We view research as an essential part of the education and professional development of the surgical trainee. Research allows for an improved understanding of various disease processes and clinical problems, stimulates knowledge, and provides intellectual growth to our craft. It is paramount that you understand the fundamental principles in scientific study to interpret research that will impact the care you provide to your patients in the future. We hope that you will not view research as a task, but rather as a tool by which you can stay current in your medical knowledge.

Each resident is required to write one (1) evidence-based medicine guideline and participate in two (2) research projects leading to presentation at a regional or national meeting with the goal of publication in a peer reviewed journal. Our residents have a long-standing history of presenting research and videos at regional and national meetings that have won awards for their research. The residents have strong support from the academic faculty, all of whom are actively involved in research.

Case reports will be evaluated as fulfillment of a resident’s research requirement on a case-by-case basis. The case report and manuscript must be completed and approved by faculty before submission. A case report does not guarantee the department’s financial support or guarantee the department allowing a resident off clinical duties to attend a medical meeting.

*Complete biography is available upon request.


  • "Reducing Unplanned ICU Admissions in the Elderly with Rib Fractures." Alexis Schlosser; Winner - advanced to Regionals and presented at FCOT March 29, 2019, getting 2nd place.


  • Stay Cool and Hydrated: Seasonal Peaks in Acute Diverticulitis During the Summer Months May Be Due to Dehydration. Warren BN
  • High Incidence of Neoplasm Found Following Interval Appendectomy for Complicated Appendicitis. Relihan KM
  • Enteral Nutrition may be Delivered Safely without Bowel Ischemia in Septic Trauma Patients with Ongoing Fluid Resuscitation and Vasopressor Requirements. Post M


  • Simulation Based Testing of Operative Distractions during Laparoscopic Cholecystectomies. Sujka JA, Havron WS, Safcsak K, Bhullar IS. 1st place
  • The Effects of Body Mass Index in the Older Patient Population after Fall from Standing. Warren BN, Sujka JA, Safcsak K, Bhullar IS.
  • Single-center experience in single-stage conversions of gastric banding to sleeve gastrectomy: is it as safe as 2-stage conversions? Moon RC, Weir J, Lind R, Teixeira AF, Jawad MA
  • Non-operative Management Rather than Endovascular Repair may be Safe for Grade II Blunt Traumatic Aortic Injuries: An Eleven Year Retrospective Analysis. Spencer, SA, Safcsak, K, Smith CP, Cheatham ML, Bhullar IS. 2nd place
  • Both Obesity (BMI ≥30 kgm2) and Timing of Chemical Prophylaxis Effect Pulmonary Embolism Rate after Trauma. Treto K, Giancarelli A, Safcsak K, Hobbs B, Cheatham ML, Bhullar IS. 3rd place
  • Extubating the Trauma Patient with an Open Abdomen. Sujka JA, Safcsak K, Ibrahim JA.