Lung Nodule Biopsies

If your lung nodule is suspected to be cancerous, a biopsy (taking a sample of tissue to be analyzed in the lab) should be performed to confirm diagnosis.

We are one of a few centers to have multiple biopsies available, allowing our experts to create a personalized plan for every patient. Having access to the most advanced technology allows us to obtain a diagnosis faster, more accurately and with a less invasive technique.

We offer the following types of advanced biopsy techniques:

  • Bronchoscopy biopsy with ultrasound (enter the lungs with a thin tube called a bronchoscope with ultrasound guidance)
  • Percutaneous (under the skin) needle biopsy using a CT scan for guidance
  • The Monarch™ Platform and Ion™ Platform robotic technology, which allows us to reach further into the lung using navigation technology (like GPS), so we can biopsy more accurately with less risk of a collapsed lung or other complications

If your lung nodule is found to be cancerous, rest assured that we are experts in minimally invasive and robotic assisted lung surgery, providing a safer and less invasive technique to remove cancerous lung nodules.

First to Use the Monarch™ Platform and Ion™ Platform

The Orlando Health Cancer Institute is a pioneer in robotic bronchoscopy — being the first facility in Florida to use the Monarch™ Platform and one of the few programs in the country to also have the Ion™ Platform robotic technology for diagnosing cancerous lung nodules.

During this procedure, one of our surgeons controls the robotic arm, which uses a CT scan for guidance in navigating to the nodule(s) and taking a sample of tissue to be analyzed in the lab.

This robotic technology offers many advantages over traditional needle biopsies, including:

  • Our experts can complete biopsies on difficult to reach nodules.
  • Biopsies can be completed without any injury to the lungs.
  • Safer because there is a lower risk of causing a deflated or collapsed lung.
  • Faster and more accurate diagnosis.
  • Faster recovery time.