Program Directors and Assistant Program Directors

Picture of Jessica E. Salazar, Ph.D.
Jessica E. Salazar, Ph.D.

Residency Program Director

Picture of Thomas H. Wagner, Ph.D.
Thomas H. Wagner, Ph.D.

Associate Program Director


Picture of Amish P. Shah, Ph.D.
Amish P. Shah, Ph.D.

Chief of Physics; Director of Radiation Oncology

Picture of Omar A. Zeidan, Ph.D.
Omar A. Zeidan, Ph.D.

Chief of Proton Physics

Picture of Douglas Burch, CMD
Douglas Burch, CMD

Picture of Nebi Demez, Ph.D.
Nebi Demez, Ph.D.

Picture of Jerry George, Ph.D.
Jerry George, Ph.D.

Picture of Shuntong Guo, M.S.
Shuntong Guo, M.S.

Picture of Jerry Kielbasa, Ph.D.
Jerry Kielbasa, Ph.D.

Picture of Zhiqiu Li, Ph.D.
Zhiqiu Li, Ph.D.

Picture of Jason Pukala, Ph.D.
Jason Pukala, Ph.D.

Picture of Christopher J. Warner, M.S.
Christopher J. Warner, M.S.

Current Residents - PGY-2

Picture of Matt Napiwocki, M.S.
Matt Napiwocki, M.S.

Current Residents - PGY-1

Picture of Yuly Vesga Prada, PhD
Yuly Vesga Prada, PhD