyce O'Shaughnessy, Kevin Kalinsky, Michael Guarino, Vandana Abramson, Dejan Juric, Sara M Tolaney, Jordan Berlin, Wells A Messersmith, Allyson J Ocean, William A Wegener, Pius Maliakal, Robert M Sharkey, Serengulam V Govindan, David M Goldenberg, Linda T Vahdat Efficacy and Safety of Anti-Trop-2 Antibody Drug Conjugate Sacituzumab Govitecan (IMMU-132) in Heavily Pretreated Patients With Metastatic Triple-Negative Breast Cancer Purpose Trop-2, expressed in most triple-negative breast cancers (TNBCs), may be a potential target for antibody-drug conjugates. Sacituzumab govitecan, an antibody-drug conjugate, targets Trop-2 for the selective delivery of SN-38, the active metabolite of irinotecan. Patients and Methods We evalua... 3/15/2017
Serena Byrd, Adnan S Hussaini, Jastin Antisdel Acute Vision Loss Following Endoscopic Sinus Surgery A 41-year-old female with a history of uterine cancer and Celiac and Raynaud's Disease presented to our institution with frequent migraines and nasal congestion. She underwent functional endoscopic sinus surgery (FESS) and experienced acute unilateral vision loss postoperatively. Rapid recognition o... 3/14/2017
Yolanda I Chirino, Claudia María García-Cuellar, Carlos García-García, Ernesto Soto-Reyes, Álvaro Román Osornio-Vargas, Luis A Herrera, Alejandro López-Saavedra, Javier Miranda, Raúl Quintana-Belmares, Irma Rosas Pérez, Yesennia Sánchez-Pérez Airborne particulate matter in vitro exposure induces cytoskeleton remodeling through activation of the ROCK-MYPT1-MLC pathway in A549 epithelial lung cells Airborne particulate matter with an aerodynamic diameter ≤10μm (PM(10)) is considered a risk factor for the development of lung cancer. Little is known about the cellular mechanisms by which PM(10) is associated with cancer, but there is evidence that its exposure can lead to an acquired invasive... 3/11/2017
Mary Masterman, Robert M Cronin, Sharon E Davis, Jared A Shenson, Gretchen P Jackson Adoption of Secure Messaging in a Patient Portal across Pediatric Specialties Few studies have explored adoption of patient portals for pediatric patients outside primary care or disease-specific applications. We examined use of patient-provider messaging in a patient portal across pediatric specialties during the three years after implementation of pediatric portal accounts ... 3/9/2017
Clare M Hamilton, Patrick J Kelly, Kenneth Boey, Tatiana M Corey, Hieuhanh Huynh, Deidra Metzler, Isabelle Villena, Chunlei Su, Elisabeth A Innes, Frank Katzer Predominance of atypical genotypes of Toxoplasma gondii in free-roaming chickens in St. Kitts, West Indies CONCLUSIONS: The results of this study highlight the greater genetic diversity of T. gondii circulating in the Caribbean region, with potentially different degrees of virulence to humans. 3/1/2017
Nora Álvarez-Águila, Hilary Cook, Diddier Prada, Aida Mota-García, Luis A Herrera, Alejandro Mohar-Betancourt, Abelardo Meneses-García, Felicia M Knaul Radiotherapy for Metastatic Breast Cancer in Mexico: Results from the 2015 National Survey CONCLUSIONS: Using a survey targeted at radio-oncologists, we analyzed the most important obstacles for accessing radiation therapy for metastatic breast cancer in Mexico. This information may be useful for healthcare decisions related to radiation therapy in women with breast cancer in Mexico. 2/28/2017
Omidreza Tabatabaie, Gyulnara G Kasumova, Mariam F Eskander, Jonathan F Critchlow, Nicholas E Tawa, Jennifer F Tseng Totally Implantable Venous Access Devices: A Review of Complications and Management Strategies CONCLUSIONS: Physicians should be familiar with port complications and their diagnosis and management. 1/21/2017
Haixiang Qiu, Patrick John Kelly, Jilei Zhang, Qinghua Luo, Yi Yang, Yongjiang Mao, Zhangping Yang, Jing Li, Hongzhuan Wu, Chengming Wang Molecular Detection of <em>Anaplasma</em> spp. and <em>Ehrlichia</em> spp. in Ruminants from Twelve Provinces of China Anaplasma spp. and Ehrlichia spp. are tick-transmitted bacteria that are of significant economic importance as they can infect large and small ruminants and also people. There is little information on anaplasmosis and ehrlichiosis in ruminants in China. 16S rRNA FRET-qPCRs were used to screen conven... 1/19/2017
Patrick H Kelly, Sarah M Bahr, Tiago D Serafim, Nadim J Ajami, Joseph F Petrosino, Claudio Meneses, John R Kirby, Jesus G Valenzuela, Shaden Kamhawi, Mary E Wilson The Gut Microbiome of the Vector Lutzomyia longipalpis Is Essential for Survival of Leishmania infantum The vector-borne disease leishmaniasis, caused by Leishmania species protozoa, is transmitted to humans by phlebotomine sand flies. Development of Leishmania to infective metacyclic promastigotes in the insect gut, a process termed metacyclogenesis, is an essential prerequisite for transmission. Bas... 1/19/2017
Olga Kantor, Catherine Pesce, Puneet Singh, Megan Miller, Jennifer Tseng, Chi-Hsiung Wang, David J Winchester, Katharine Yao Post-mastectomy radiation therapy and overall survival after neoadjuvant chemotherapy CONCLUSIONS: PMRT is associated with improved OS in patients with cN1 and cN2 disease after NAC and mastectomy. However, in the subgroup of patients that were ypN0 after NAC, PMRT improved OS for hormone-receptor negative patients but not hormone-receptor positive patients. 1/14/2017
Joanne B Weidhaas, Jonathan Harris, Dörthe Schaue, Allen M Chen, Robert Chin, Rita Axelrod, Adel K El-Naggar, Anurag K Singh, Thomas J Galloway, David Raben, Dian Wang, Chance Matthiesen, Vilija N Avizonis, Rafael R Manon, Omar Yumen, Phuc Felix Nguyen-Tan, Andy Trotti, Heath Skinner, Qiang Zhang, Robert L Ferris, David Sidransky, Christine H Chung The KRAS-Variant and Cetuximab Response in Head and Neck Squamous Cell Cancer: A Secondary Analysis of a Randomized Clinical Trial CONCLUSIONS AND RELEVANCE: Patients with the KRAS-variant with HNSCC significantly benefit from the addition of cetuximab to radiotherapy and cisplatin, and there is a significant interaction between the KRAS-variant and p16 status. Elevated TGF-β1 levels in patients with the KRAS-variant suggests ... 12/23/2016
Angela C Webster, Ashley B Irish, Patrick J Kelly Changing survival of people with myeloma and end stage kidney disease: A cohort study using Australian and New Zealand dialysis and transplant registry 1963-2013 CONCLUSIONS: The proportion of people with myeloma and ESKD remains stable, but their survival has progressively improved in Australia and New Zealand. On starting ESKD treatment with myeloma, a 59 year old without diabetes on peritoneal dialysis can expect a 45% 5 year survival, where a 75-year-old... 12/23/2016
Yi Yang, Patrick John Kelly, Jianfa Bai, Rong Zhang, Chengming Wang First Molecular Characterization of Bovine Leukemia Virus Infections in the Caribbean Bovine leukemia virus (BLV) is a retrovirus that causes enzootic bovine leucosis. To investigate the presence and genetic variability of BLV in the Caribbean for the first time, we preformed fluorescence resonance energy transfer (FRET)-PCR for the pol of BLV on DNA from whole blood of cattle from D... 12/16/2016
Gyulnara G Kasumova, Omidreza Tabatabaie, Mariam F Eskander, Abhishek Tadikonda, Sing Chau Ng, Jennifer F Tseng National Rise of Primary Pancreatic Carcinoid Tumors: Comparison to Functional and Nonfunctional Pancreatic Neuroendocrine Tumors CONCLUSIONS: Primary pancreatic carcinoid tumors are increasingly being diagnosed. Differentiating PNET subtypes plays an important role in prognostication. Resection remains a critical component of care. 12/15/2016
Israel Berger, Sunny Wu, Philip Masson, Patrick J Kelly, Fiona A Duthie, William Whiteley, Daniel Parker, David Gillespie, Angela C Webster Cognition in chronic kidney disease: a systematic review and meta-analysis CONCLUSIONS: Cognitive changes occur early in CKD, and skills decline at different rates. Orientation & Attention and Language are particularly affected. The cognitive impact of CKD is likely to diminish patients' capacity to engage with healthcare decisions. An individual's cognitive trajectory may... 12/15/2016
