South Seminole Hospital Cancer Services

Orlando Health Cancer Institute – Lake Mary

When fighting cancer, it’s important that you can be close to your family and friends who can offer you much needed support. At the Orlando Health Cancer Institute – Lake Mary we understand that convenience plays a big part in cancer care, whether it’s making it easier for your loved ones to support you during treatment or making it easier for you to have the support of your physicians and oncologists in your community. We are proud to expand cancer services to the Longwood area to better serve your needs.

General Cancer Services

Chemotherapy – delivery of cancer-fighting medicines through the bloodstream

IV Therapy and Supportive Care – treatment options to help offset the side effects of chemo, radiation and immunotherapy

CT Scan/MRI – produces up-to-date images of tumors in order to track progress

What to Expect

With just one phone call, staff will arrange and expedite your care, from completing paperwork to obtaining previous tests and films before your first visit, as well as helping with your insurance and scheduling to make your visit as convenient as possible. Our multidisciplinary team of oncologists, pathologists, registered nurses and medical assistants will work with you every step of the way. In addition to the most current medical treatment, our patients are given access to nutritionists, counselors, pain specialists, palliative care services and support groups.