In addition to the full-time salary, CME and insurance benefits included as part of the APP Fellowship Program, participation in the fellowship provides immeasurable opportunities such as personal growth, networking, and skill development. This fellowship will provide a significant advantage in your career transition into becoming a Critical Care APP. It will equip the fellow with considerable experience, training, and development of skills and knowledge that will last through your entire career. It will also allow opportunities for networking and exposure, which otherwise would be hard to replicate. The fellowship essentially functions as a yearlong job interview, not only with the critical care team, but also with the different specialty rotations. If the fellow decides to stay with Orlando Health after successful completion of the program, the fellowship effectively becomes a one-year on-boarding process, jump-starting your transition into a successful career.

  1. Full time salary
  2. CME money and dedicated CME time
  3. Full medical and employee benefits
  4. Accrued PTO