Graham Kirchner, MD

Graham Kirchner, MD

Medical School: UAB

Academic Interests: International Medicine, Low Resource Medicine, Ultrasound

Why ORMC: I honestly didn't know anything about ORMC until my interview day, the residents and the faculty totally blew me away. The supportive family atmosphere and the fun they were having was obvious. It was only afterward that I learned what a solid training program that we have and I was completely sold. It's a genuine place where everyone is here to learn and grow together while forming friendships and connections that will span your career. Having never visited Orlando (Disney doesn't count) my wife and I were totally surprised by the beauty of the city and the surrounding areas, this really does feel like our new home now and we couldn't be happier.

Hobbies & Interests: Water sports, biking, gardening and building things

Favorite on shift snack / beverage: Protein bar or beef stick