The Orlando Health ID fellowship will feature several conferences, some of which will be in conjunction with the internal medicine residency and some of which will be specifically ID related.

  1. A weekly didactic conference, which covers the basic field of infectious diseases and covers both basic science and clinical topics. Required for fellows and fulltime faculty.
  2. A weekly clinical case conference which features outstanding cases from the inpatient and outpatient services. Focused literature reviews will be presented by fellow and staff. Required for fellows and faculty. We have a dedicated case conference for HIV and a combined conference with Pulmonary and Critical Care Mediicine.
  3. City-wide ID conferences will be held monthly. The best cases of Central Florida will be presented by staff or trainees. Required for ID fellows and staff.
  4. Microbiology conference held 2 times per block, where interesting and educational aspects of clinical microbiology will be reviewed. Required for faculty and fellows.
  5. A monthly journal club, with presentations on recent key articles regarding both basic science and clinical perspectives. Required for ID staff and fellows.
  6. A quarterly morbidity and mortality conference. In-depth discussion about challenging cases with an emphasis on areas of improvement to improve patient care. Presented by a fellow working along with a faculty attending.
  7. A monthly research conference which will feature updates on ongoing research by fellows, faculty and selected affiliated physicians from other departments. Required for staff and fellows.
  8. The medical core curriculum lecture occurs daily at noon. ID fellows will attend during the ID topics per month, and are encouraged to attend additional lectures as time allows.
  9. Board review will be done twice per block. Moderated by a faculty attending. Opportunity to go over board type questions and test taking skills.

Courses and Meetings

  1. The ID fellows will travel to the National Jewish course in Denver for a one week course, which is considered the outstanding TB learning experience in North America.
  2. ID fellows will also take the online SHEA/IDSA course in hospital epidemiology and infection control.
  3. The NIH research curriculum online course is required. This online unit provides a basic grounding in ethical research.
  4. Fellows will have the opportunity to attend the major national ID conferences (ID week), and will be given time off to present at other conferences to which abstracts have been accepted.


Fellows will attend meetings of the infection control and antimicrobial stewardship and utilization committees.