Application Information

What you Need to Know to Apply

The Application Process

All Applications for the ID Fellowship Program are accepted through ERAS (Electronic Residency Application Service). ERAS is an Internet- based application process developed by the Association of American Medical Colleges to transmit fellowship applications, letters of recommendation, program director letters, medical transcripts and other supporting credentials from applicants, residency programs and medical schools to fellowship program directors using the Internet. For information about the process or to register for ERAS online, visit

Matching with the Infectious Disease Fellowship Program

The Infectious Disease program will participate in the National Residency Match Program's Medical Specialties Matching Program (MSMP) in Infectious Disease. This is a computerized venue for matching applicant's preferences for fellowship programs with program director's preferences for applicants. For information about NRMP or to register online to participate in NRMP, to

Note: All qualified applicants are considered for interviews. However, the volume of applicants precludes us from offering interviews to all qualified candidates.

Vacation and Sick Leave

Each fellow is entitled to three weeks paid vacation. All vacations must be scheduled in advance with the program director and coordinator to provide appropriate coverage. No two fellows in the same year may take vacation at the same time. No vacations should be scheduled during inpatient consult rotations.
In the event of illness, it is the fellow's responsibility to inform the program director and coordinator of the problem. Coverage arrangements for inpatients and outpatients will be made on an ad-hoc basis for unexpected absences.