Clerkship Rotation

Our visiting medical student rotation welcomes applicants from across the country, as well as international students, to participate as rotators. The most popular months for visiting rotators are June through December. We are the primary site for the FSU School of Medicine Orlando campus. As such, students from these schools will be rotating in our department year round.

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Our clerkship experience features an active student-centric curriculum, with dedicated teaching residents each block. The teaching resident is a senior resident who guides, educates, and assists rotating medical students. Students are scheduled to work 12 - 15 (8) hour clinical shifts. They will also participate in a simulation and procedure lab, receive hands-on ultrasound training, and have opportunity for EMS experience including Air Care under the direct supervision of an EMS fellowship-trained attending. Shifts are primarily in the adult Emergency Department at ORMC, but do include several shifts in the Pediatric Emergency Department at Arnold Palmer Hospital, a level 1 pediatric trauma center. The Arnold Palmer Hospital is on the same campus as ORMC and requires no additional traveling.

On Shift

Students present directly to the teaching resident and/or attending, and are responsible for the entire care of their patients. Students are also afforded priority in performing numerous procedures throughout the department. They will be directly evaluated by the teach resident and attending after each shift.

Didactic Curriculum

Visiting medical students will attend the bi-weekly resident conferences on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7am to 9:30AM. During small group discussions, they will be actively integrated with our intern class and encouraged to participate. There is also a faculty-led core didactic series specifically designed for the emergency physician in-training. These dedicated medical student lectures will occur after resident conference. There is no required or formal testing during the rotation for visiting students. 

Applying and Block Dates

Acceptance for a student externship is exclusively via a VSAS application process. Acceptance for a student externship in Emergency Medicine does not guarantee that you will be granted an interview for the Emergency Medicine residency training program.

The rotation is 4 weeks in length. We recognize that many medical schools and residency programs have different rotation start dates. We will do our best to accommodate your schedule.

For questions or more information regarding our Emergency Medicine visiting clerkship or for help in setting up a rotation, please contact our student clerkship coordinator:

Carrie Chapman 

[email protected]