Leadership and Faculty

General Surgery Residency Faculty

William Havron III, MD, FACS

Chairman Department of Surgery, OHORMC, Program Director, General Surgery Residency; Director, Surgical Simulation

Stephen Hersperger, MD, FACS

Associate Program Director, General Surgery Residency

Matt W. Lube, MD, FACS

Associate Program Director, General Surgery Residency Director, Outpatient Center for Surgery

Tracy Zito, MD, FACS FRCS

Trauma Medical Director, OHORMC; Regional Director Trauma Program Development, Orlando Health

Michael Cheatham, MD, FACS, FCCM

Assistant Vice President, Orlando Health Chief Surgical Officer; Chief Surgical Quality Officer, OHORMC

Anthony Gielow, DO, FOCS, FACS

Assistant Director, Burn Services

Joseph A. Ibrahim, MD

Medical Director, Orlando Health Medical Group Surgery Practices

Chadwick P. Smith, MD

Program Director, Surgical Critical Care Fellowship; Director, Surgical Intensive Care, OHORMC

General Surgery Residency Teaching Faculty

  • Muhammad Jawad, MD, Bariatric Surgery
  • Andre Teixeira, MD, Bariatric Surgery
  • Muhammad Gannen, MD, Bariatric Surgery
  • Daniel Henry, MD, Breast Surgery
  • Terry Mamounas, MD Breast Surgery
  • Mark Sand, MD, Cardiothoracic Surgery
  • Samuel DeJesus, MD, Colorectal Surgery
  • Andrea Ferrara, MD, Colorectal Surgery
  • Marco Ferrara, MD, Colorectal Surgery
  • Joseph Gallagher, MD, Colorectal Surgery
  • Renee Mueller, MD, Colorectal Surgery
  • Paul Williamson, MD, Colorectal Surgery
  • Rajesh Nair, MD, Surgical Oncology
  • Kavita Pattani, MD, Head & Neck Surgery
  • Rafael Torro-Serra, MD, Head & Neck Surgery
  • Marc Levy, MD, Pediatric Surgery
  • Donald Plumley, MD, Pediatric Surgery
  • Aaron Seims, MD, Pediatric Surgery
  • Omar Beidas, MD, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery
  • Richard Klein, MD, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery
  • Kenneth Lee, MD, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery
  • James Mayo, MD, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery
  • Sabrina Pavri, MD, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery
  • Jason Boardman, MD, Private General Surgery
  • Danelle Chambers, MD, Private General Surgery
  • Luke Elms, MD, Private General Surgery
  • Michael Freeland, MD, Private General Surgery
  • Bobby Gibbons II, MD, Private General Surgery
  • Christopher Johnson, DO, Private General Surgery
  • Michael Kahky, MD, General Surgery/ Surgical Oncology
  • Bert Padron, MD, Private General Surgery
  • Jeffery Smith, MD, General Surgery/ Surgical Oncology
  • Juan Escalon, MD, Thoracic Surgery
  • Luis Herrera, MD, Thoracic Surgery
  • Matthew Johnston, MD, Thoracic Surgery
  • Adam Levitt, MD, Vascular Surgery
  • Michael Muehlberger, MD, Vascular Surgery
  • Richard Teed, MD, Vascular Surgery
  • Charles Thompson, MD, Vascular Surgery
  • Kevin Treto, MD, Vascular Surgery
  • Jon Wesley, MD, Vascular Surgery
  • Edgar Guzman Arrieta, MD, Vascular Surgery
  • Mohammad Abbasi, MD, Vascular Surgery
  • Gino Castaneda, MD, Vascular Surgery