We recognize the stress of medical training. As part of our efforts to improve resident resiliency, we are dedicated to providing our residents with the support and tools needed to maintain a healthy work-life balance and combat physician burnout. Throughout our educational curriculum we have implemented many activities/programs to ensure resident wellness which include:

Resident retreats: Weekend-long retreats are held for each residency class once a year, which focus on team-building, reflection, and leadership skills.  During retreats, residents are free from all clinical duties. 
Humanism curriculum: These quarterly conferences are held in a small group setting. Through the use of articles and videos, we reflect on our time in residency and the patients we encounter, focusing on the compassion, empathy, and service we provide on a daily basis.
Wellness curriculum: Monthly conferences are in place to promote resident wellness. These are organized by the pediatric chief residents.  Some of our past conferences have included: “Minute-to-win-it” competitions, monthly trivia questions/candy rounds, yoga, and a free hour for residents to enjoy lunch on their own.
STRIVE Curriculum: The Strategic Training, Resilience, Insight, Versatility and Empathy Curriculum is a joint effort between our program administration and physician coaches. The goal is to prepare residents for their careers by helping them overcome imposter syndrome, teaching interprofessional teamwork skills and fostering resilience.
Physician Coaches: Orlando Health’s physician coaches are psychologists who are dedicated to fostering wellness and combating physician burnout. They are accessible to all physicians, including residents, free of charge.
Hospital sponsored events: Superhero Saturdays, Halloween activities including unit-specific group costumes and a candy walk for patients, Resident Appreciation Day, and National Physicians Week, among others.
Community outreach: Residents engage in a variety of community outreach and volunteer experiences for local organizations. Some of the popular events include the Orlando Health Heart Walk, the Make-a-Wish Foundation Walk for Wishes, and Arnie’s March against Childhood Cancer.
Resident-organized social events: Our residents enjoy spending time together outside of residency and have organized such events as holiday parties, happy hours/dinners, and sporting events.
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