Mary I Butler, Deirdre McCartan, Anne Cooney, Patrick O Kelly, Izhar Ahmed, Dilly Little, Siobhan MacHale, Peter Conlon Outcomes of Renal Transplantation in Patients With Bipolar Affective Disorder and Schizophrenia: A National Retrospective Cohort Study CONCLUSIONS: Although consideration of psychiatric comorbidity is an important part of pretransplant assessment and selection, patients should not be discriminated against based on a diagnosis of BPAD or schizophrenia as there is no evidence that this negatively affects transplant outcomes. 11/27/2016
Gyulnara G Kasumova, W Charles Conway, Jennifer F Tseng The Role of Venous and Arterial Resection in Pancreatic Cancer Surgery Pancreatic cancer continues to carry a dismal prognosis with the majority of patients presenting at advanced stages of disease. Complete surgical resection remains essential for prolonging survival and increasing the possibility of cure. However, few patients will be resectable at diagnosis, with a ... 11/25/2016
Megan K Applewhite, Michael G White, Jennifer Tseng, Maryam K Mohammed, Frederic Mercier, Edwin L Kaplan, Peter Angelos, Tamara Vokes, Raymon H Grogan Normohormonal primary hyperparathyroidism is a distinct form of primary hyperparathyroidism CONCLUSION: Normohormonal primary hyperparathyroidism represents 22.5% of our primary hyperparathyroidism population, which is greater than reported previously. It is a distinct disease process from classic primary hyperparathyroidism in presentation, imaging, and operative findings. More hyperplasi... 11/22/2016
Mariam F Eskander, Susanna W L de Geus, Gyulnara G Kasumova, Sing Chau Ng, Waddah Al-Refaie, Gamze Ayata, Jennifer F Tseng Evolution and impact of lymph node dissection during pancreaticoduodenectomy for pancreatic cancer CONCLUSION: Contemporary patients have an adequate number of nodes examined during standard pancreaticoduodenectomy. This, along with rising rates of N1 cancer detection and improved survival for both node-positive and node-negative patients, suggest more accurate classification of lymph node status... 11/21/2016
Kyle Bauer, Alaina Lathrum, Osama Raslan, Patrick V Kelly, Yihua Zhou, Debra Hewing, Crystal Botkin, James A Turner, Medhat Osman Do Gadolinium-Based Contrast Agents Affect <sup>18</sup>F-FDG PET/CT Uptake in the Dentate Nucleus and the Globus Pallidus? A Pilot Study Gadolinium is toxic and to avoid its deposition in tissues, it must be chemically bonded with nonmetal ions to facilitate its excretion by the kidneys. High signal intensity in the dentate nucleus (DN) and globus pallidus (GP) on unenhanced T1-weighted MR images has been both morphologically and pat... 11/12/2016
Gustavo C Amaral, Luis E Y Herrera, Marcelo M Resende, Guilherme P Temporão, Patryk J Urban, Jean Pierre von der Weid Time-polarization multiplexing for increased output power of semiconductor optical amplifiers in the pulsed regime We present a setup capable of overcoming the saturation output power of semiconductor optical amplifiers operating in the pulsed regime. The concept is to couple different time delays to orthogonal polarization modes, amplify the pulses multiplexed in time, and use the polarization information to re... 11/10/2016
Marco A Andonegui-Elguera, Rodrigo E Cáceres-Gutiérrez, Fernando Luna-Maldonado, Alejandro López-Saavedra, José Díaz-Chávez, Fernanda Cisneros-Soberanis, Diddier Prada, Julia Mendoza-Pérez, Luis A Herrera BUB1 and SURVIVIN proteins are not degraded after a prolonged mitosis and accumulate in the nuclei of HCT116 cells Spindle poisons activate the spindle assembly checkpoint and prevent mitotic exit until cells die or override the arrest. Several studies have focused on spindle poison-mediated cell death, but less is known about consequences in cells that survive a mitotic arrest. During mitosis, proteins such as ... 11/8/2016
Hadas Alfandary, Daniel Landau Future considerations based on the information from Barrter's and Gitelman's syndromes PURPOSE OF REVIEW: Bartter and Gitelman syndromes are typical normotensive salt losing hypokalaemic tubulopathies. Their pathogenesis was gradually deciphered in the past 5 decades, first by typical salt balance studies and histopathology, followed by genetic characterization and discovery of the af... 11/1/2016
Xi Alex Peng, Patrick J Kelly, William R Mulley, Henry Pleass, Helen Pilmore, Angela C Webster Donor Characteristics of Pancreas Transplantation in Australia and New Zealand: A Cohort Study 1984-2014 CONCLUSIONS: Many donor characteristics have changed over time. The most significant changes appear to reflect changes in the general population, rather than changes in donor selection. 11/1/2016
Cameron W Swanick, Katherine O Castle, Sastry Vedam, Mark F Munsell, Lehendrick M Turner, Gaiane M Rauch, Anuja Jhingran, Patricia J Eifel, Ann H Klopp Comparison of Computed Tomography- and Magnetic Resonance Imaging-based Clinical Target Volume Contours at Brachytherapy for Cervical Cancer CONCLUSIONS: We recommend MRI-based brachytherapy planning for patients with tumors >5 cm and parametrial invasion on MRI at diagnosis and for those with a high BMI. 10/30/2016
Yuanshui Zheng, Yixiu Kang, Omar Zeidan, Niek Schreuder An end-to-end assessment of range uncertainty in proton therapy using animal tissues Accurate assessment of range uncertainty is critical in proton therapy. However, there is a lack of data and consensus on how to evaluate the appropriate amount of uncertainty. The purpose of this study is to quantify the range uncertainty in various treatment conditions in proton therapy, using tra... 10/27/2016
Mariam F Eskander, Lindsay A Bliss, Ellen P McCarthy, Susanna W L de Geus, Sing Chau Ng, Deborah Nagle, James R Rodrigue, Jennifer F Tseng Massachusetts Healthcare Reform and Trends in Emergent Colon Resection CONCLUSIONS: There was a unique and sustained decline in the rate of emergent colon resection among publically insured and uninsured patients after 2006 in Massachusetts, in contradistinction to the national pattern, suggesting improved access to care associated with health insurance expansion. The ... 10/18/2016
Jared Andrew Shenson, Ryan Christopher Adams, S Toufeeq Ahmed, Anderson Spickard Formation of a New Entity to Support Effective Use of Technology in Medical Education: The Student Technology Committee CONCLUSIONS: Students should have an integral role in advancing medical education technology to improve training for 21st-century physicians. The student technology committee model provides a framework for this integration, can be readily implemented at other institutions, and creates immediate valu... 10/13/2016
Mariam F Eskander, Emily F Schapira, Lindsay A Bliss, Nikki M Burish, Abhishek Tadikonda, Sing Chau Ng, Jennifer F Tseng Keeping it in the family: the impact of marital status and next of kin on cancer treatment and survival CONCLUSIONS: Marriage status was associated with improved outcomes for certain cancers whereas familial relationship with NOK was not. 10/8/2016
Martin Hua, Tristan Boonstra, Patrick J Kelly, Andrew Wilson, Jonathan C Craig, Angela C Webster QUALITY OF HEALTH TECHNOLOGY ASSESSMENT REPORTS PREPARED FOR THE MEDICAL SERVICES ADVISORY COMMITTEE CONCLUSIONS: HTA reports prepared for MSAC are a key tool in allocating scarce health resources. The overall quality of these reports has improved, but the reporting of specific domains and subthemes therein could be better addressed. 10/4/2016
Jared A Shenson, Jennifer N Craig, Sarah L Rohde Effect of Preoperative Counseling on Hospital Length of Stay and Readmissions after Total Laryngectomy Objective Total laryngectomy (TL) is a high-cost procedure with patients at risk for significant postoperative health care use. Face-to-face preoperative counseling provided by speech-language pathologists is a relatively inexpensive intervention that may improve care quality and decrease costs. We ... 9/29/2016
