Christina Thomas, Pharm.D.

Dr. Christina Thomas, from Springfield, IL, received her Doctor of Pharmacy degree from Butler University in Indianapolis, IN in 2020. She completed her PGY1 residency at Orlando Regional Medical Center in 2021. During her PGY2 residency in pediatrics at Arnold Palmer Hospital, Dr. Thomas will participate in daily patient care rounds and pediatric code coverage. She will complete a research project evaluating the effect of maternal fixed-dose versus weight-based vancomycin on the prevention of group B streptococcal early-onset disease in neonates. In addition, she will conduct an MUE assessing a sedation protocol in the pediatric intensive care unit. She will also present a seminar on treatment-resistant pediatric epilepsy. Following completion of her residency, Dr. Thomas plans to pursue a career as a clinical specialist in pediatric pharmacy.

 Email: [email protected]