Blaire Banfield, MD


Medical School: University of Florida COM


Academic Interests: Global Health, Disaster Medicine, Austere Medicine, & Ultrasound


Why ORMC: Being a Florida native, I planned to get out and try a new state for Residency. That all changed the day of my ORMC interview. They always tell you on the interview trail "you'll know the right fit when you feel it" but I had no idea how that felt until ORMC. The program is the perfect combination of amazing residents, outstanding faculty, diverse patients, high volume, genuine care for resident wellness & creates outstanding graduates with job opportunities across the country. I knew by the end of that interview day; I had found my top choice program.


Hobbies & Interests: Travelling, brewing beer, bragging about how cute my cat is, doing chalk art, hiking, college football viewing & spending time with friends and family.


Interesting Fact: I once got frostbite... in Florida... in July. (Please, hold your applause.)