Cameron W Swanick, Pamela K Allen, Randa Tao, Adenike M Olanrewaju, Jordan R Sutton, Steven H Lin, James Welsh, Prajnan Das, Joe Y Chang, Christopher H Crane, Daniel R Gomez Incidence and predictors of chest wall toxicity after high-dose radiation therapy in 15 fractions CONCLUSIONS: Hypofractionated RT with 15 fraction regimens results in an acceptable incidence of CW toxicity, specifically CW pain. We recommend a dose constraint of V40 <150 cm³ to minimize this adverse event. 9/18/2016
Sjors Klompmaker, Desley M van Zoggel, Ammara A Watkins, Mariam F Eskander, Jennifer F Tseng, Marc G Besselink, A James Moser Nationwide Evaluation of Patient Selection for Minimally Invasive Distal Pancreatectomy Using American College of Surgeons' National Quality Improvement Program CONCLUSIONS: Current selection factors for ODP or MIDP (benign disease, tumor size, and BMI) do not mitigate the risk of major morbidity. We found no evidence that MIDP should be avoided based on tumor etiology or size, BMI, or patient physical status. 9/9/2016
Alma Delia Campos-Parra, Alejandra Padua-Bracho, Abraham Pedroza-Torres, Gabriela Figueroa-González, Jorge Fernández-Retana, Oliver Millan-Catalan, Oscar Peralta-Zaragoza, David Cantú de León, Luis A Herrera, Carlos Pérez-Plasencia Comprehensive transcriptome analysis identifies pathways with therapeutic potential in locally advanced cervical cancer CONCLUSIONS: Through comprehensive genomic and transcriptomic analyses, this work provides information regarding signaling pathways with promising therapeutic targets, suggesting novel target therapies to be considered in future clinical trials for LACC patients. 9/2/2016
Kathleen N Moore, James J Java, Katrina N Slaughter, Peter G Rose, Rachelle Lanciano, Paul A DiSilvestro, J Tate Thigpen, Yi-Chun Lee, Krishnansu S Tewari, Junzo Chino, Shelly M Seward, David S Miller, Ritu Salani, David H Moore, Frederick B Stehman Is age a prognostic biomarker for survival among women with locally advanced cervical cancer treated with chemoradiation? An NRG Oncology/Gynecologic Oncology Group ancillary data analysis CONCLUSION: This represents a large analysis of patients treated for LACC with chemo/radiation, approximately 20% of whom were >60years of age. Older patients, had higher rates of incomplete brachytherapy which is not explained by collected toxicity data. Age did not adversely impact completion of c... 8/21/2016
Asim Amin, David H Lawson, April K S Salama, Henry B Koon, Troy Guthrie, Sajeve S Thomas, Steven J O'Day, Montaser F Shaheen, Bin Zhang, Stephen Francis, F Stephen Hodi Phase II study of vemurafenib followed by ipilimumab in patients with previously untreated BRAF-mutated metastatic melanoma CONCLUSIONS: VEM (960 mg twice daily for 6 weeks) followed by IPI 10 mg/kg has a manageable safety profile. The benefits/risks of BRAF inhibitors followed by immunotherapy should be evaluated further in light of continuing developments in treatment options for metastatic melanoma. 8/18/2016
Gyulnara G Kasumova, Mariam F Eskander, Tara S Kent, Sing Chau Ng, A James Moser, Muneeb Ahmed, Douglas K Pleskow, Mark P Callery, Jennifer F Tseng Hemorrhage after pancreaticoduodenectomy: does timing matter? CONCLUSIONS: Hemorrhage following pancreaticoduodenectomy remains common, resulting in significantly increased mortality. Hemorrhage during the second post-operative week carries approximately double the mortality of early bleeding, suggesting different etiologies requiring differing treatment appro... 8/16/2016
Philip Masson, Sradha Kotwal, Patrick J Kelly, Jonathan C Craig, Richard I Lindley, Martin Gallagher, Alan Cass, Angela C Webster Risk Factors for Stroke in People with End-Stage Kidney Disease: A Cohort Study CONCLUSIONS: These findings could be used to establish reliable estimates of the risk of stroke in people with ESKD and identify those who are most likely to benefit from preventive treatments. 8/10/2016
Peng Liu, Xiaohui Su, Mu Li, Hongmei Shen, Jun Yu, Patrick J Kelly, Fangang Meng, Lixiang Liu, Lijun Fan, Ming Li, Shoujun Liu, Dianjun Sun Should urinary iodine concentrations of school-aged children continue to be used as proxy for different populations? Analysis of data from Chinese national surveys I deficiency is a worldwide public health problem. Median urinary I concentration in school-aged children has been used globally as a proxy for all populations. This study aims to determine whether median urinary I concentration of school-aged children is an appropriate indicator of I nutritional st... 8/9/2016
Lindsay A Bliss, Mariam F Eskander, Tara S Kent, Ammara A Watkins, Susanna W L de Geus, Alessandra Storino, Sing Chau Ng, Mark P Callery, A James Moser, Jennifer F Tseng Early surgical bypass versus endoscopic stent placement in pancreatic cancer INTRODUCTION: The optimal treatment for biliary obstruction in pancreatic cancer remains controversial between surgical bypass and endoscopic stenting. 8/4/2016
Diddier Prada, Elena Colicino, Melinda C Power, Marc G Weisskopf, Jia Zhong, Lifang Hou, Avron Spiro, Pantel Vokonas, Kasey Brenan, Luis A Herrera, Joel Schwartz, Robert Wright, Howard Hu, Andrea A Baccarelli APOE ε4 allele modifies the association of lead exposure with age-related cognitive decline in older individuals CONCLUSIONS: Our findings suggest that individuals carrying both ε4 alleles are more susceptible to lead impact on global cognitive decline during aging. 7/31/2016
Claudette S Satchell, Merrilyn Walton, Patrick J Kelly, Elizabeth M Chiarella, Suzanne M Pierce, Marie T Nagy, Belinda Bennett, Terry Carney Corrigendum to: Approaches to management of complaints and notifications about health practitioners in Australia In 2005, the Australian Productivity Commission made a recommendation that a national health registration regimen and a consolidated national accreditation regimen be established. On 1 July 2010, the National Registration and Accreditation Scheme (NRAS) for health practitioners came into effect and ... 7/30/2016
Anthony W Ireland, Patrick J Kelly, Robert G Cumming State of origin: Australian states use widely different resources for hospital management of hip fracture, but achieve similar outcomes Objective Hospital management of hip fracture varies widely with regard to length of stay, delivery of post-surgical care and costs. The present study compares the association between hospital utilisation and costs and patient outcomes in the six Australian states. Methods The present study was a re... 7/30/2016
Patrick M Kelly, Sandra A Bright, Darren Fayne, Jade K Pollock, Daniela M Zisterer, D Clive Williams, Mary J Meegan Synthesis, antiproliferative and pro-apoptotic activity of 2-phenylindoles Breast cancer is the second most common cancer worldwide after lung cancer with the vast majority of early stage breast cancers being hormone-dependent. One of the major therapeutic advances in the clinical treatment of breast cancer has been the introduction of selective estrogen receptor modulator... 7/14/2016
Fernanda Cisneros-Soberanis, Marco A Andonegui, Luis A Herrera miR-125b-1 is repressed by histone modifications in breast cancer cell lines CONCLUSION: The miR-125b-1 is repressed by different epigenetic mechanisms depending on the breast cancer subtype and that miR-125b-1 reactivation specifically eliminates the effect of repressive histone modifications on the expression of an pro-apoptotic target. 7/8/2016
Megan E Miller, Alexandra Kyrillos, Katharine Yao, Olga Kantor, Jennifer Tseng, David J Winchester, Lawrence N Shulman Utilization of Axillary Surgery for Patients With Ductal Carcinoma In Situ: A Report From the National Cancer Data Base CONCLUSIONS: Use of SLNB for DCIS is high with mastectomy, and nearly one fifth of the lumpectomy patients underwent SLNB. However, the performance of AS was strongly associated with the likelihood of upstaging in both groups, suggesting that surgical judgment plays an important role in this decisio... 6/24/2016
