Pharmacy Residency


Thank you for your interest in the Orlando Health Pharmacy Residency programs. We are a nationally renowned residency program, developing leaders in pharmacy since our PGY-1 residency program was initiated in 2000. Since that time we have expanded significantly and now offer PGY-2 programs in critical care, emergency medicine, oncology, and pediatrics.  Orlando Health is a great teaching environment; with more than 250 medical residents and fellows on this main campus we are well integrated into the medical teaching teams.  We are innovative and flexible and strive to create the best learning environment for our residents.  We hope you enjoy learning more about our pharmacy residency programs.

We currently have the following ASHP-Accredited residencies: PGY-1 Pharmacy Residency, PGY-2 Critical Care Pharmacy Residency, PGY-2 Pediatric Pharmacy Residency, PGY-2 Oncology Pharmacy Residency and PGY-2 Emergency Medicine Residency.

On this site you will find detailed information on each of the five residencies as well as Orlando Health as a whole. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.