Past Fellows

Picture of Desiree Rivera-Nieves, MD
Desiree Rivera-Nieves, MD

UF Shands Hospital Gainesville, FL

Picture of Patricia Subnaik, DO
Patricia Subnaik, DO

Pediatric Gastroenterology Division Chief at Lee Memorial Hospital Ft. Meyers, FL

Picture of Puanani Hopson, DO
Puanani Hopson, DO

Picture of Samit Patel, MD
Samit Patel, MD

Picture of Laura Irastorza, MD
Laura Irastorza, MD

Picture of Vijay Mehta, DO
Vijay Mehta, DO

Associate DIrector

Picture of Jenelle Fernandez, MD
Jenelle Fernandez, MD

Picture of Syed Rizvi, MD
Syed Rizvi, MD