Terry Carney, Fleur Beaupert, Mary Chiarella, Belinda Bennett, Merrilyn Walton, Patrick J Kelly, Claudette S Satchell Health complaints and regulatory reform: Implications for vulnerable populations? Complaints and disciplinary processes play a significant role in health professional regulation. Many countries are transitioning from models of self-regulation to greater external oversight through systems including meta-regulation, responsive (risk-based) regulation, and "networked governance". Su... 6/22/2016
Alejandro López-Saavedra, Miguel Ramírez-Otero, José Díaz-Chávez, Rodrigo Cáceres-Gutiérrez, Monserrat Justo-Garrido, Marco A Andonegui, Julia Mendoza, Ángela Downie-Ruíz, Carlo Cortés-González, Nancy Reynoso, Clementina Castro-Hernández, Guadalupe Domínguez-Gómez, Miguel Santibáñez, Eunice Fabián-Morales, Franz Pruefer, Fernando Luna-Maldonado, Rodrigo González-Barrios, Luis A Herrera MAD2γ, a novel MAD2 isoform, reduces mitotic arrest and is associated with resistance in testicular germ cell tumors CONCLUSIONS: Overexpression of MAD2γ may play a role in checkpoint disruption and is associated with resistance to cisplatin-based chemotherapy in TGCTs. 6/18/2016
Anthony W Ireland, Patrick J Kelly, Robert G Cumming Associations between hospital-based rehabilitation for hip fracture and two-year outcomes for mortality and independent living: An Australian database study of 1,724 elderly community-dwelling patients CONCLUSION: In-hospital rehabilitation substantially increases total hospital costs. It is associated with improved early and late survival, but not with the likelihood of living independently for up to 2 years after hip fracture. 6/18/2016
Cameron W Swanick, Xiudong Lei, Simona F Shaitelman, Pamela J Schlembach, Elizabeth S Bloom, Michelle C Fingeret, Eric A Strom, Welela Tereffe, Wendy A Woodward, Michael C Stauder, Tomas Dvorak, Alastair M Thompson, Thomas A Buchholz, Benjamin D Smith Longitudinal analysis of patient-reported outcomes and cosmesis in a randomized trial of conventionally fractionated versus hypofractionated whole-breast irradiation CONCLUSIONS: In this randomized trial, longitudinal outcomes did not appear to differ by treatment arm. Patient-reported functional and pain outcomes improved over time. These findings are relevant when counseling patients regarding decisions concerning radiotherapy. Cancer 2016. © 2016 American Ca... 6/16/2016
Roberto Herrera-Goepfert, Luis F Oñate-Ocaña, José Luis Mosqueda-Vargas, Luis A Herrera, Clementina Castro, Julia Mendoza, Rodrigo González-Barrios Methylation of DAPK and THBS1 genes in esophageal gastric-type columnar metaplasia CONCLUSION: DNA methylation occurs in cases of gastric-type (non-specialized) columnar metaplasia of the esophagus, and this modification is associated with H. pylori cagA positive infection. 5/17/2016
Cameron W Swanick, Benjamin D Smith Indications for adjuvant radiation therapy in breast cancer: a review of the evidence and recommendations for clinical practice Radiation therapy (RT) plays an important role in the curative management of all stages of breast cancer. The optimal application of adjuvant RT is an area of continuous investigation, and the indications for treatment are refined with each new trial. This article reviews the evidence for adjuvant R... 5/12/2016
Myrna Candelaria, Carmen Corrales-Alfaro, Olga Gutiérrez-Hernández, José Díaz-Chavez, Juan Labardini-Méndez, Silvia Vidal-Millán, Luis A Herrera Expression Levels of Human Equilibrative Nucleoside Transporter 1 and Deoxycytidine Kinase Enzyme as Prognostic Factors in Patients with Acute Myeloid Leukemia Treated with Cytarabine CONCLUSIONS: These results highly suggest that the pharmacogenetic analyses of Ara-C influx may be decisive in AML patients. 4/28/2016
Mary Linton B Peters, Jennifer F Tseng, Rebecca A Miksad Genetic Testing in Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma: Implications for Prevention and Treatment PURPOSE: This article reviews the progress to date and future directions for investigation of germline and somatic genetic testing to inform pancreatic adenocarcinoma (PDAC) treatment, screening, and prevention strategies. 4/5/2016
Raquibul Hannan, Vasu Tumati, Xian-Jin Xie, L Chinsoo Cho, Brian D Kavanagh, Jeffrey Brindle, David Raben, Akash Nanda, Susan Cooley, D W Nathan Kim, David Pistenmaa, Yair Lotan, Robert Timmerman Stereotactic body radiation therapy for low and intermediate risk prostate cancer-Results from a multi-institutional clinical trial CONCLUSION: SBRT treatment results in excellent biochemical control rates at 5 years for LR and IR PCa patients although doses greater than 47.5 Gy in five fractions led to increased severe late toxicity. 4/2/2016
Adnan S Hussaini, John J Dombrowski, E Stephen Bolesta, Ronald J Walker, Mark A Varvares Esthesioneuroblastoma with bilateral metastases to the parotid glands CONCLUSION: This case illustrates that delayed metastases in the setting of ENB are not limited to the cervical lymph nodes and, in rare instances, may involve the parotid glands. Surveillance should include the parotid lymph node basin with a high clinical index of suspicion in the setting of parot... 3/31/2016
Justin W Garyu, Mohamed Uduman, Alex Stewart, Jinxiu Rui, Songyan Deng, Jared Shenson, Matt M Staron, Susan M Kaech, Steven H Kleinstein, Kevan C Herold Characterization of Diabetogenic CD8+ T Cells: IMMUNE THERAPY WITH METABOLIC BLOCKADE Type 1 diabetes mellitus is caused by the killing of insulin-producing β cells by CD8+T cells. The disease progression, which is chronic, does not follow a course like responses to conventional antigens such as viruses, but accelerates as glucose tolerance deteriorates. To identify the unique featu... 3/20/2016
Jakub Zieg, Lucie Gonsorcikova, Daniel Landau Current views on the diagnosis and management of hypokalaemia in children CONCLUSION: Understanding the pathophysiology of hypokalaemic states, along with a detailed medical history, physical examination and specific laboratory tests are required for proper diagnosis and appropriate treatment. 3/15/2016
Jared A Shenson, Ebone Ingram, Nadja Colon, Gretchen Purcell Jackson Application of a Consumer Health Information Needs Taxonomy to Questions in Maternal-Fetal Care Pregnancy is a time when expectant mothers may have numerous questions about their unborn children, especially when congenital anomalies are diagnosed prenatally. We sought to characterize information needs of pregnant women seen in the Vanderbilt Children's Hospital Fetal Center. Participants recor... 3/10/2016
Ammara A Watkins, Lindsay A Bliss, Danielle B Cameron, Mariam F Eskander, Jennifer F Tseng, Tara S Kent Deconstructing the "July Effect" in Operative Outcomes: A National Study This study analyzes the relationship between hospital teaching status, failure to rescue, and time of year in select gastrointestinal operations. Procedure codes for laparoscopic cholecystectomy, colectomy, and pancreatectomy were queried from the Nationwide Inpatient Sample (2004-2011). Failure to ... 3/3/2016
Emma O'Lone, Michael Connors, Philip Masson, Sunny Wu, Patrick J Kelly, David Gillespie, Daniel Parker, William Whiteley, Giovanni F M Strippoli, Suetonia C Palmer, Jonathan C Craig, Angela C Webster Cognition in People With End-Stage Kidney Disease Treated With Hemodialysis: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis CONCLUSIONS: People treated with hemodialysis have impaired cognitive function compared to the general population, particularly in the domains of orientation and attention and executive function. Cognitive deficits in specific domains should be further explored in this population and should be consi... 2/28/2016
