Program Mission Statement:

Committed to developing independent and competent pediatric critical care physicians that provide the highest quality of care to improve the health and quality of life of all individuals we serve.

Program Aims: 

Each fellow who participates in our program will show a progression in the following goals during their training while providing the highest possible quality of care to each patient through direct clinical experience on rotations, weekly didactic lectures, and monthly journal clubs:

  • In patient care
  • Medical knowledge
  • Systems-based practice
  • Practice-based learning and improvement
  • Professionalism
  • Interpersonal skills and communication skills

Our fellows will receive and develop excellent leadership skills by becoming involved in different committees. The first year of training, each fellow will be asked to participate in a program and/or a unit-based committee. During their second year, they will have the opportunity to join hospital wide committees and in the final year, exposure to institutional committees. By having this increasing exposure of committees, we feel our fellows will graduate with great leadership skills and experience.

Our fellows are responsible for developing and delivering high yield critical care lectures to attending, resident, fellow physicians, as well as nurses and advance nurse practitioners. Fellows receive constructive feedback on every lecture to ensure they develop the skill of teaching other learners.

Each fellow will design and conduct a scholarly product in pediatric critical care with a written manuscript, signed off by the SOC committee, by the completion of their 3-year training with the support of a mentor.

Our program has developed a hospital-wide research curriculum that immerses each fellow in the fundamentals of conducting research. This course was set up to not only provide the required learning but to facilitate collaboration with other subspecialties.

Our fellows are expected to be successful in passing the Pediatric Critical Care Boards. By 2025, our goal is 100% pass rate - we expect to have graduated six fellows who underwent and completed our program successfully, as well as four fellows who have successfully passed the Pediatric Critical Care Medicine Boards. This success demonstrates accountability to our colleagues and medical community that our fellows receive excellent training and will provide the highest quality of care to the communities they choose to serve.