Deborah Shimshoni, MD

Deborah Shimshoni, MD

Medical School: University of Central Florida

Academic Interests: Medical Education, Pediatrics

Why ORMC: When I did my rotation here, I was blown away by the attendings, residents, staff, and administration. Everyone genuinely cared about my experience and education. Best of all, everyone was happy and you could tell they really cared about their patients and each other. Even though I was only here for a month, I was already taken in as family. I knew immediately there was no where else I would rather be.

Hobbies & Interests: I enjoy hanging out with my friends and finding fun new spots around town. But I also am a big fan of doodling and painting when I have some alone time. I love exploring new places and getting lost in nature while hiking. I like any type of game--board games, card games, darts, you name it.

Favorite on shift snack / beverage: Uncrustables and coffee