Patrick T Kelly, Nicola Craig, Christopher T Solomon, Brian C Weidel, Jacob A Zwart, Stuart E Jones Experimental whole-lake increase of dissolved organic carbon concentration produces unexpected increase in crustacean zooplankton density The observed pattern of lake browning, or increased terrestrial dissolved organic carbon (DOC) concentration, across the northern hemisphere has amplified the importance of understanding how consumer productivity varies with DOC concentration. Results from comparative studies suggest these increased... 2/27/2016
Nergiz Dagoglu, Mark Callery, James Moser, Jennifer Tseng, Tara Kent, Andrea Bullock, Rebecca Miksad, Joseph D Mancias, Anand Mahadevan Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy (SBRT) Reirradiation for Recurrent Pancreas Cancer CONCLUSIONS: SBRT can be a useful and tolerable option for patients with recurrent pancreas cancer after prior radiation. 2/27/2016
Annie McCluskey, Louise Ada, Patrick J Kelly, Sandy Middleton, Stephen Goodall, Jeremy M Grimshaw, Pip Logan, Mark Longworth, Aspasia Karageorge A behavior change program to increase outings delivered during therapy to stroke survivors by community rehabilitation teams: The Out-and-About trial CONCLUSION: The Out-and-About program did not change team or stroke survivor behavior. 2/25/2016
Daniel Landau, Harry J Hirsch, Varda Gross-Tsur Case report: severe asymptomatic hyponatremia in Prader-Willi Syndrome CONCLUSION: Hyponatremia should be suspected in children with Prader-Willi syndrome, especially in infants with severe failure to thrive. Further studies are needed to determine the pathophysiology of hyponatremia in this syndrome. 2/19/2016
Daniel Landau, Evgenia Gurevich, Levana Sinai-Treiman, Hannah Shalev Accentuated hyperparathyroidism in type II Bartter syndrome CONCLUSIONS: PTH, serum Pi levels, and urinary threshold for Pi reabsorption are significantly elevated in type II vs. type IV BS, suggesting a PTH resistance state. This may be a response to more severe long-standing hypercalciuria, leading to a higher rate of nephrocalcinosis in BS-II. 2/10/2016
Patrick D Kelly, Ahilan Sivaganesan, Silky Chotai, Scott L Parker, Matthew J McGirt, Clinton J Devin Matched-pair cohort study of 1-year patient-reported outcomes following pelvic fixation CONCLUSIONS: This matched cohort study demonstrates that inclusion of the pelvis in spinal hardware constructs is not associated with increased complications and may slightly improve patient disability at 1 year. Given that pelvic fixation may reduce L5-S1 breakdown and improve biomechanics, surgeon... 2/2/2016
Olga Hernández de la Cruz, Laurence A Marchat, Nancy Guillén, Christian Weber, Itzel López Rosas, José Díaz-Chávez, Luis Herrera, Arturo Rojo-Domínguez, Esther Orozco, César López-Camarillo Multinucleation and Polykaryon Formation is Promoted by the EhPC4 Transcription Factor in Entamoeba histolytica Entamoeba histolytica is the intestinal parasite responsible for human amoebiasis that is a leading cause of death in developing countries. In this protozoan, heterogeneity in DNA content, polyploidy and genome plasticity have been associated to alterations in mechanisms controlling DNA replication ... 1/22/2016
María del Mar Pérez, Razvan Ghinea, María José Rivas, Ana Yebra, Ana María Ionescu, Rade D Paravina, Luis Javier Herrera Development of a customized whiteness index for dentistry based on CIELAB color space CONCLUSION: The validation experiments under laboratory and typical clinical conditions revealed that the proposed index WID outperformed previous indices, being the only CIELAB-based index developed for evaluation of whiteness in dentistry. 1/19/2016
Amanda D Loftis, Patrick J Kelly, Christopher D Paddock, Keith Blount, Jason W Johnson, Elizabeth R Gleim, Michael J Yabsley, Michael L Levin, Lorenza Beati Panola Mountain Ehrlichia in Amblyomma maculatum From the United States and Amblyomma variegatum (Acari: Ixodidae) From the Caribbean and Africa Panola Mountain Ehrlichia (PME) has been suggested as an emerging pathogen of humans and dogs. Domestic goats and white-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus) are also susceptible and likely serve as reservoirs. Experimentally, both the lone star tick (Amblyomma americanum (L.)) and the Gulf Coast tic... 1/9/2016
Wen C Hsi, Andries N Schreuder, Omar Zeidan Utilization of optical tracking to assess efficacy of intracranial immobilization techniques in proton therapy We present a quantitative methodology to measure head interfraction movements within intracranial masks of commercial immobilization devices used for proton radiotherapy. A three-points tracking (3PtTrack) method was developed to measure the mask location for each treatment field over an average of ... 12/25/2015
Michael Phillips, Thomas L Bauer, Renee N Cataneo, Cassie Lebauer, Mayur Mundada, Harvey I Pass, Naren Ramakrishna, William N Rom, Eric Vallières Blinded Validation of Breath Biomarkers of Lung Cancer, a Potential Ancillary to Chest CT Screening CONCLUSIONS: Breath VOC mass ion biomarkers identified lung cancer in a separate independent cohort, in a blinded replicated study. Combining breath biomarkers with chest CT could potentially improve the sensitivity and specificity of lung cancer screening. 12/25/2015
Nosayaba Osazuwa-Peters, Kara M Christopher, Adnan S Hussaini, Anit Behera, Ronald J Walker, Mark A Varvares Predictors of stage at presentation and outcomes of head and neck cancers in a university hospital setting CONCLUSION: Disparities, such as race and health insurance status, are important predictors of stage at presentation of patients with head and neck cancer. © 2015 Wiley Periodicals, Inc. Head Neck 38: E1826-E1832, 2016. 12/24/2015
Daniel K Ho, Razvan Ghinea, Luis J Herrera, Nikola Angelov, Rade D Paravina Color Range and Color Distribution of Healthy Human Gingiva: a Prospective Clinical Study The aim of this study is to compile a comprehensive database on color range and color distribution of healthy human gingiva by age, gender and ethnicity. Spectral reflection of keratinized gingiva at upper central incisors was measured by spectroradiometer and converted into CIELAB values. Lightness... 12/23/2015
Conor M Finlay, Anna M Stefanska, Kevin P Walsh, Patrick J Kelly, Louis Boon, Ed C Lavelle, Patrick T Walsh, Kingston H G Mills Helminth Products Protect against Autoimmunity via Innate Type 2 Cytokines IL-5 and IL-33, Which Promote Eosinophilia Epidemiologic studies in humans have demonstrated that infection with helminth parasites is associated with a reduced risk of developing autoimmune diseases. Mechanistic studies in mice have linked the protective effect of helminths on autoimmunity to the suppressive activity of helminth-induced reg... 12/18/2015
Julia Mendoza-Pérez, Jian Gu, Luis A Herrera, Nizar M Tannir, Surena F Matin, Jose A Karam, Maosheng Huang, David W Chang, Christopher G Wood, Xifeng Wu Genomic DNA Hypomethylation and Risk of Renal Cell Carcinoma: A Case-Control Study CONCLUSIONS: Our findings suggest an association between global DNA hypomethylation and RCC risk. To establish global DNA hypomethylation as a risk factor for RCC, future prospective studies are warranted. This study may provide further understanding of the etiology of RCC tumorigenesis. 12/15/2015
Gurmeet K S Singh, Ben W R Balzer, Patrick J Kelly, Karen Paxton, Catherine I Hawke, David J Handelsman, Katharine S Steinbeck Urinary Sex Steroids and Anthropometric Markers of Puberty - A Novel Approach to Characterising Within-Person Changes of Puberty Hormones CONCLUSION: We have developed a feasible and valid sampling methodology and measurements for puberty hormones in urine, which allows a sampling frequency by which individual pubertal progression in adolescents can be described in depth. 11/25/2015
