Sharef Al-Mulaabed, MD

Sharef earned his medical degree from Oman Medical College (affiliated with West Virginia University) with high honors. He worked in pediatrics for 8 years in Oman and Ireland before beginning his residency at Brookdale University Hospital in New York. Sharef has a strong commitment to patient safety, quality improvement, and high value care and is passionate about evidence-based medicine and research.

Sharef has two children who have vastly expanded his knowledge and love for pediatrics. He also credits his children with helping him preserve a child’s understanding of the world and has given him a greater appreciation for the concerns of parents. Sharef chose Orlando Health because of the people, he felt everyone was so kind and friendly, which would make his fellowship so much more fun and easy going.

Interesting fact: Sharef enjoys outdoor adventure and theme park thrill rides. He has ridden the tallest and fastest roller coasters - Kingda Ka ride at 456 ft height (Six Flags, New Jersey), and Formula Rossa ride at 149.1 mph (Ferrari World, Abu Dhabi).