Claudette S Satchell, Merrilyn Walton, Patrick J Kelly, Elizabeth M Chiarella, Suzanne M Pierce, Marie T Nagy, Belinda Bennett, Terry Carney Approaches to management of complaints and notifications about health practitioners in Australia In 2005, the Australian Productivity Commission made a recommendation that a national health registration regimen and a consolidated national accreditation regimen be established. On 1 July 2010, the National Registration and Accreditation Scheme (NRAS) for health practitioners came into effect and ... 11/23/2015
Ariel Troib, Mayan Guterman, Ralph Rabkin, Daniel Landau, Yael Segev Endurance exercise and growth hormone improve bone formation in young and growth-retarded chronic kidney disease rats CONCLUSIONS: Treadmill exercise improves tibial bone linear growth, as well as growth plate local IGF-I. When combined with GH treatment, running exercise shows beneficial effects on trabecular bone formation, suggesting the potential benefit of this combination for CKD-related short stature and bon... 11/13/2015
Lindsay A Bliss, Lillias H Maguire, Zeling Chau, Catherine J Yang, Deborah A Nagle, Andrew T Chan, Jennifer F Tseng Readmission After Resections of the Colon and Rectum: Predictors of a Costly and Common Outcome CONCLUSIONS: Readmissions rates after colorectal surgery remain common and costly. Nonprivate insurance, IBD, and high hospital volume are significantly associated with readmission. 11/7/2015
Anand Mahadevan, Nergiz Dagoglu, Joseph Mancias, Kristin Raven, Khalid Khwaja, Jennifer F Tseng, Kimmie Ng, Peter Enzinger, Rebecca Miksad, Andrea Bullock, Amy Evenson Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy (SBRT) for Intrahepatic and Hilar Cholangiocarcinoma CONCLUSIONS: SBRT is an effective and reasonably safe local therapy option for unresectable intrahepatic or hilar cholangiocarcinoma. 10/31/2015
Randa Tao, Sunil Krishnan, Priya R Bhosale, Milind M Javle, Thomas A Aloia, Rachna T Shroff, Ahmed O Kaseb, Andrew J Bishop, Cameron W Swanick, Eugene J Koay, Howard D Thames, Theodore S Hong, Prajnan Das, Christopher H Crane Ablative Radiotherapy Doses Lead to a Substantial Prolongation of Survival in Patients With Inoperable Intrahepatic Cholangiocarcinoma: A Retrospective Dose Response Analysis CONCLUSION: Delivery of higher doses of RT improves LC and OS in inoperable IHCC. A BED greater than 80.5 Gy seems to be an ablative dose of RT for large IHCCs, with long-term survival rates that compare favorably with resection. 10/28/2015
Anand Mahadevan, Nergiz Dagoglu, Jennifer F Tseng, Khalid Khawaja, Amy Evenson Therapeutic Potential of Adjuvant Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy for Gallbladder Cancer Surgical treatment remains the only curative treatment for gallbladder cancer. However, even after liver resection, locoregional failure seems to be a significant problem. While there is no Level I evidence, multiple studies have shown benefit for adjuvant radiation in high-risk patients. After exte... 10/3/2015
Susanna W L de Geus, Lindsay A Bliss, Mariam F Eskander, Sing Chau Ng, Alexander L Vahrmeijer, Anand Mahadevan, Tara S Kent, A James Moser, Mark P Callery, Bert A Bonsing, Jennifer F Tseng A Tale of Two Cities: Reconsidering Adjuvant Radiation in Pancreatic Cancer Care Adjuvant chemotherapy plays a critical role in the treatment of resected pancreatic cancer patients. However, the role of adjuvant radiation remains controversial. This study compares survival between resected pancreatic cancer patients who received adjuvant radiation and no adjuvant radiation. Medi... 10/3/2015
Daniel Landau, Shannon Stockton An unusual cause of suicidal ideations While the differential for suicidal ideations is broad, it is known that pathologic brain issues are a cause. Here, a case is presented of a gentleman who had an unusual growth into his frontal lobe leading to the suicidal ideations. The fact that he is chronically immunosuppressed likely led to thi... 10/1/2015
Damar López-Arredondo, Sandra Isabel González-Morales, Elohim Bello-Bello, Gerardo Alejo-Jacuinde, Luis Herrera Engineering food crops to grow in harsh environments Achieving sustainable agriculture and producing enough food for the increasing global population will require effective strategies to cope with harsh environments such as water and nutrient stress, high temperatures and compacted soils with high impedance that drastically reduce crop yield. Recent a... 9/18/2015
Elizabeth Huerta-García, Sandra Gissela Márquez-Ramírez, María Del Pilar Ramos-Godinez, Alejandro López-Saavedra, Luis Alonso Herrera, Alberto Parra, Ernesto Alfaro-Moreno, Erika Olivia Gómez, Rebeca López-Marure Internalization of titanium dioxide nanoparticles by glial cells is given at short times and is mainly mediated by actin reorganization-dependent endocytosis Many nanoparticles (NPs) have toxic effects on multiple cell lines. This toxicity is assumed to be related to their accumulation within cells. However, the process of internalization of NPs has not yet been fully characterized. In this study, the cellular uptake, accumulation, and localization of ti... 9/6/2015
Razvan Ghinea, Oscar Pecho, Luis Javier Herrera, Ana Maria Ionescu, Juan de la Cruz Cardona, María Purificación Sanchez, Rade D Paravina, María del Mar Perez Predictive algorithms for determination of reflectance data from quantity of pigments within experimental dental resin composites CONCLUSIONS: Within the framework of this pilot study, the nonlinear predictive models developed allow the prediction, with a high degree of accuracy, of the reflectance spectrum of the experimental dental resin composites. 9/3/2015
Annie McCluskey, Louise Ada, Patrick J Kelly, Sandy Middleton, Stephen Goodall, Jeremy M Grimshaw, Pip Logan, Mark Longworth, Aspasia Karageorge Compliance with Australian stroke guideline recommendations for outdoor mobility and transport training by post-inpatient rehabilitation services: An observational cohort study CONCLUSION: The majority of service providers in the sample delivered little evidence-based outdoor mobility and travel training per stroke participant, as recommended in national stroke guidelines. 7/30/2015
Timothy J Daskivich, Dinchen A Jardine, Jennifer Tseng, Ricardo Correa, Brian C Stagg, Kristin M Jacob, Jared L Harwood Promotion of Wellness and Mental Health Awareness Among Physicians in Training: Perspective of a National, Multispecialty Panel of Residents and Fellows CONCLUSIONS: A multispecialty, national panel of trainees identified actionable goals to broaden efforts in programs and sponsoring institutions to promote resident wellness and mental health awareness. Engagement of all stakeholders within the graduate medical education community will be critical t... 7/29/2015
Lindsay A Bliss, Catherine J Yang, Mariam F Eskander, Susanna W L de Geus, Mark P Callery, Tara S Kent, A James Moser, Steven D Freedman, Jennifer F Tseng Surgical management of chronic pancreatitis: current utilization in the United States CONCLUSION: Chronic pancreatitis leads to numerous inpatient readmissions, but surgical intervention only occurs in a minority of cases. Complicated patients are more likely to undergo surgery. The complexities of chronic pancreatitis management warrant early multidisciplinary evaluation and ongoing... 7/29/2015
Philip Masson, Patrick J Kelly, Jonathan C Craig, Richard I Lindley, Angela C Webster Risk of Stroke in Patients with ESRD CONCLUSIONS: People with ESRD have a substantially higher risk of stroke, particularly women and young people, and hemorrhagic stroke. Future work could investigate effective and safe interventions for primary and secondary prevention of stroke in people with ESRD. 7/26/2015
Natalie A Plant, Patrick J Kelly, Stephen R Leeder, Mario D'Souza, Kylie-Ann Mallitt, Tim Usherwood, Stephen Jan, Steven C Boyages, Beverley M Essue, Justin McNab, James A Gillespie Coordinated care versus standard care in hospital admissions of people with chronic illness: a randomised controlled trial CONCLUSIONS: CN did not improve quality of life or reduce unplanned hospital presentations or admissions despite community health services almost doubling. Future service development should explore potential benefits of linking navigated intrahospital care to ongoing, proactive care planning and del... 7/2/2015
Jared A Shenson, Robert M Cronin, Sharon E Davis, Qingxia Chen, Gretchen Purcell Jackson Rapid growth in surgeons' use of secure messaging in a patient portal CONCLUSIONS: This study demonstrates rapid adoption of online secure messaging across surgical specialties with significant growth in its use for outpatient interaction. Some specialties, particularly those with long-term follow-up, interacted with patients more through secure messaging than in pers... 7/1/2015
Mariam F Eskander, Lindsay A Bliss, Osman K Yousafzai, Susanna W L de Geus, Sing Chau Ng, Mark P Callery, Tara S Kent, A James Moser, Khalid Khwaja, Jennifer F Tseng A nationwide assessment of outcomes after bile duct reconstruction CONCLUSION: This is the first national description of BDRs using a large database. In this diverse sampling, both procedure indication and patient characteristics influence morbidity and mortality. 6/23/2015
Lior Z Braunstein, Ming-Hui Chen, Daniel E Dosoretz, Sharon A Salenius, Michael J Katin, Akash Nanda, Anthony V D'Amico Whole Pelvis Versus Prostate-Only Radiotherapy With or Without Short-Course Androgen Deprivation Therapy and Mortality Risk CONCLUSION: Treatment with WPRT or short-course ADT is associated with a decreased risk of ACM, although a combination of the two does not yield greater benefit. This observation suggests a shared mechanism for this risk reduction, which we hypothesize to be via the treatment of micrometastatic dise... 5/25/2015
Felipe Vaca-Paniagua, Rosa María Alvarez-Gomez, Hector Aquiles Maldonado-Martínez, Carlos Pérez-Plasencia, Veronica Fragoso-Ontiveros, Federico Lasa-Gonsebatt, Luis Alonso Herrera, David Cantú, Enrique Bargallo-Rocha, Alejandro Mohar, Geoffroy Durand, Nathalie Forey, Catherine Voegele, Maxime Vallée, Florence Le Calvez-Kelm, James McKay, Maude Ardin, Stéphanie Villar, Jiri Zavadil, Magali Olivier Revealing the Molecular Portrait of Triple Negative Breast Tumors in an Understudied Population through Omics Analysis of Formalin-Fixed and Paraffin-Embedded Tissues Triple negative breast cancer (TNBC), defined by the lack of expression of the estrogen receptor, progesterone receptor and human epidermal receptor 2, is an aggressive form of breast cancer that is more prevalent in certain populations, in particular in low- and middle-income regions. The detailed ... 5/12/2015
Alexander N Starodub, Allyson J Ocean, Manish A Shah, Michael J Guarino, Vincent J Picozzi, Linda T Vahdat, Sajeve S Thomas, Serengulam V Govindan, Pius P Maliakal, William A Wegener, Steven A Hamburger, Robert M Sharkey, David M Goldenberg First-in-Human Trial of a Novel Anti-Trop-2 Antibody-SN-38 Conjugate, Sacituzumab Govitecan, for the Treatment of Diverse Metastatic Solid Tumors CONCLUSIONS: Sacituzumab govitecan had acceptable toxicity and encouraging therapeutic activity in patients with difficult-to-treat cancers. The 8 and 10 mg/kg doses were selected for phase II studies. 5/7/2015
Patrick D Kelly, Scott L Parker, Stephen K Mendenhall, Jesse E Bible, Priya Sivasubramaniam, David N Shau, Matthew J McGirt, Clinton J Devin Cost-effectiveness of cell saver in short-segment lumbar laminectomy and fusion (≤3 levels) CONCLUSION: Cell Saver is not a cost-effective intervention but may become cost effective if a threshold of expected intraoperative blood loss is used to select patients more judiciously. 5/2/2015
Andrew J Plassard, Patrick D Kelly, Andrew J Asman, Hakmook Kang, Mayur B Patel, Bennett A Landman Revealing Latent Value of Clinically Acquired CTs of Traumatic Brain Injury Through Multi-Atlas Segmentation in a Retrospective Study of 1,003 with External Cross-Validation Medical imaging plays a key role in guiding treatment of traumatic brain injury (TBI) and for diagnosing intracranial hemorrhage; most commonly rapid computed tomography (CT) imaging is performed. Outcomes for patients with TBI are variable and difficult to predict upon hospital admission. Quantitat... 4/28/2015
Clare M Hamilton, Patrick J Kelly, Paul M Bartley, Alison Burrells, Alice Porco, Deidra Metzler, Kirsten Crouch, Jennifer K Ketzis, Elisabeth A Innes, Frank Katzer Toxoplasma gondii in livestock in St. Kitts and Nevis, West Indies CONCLUSIONS: These results suggest widespread environmental contamination with T. gondii oocysts and that livestock could be a potentially important source of T. gondii infection if their infected meat is consumed (or handled) undercooked. 4/19/2015
Oded Scheuerman, Daniel Landau, Michael Schwarz, Vered Hoffer, Nufar Marcus, Liat Ashkenazi Hoffnung, Itzhak Levy Cervical Discitis in Children Cervical discitis, though rare, should be included in the differential diagnosis of torticollis, neck pain and neurodevelopmental regression in motor skills in children and infants. Magnetic resonance imaging is the diagnostic method of choice. Treatment should be conservative with antibiotics only.... 4/19/2015
Rade D Paravina, Razvan Ghinea, Luis J Herrera, Alvaro D Bona, Christopher Igiel, Mercedes Linninger, Maiko Sakai, Hidekazu Takahashi, Esam Tashkandi, Maria del Mar Perez Color difference thresholds in dentistry CONCLUSION: A 50:50% perceptibility and ATs were significantly different. The same is true for differences between two color difference formulas ΔE00 /ΔEab . Observer groups and sites showed high level of statistical difference in all thresholds. 4/18/2015
Catherine J Yang, Lindsay A Bliss, Steven D Freedman, Sunil Sheth, Charles M Vollmer, Sing Chau Ng, Mark P Callery, Jennifer F Tseng Surgery for chronic pancreatitis: the role of early surgery in pain management CONCLUSIONS: Results from a single institution analysis suggest early surgical intervention of 26.5 months or less of diagnosis is associated with improved pain control, and optimal timing for surgery may be earlier than previously thought. 4/18/2015
Chantal Loirat, Fadi Fakhouri, Gema Ariceta, Nesrin Besbas, Martin Bitzan, Anna Bjerre, Rosanna Coppo, Francesco Emma, Sally Johnson, Diana Karpman, Daniel Landau, Craig B Langman, Anne-Laure Lapeyraque, Christoph Licht, Carla Nester, Carmine Pecoraro, Magdalena Riedl, Nicole C A J van de Kar, Johan Van de Walle, Marina Vivarelli, Véronique Frémeaux-Bacchi, HUS International An international consensus approach to the management of atypical hemolytic uremic syndrome in children Atypical hemolytic uremic syndrome (aHUS) emerged during the last decade as a disease largely of complement dysregulation. This advance facilitated the development of novel, rational treatment options targeting terminal complement activation, e.g., using an anti-C5 antibody (eculizumab). We review t... 4/11/2015
X Sharon Qi, Anand Santhanam, John Neylon, Yugang Min, Tess Armstrong, Ke Sheng, Robert J Staton, Jason Pukala, Andrew Pham, Daniel A Low, Steve P Lee, Michael Steinberg, Rafael Manon, Allen M Chen, Patrick Kupelian Near Real-Time Assessment of Anatomic and Dosimetric Variations for Head and Neck Radiation Therapy via Graphics Processing Unit-based Dose Deformation Framework CONCLUSIONS: A systematic analysis of anatomic variations in the H&N region and their dosimetric consequences is critical in improving treatment efficacy. Nearly real-time assessment of anatomic and dosimetric variations is feasible using the GPU-based DIR framework. Clinical implementation of this ... 4/8/2015
Kyle S Jacobson, Patrick T Kelly, Zhen He Energy balance affected by electrolyte recirculation and operating modes in microbial fuel cells Energy recovery and consumption in a microbial fuel cell (MFC) can be significantly affected by the operating conditions. This study investigated the effects of electrolyte recirculation and operation mode (continuous vs sequence batch reactor) on the energy balance in a tubular MFC. It was found th... 4/7/2015
Mark J Steinberg, Patrick D Kelly Implant-related nerve injuries Injuries to branches of the trigeminal nerves are a known complication during dental implant placement. These injuries tend to be more severe than those experienced during other dentoalveolar procedures. This article reviews the types of nerve injuries and areas and situations of which clinicians sh... 4/4/2015
Viviana A Peskin, Anna Ordóñez, R Scott Mackin, Kevin Delucchi, Silvia Monge, James J McGough, Denise A Chavira, Monica Berrocal, Erika Cheung, Eduardo Fournier, Judith A Badner, Luis Diego Herrera, Carol A Mathews Neuropsychological and dimensional behavioral trait profiles in Costa Rican ADHD sib pairs: Potential intermediate phenotypes for genetic studies Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is associated with substantial functional impairment in children and in adults. Many individuals with ADHD have clear neurocognitive deficits, including problems with visual attention, processing speed, and set shifting. ADHD is etiologically complex, ... 4/3/2015
Patrick L Kelly, Alexei V Filippenko, David L Burke, Malcolm Hicken, Mohan Ganeshalingam, WeiKang Zheng Distances with &lt;4% precision from type Ia supernovae in young star-forming environments The luminosities of type Ia supernovae (SNe), the thermonuclear explosions of white-dwarf stars, vary systematically with their intrinsic color and the rate at which they fade. From images taken with the Galaxy Evolution Explorer (GALEX), we identified SNe Ia that erupted in environments that have h... 3/28/2015
Anthony W Ireland, Patrick J Kelly, Robert G Cumming Risk factor profiles for early and delayed mortality after hip fracture: Analyses of linked Australian Department of Veterans' Affairs databases CONCLUSION: Pre-fracture RAC residence was the strongest determinant factor for mortality. Patients selected for rehabilitation had lower mortality rates. The profiles of explanatory variables for death altered with increasing time from the index fracture event. 3/28/2015
María de Guadalupe Chávez-López, Julio Isael Pérez-Carreón, Violeta Zuñiga-García, José Díaz-Chávez, Luis A Herrera, Claudia Haydee Caro-Sánchez, Isabel Acuña-Macías, Patricio Gariglio, Elizabeth Hernández-Gallegos, Andrea Jazmín Chiliquinga, Javier Camacho Astemizole-based anticancer therapy for hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC), and Eag1 channels as potential early-stage markers of HCC Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) has very poor prognosis. Astemizole has gained great interest as a potential anticancer drug because it targets several proteins involved in cancer including the Eag1 (ether à -go-go-1) potassium channel that is overexpressed in human HCC. Eag1 channels are regulated b... 3/19/2015
Patrick L Kelly, Steven A Rodney, Tommaso Treu, Ryan J Foley, Gabriel Brammer, Kasper B Schmidt, Adi Zitrin, Alessandro Sonnenfeld, Louis-Gregory Strolger, Or Graur, Alexei V Filippenko, Saurabh W Jha, Adam G Riess, Marusa Bradac, Benjamin J Weiner, Daniel Scolnic, Matthew A Malkan, Anja von der Linden, Michele Trenti, Jens Hjorth, Raphael Gavazzi, Adriano Fontana, Julian C Merten, Curtis McCully, Tucker Jones, Marc Postman, Alan Dressler, Brandon Patel, S Bradley Cenko, Melissa L Graham, Bradley E Tucker Astrophysics. Multiple images of a highly magnified supernova formed by an early-type cluster galaxy lens In 1964, Refsdal hypothesized that a supernova whose light traversed multiple paths around a strong gravitational lens could be used to measure the rate of cosmic expansion. We report the discovery of such a system. In Hubble Space Telescope imaging, we have found four images of a single supernova f... 3/7/2015
Elizabeth L Earhart, Edward P Weiss, Rabia Rahman, Patrick V Kelly Effects of oral sodium supplementation on indices of thermoregulation in trained, endurance athletes Guidelines recommend the consumption of sodium during exercise to replace losses in sweat; however, the effects of sodium on thermoregulation are less clear. To determine the effects of high-dose sodium supplementation on indices of thermoregulation and related outcomes, 11 endurance athletes partic... 3/3/2015
Lissania Guerra-Calderas, Rodrigo González-Barrios, Luis A Herrera, David Cantú de León, Ernesto Soto-Reyes The role of the histone demethylase KDM4A in cancer Histone posttranslational modifications are important components of epigenetic regulation. One extensively studied modification is the methylation of lysine residues. These modifications were thought to be irreversible. However, several proteins with histone lysine demethylase functions have been di... 1/31/2015
Cameron W Swanick, Katherine O Castle, Laura A Rechner, Gaiane M Rauch, Anuja Jhingran, Patricia J Eifel, Ann H Klopp Optimizing packing contrast for MRI-based intracavitary brachytherapy planning for cervical cancer CONCLUSIONS: Gauze impregnated with ultrasound gel, conjugated estrogens cream mixed with ultrasound gel, and gadolinium allowed for a significant difference in MRI signal intensity between the packing and the cervix. With respect to both the cervix and the applicator, ultrasoundgel-impregnated gauz... 1/27/2015
Anthony W Ireland, Patrick J Kelly, Robert G Cumming Total hospital stay for hip fracture: measuring the variations due to pre-fracture residence, rehabilitation, complications and comorbidities CONCLUSION: Pre-fracture residence, selection for rehabilitation, discharge destination and specific complications are key determinants for acute phase and total LOS. Calculating the dimensions of specific determinants for LOS may identify potential efficiencies from targeted interventions such as o... 1/23/2015
Shelly M Seward, Ira Winer Primary debulking surgery and neoadjuvant chemotherapy in the treatment of advanced epithelial ovarian carcinoma Surgery and chemotherapy are the standard of care for epithelial ovarian cancer, and it is well established that survival outcomes are improved when the surgery results in no or optimal (less than 1 cm) residual disease. However, for patients with bulky disease that may require extensive or radical ... 1/19/2015
Ami B Raval, Jennifer Salluzzo, Tomas Dvorak, Lori Lyn Price, John E Mignano, Julian K Wu Salvage Gamma Knife Radiosurgery after failed management of bilateral trigeminal neuralgia CONCLUSION: Bilateral TN is rare, and effective treatment is crucial to improve the quality of life of those afflicted. Salvage GKRS is a reasonable treatment modality for individuals with bilateral TN. 12/20/2014
Clare M Hamilton, Frank Katzer, Amy Beierschmitt, Esteban Soto, Elisabeth A Innes, Patrick J Kelly First report of Toxoplasma gondii seroprevalence in wild-caught Caribbean African green monkeys CONCLUSIONS: Results indicate that Caribbean African green monkeys can be infected with T. gondii and that there is widespread environmental contamination of St. Kitts with oocysts. These monkeys could present a potential source of T. gondii infection if their meat is consumed undercooked. This is t... 12/11/2014
Cameron W Swanick, Steven H Lin, Jordan Sutton, Nilan S Naik, Pamela K Allen, Lawrence B Levy, Zhongxing Liao, James W Welsh, Ritsuko Komaki, Joe Y Chang, Daniel R Gomez Use of simultaneous radiation boost achieves high control rates in patients with non-small-cell lung cancer who are not candidates for surgery or conventional chemoradiation CONCLUSION: Hypofractionated IMRT+SIB is a viable option for some patients with NSCLC, with little high-grade toxicity overall. Nearly all local failures occurred within the higher dose region, implying strong radioresistance or some other mechanism for recurrence in a subgroup of patients. 12/4/2014